How to Restrict and Unrestrict Someone on Instagram

The Complete guide on how to restrict and unrestrict someone on Instagram application


Instagram is a great social media platform for many people. It’s for business, for personal use, and for connecting with your loved ones across the globe. We love to share and interact with content from distinct people every day. But at some point, you will feel to restrict a user on Instagram. This is to hide your active status from them, approve or disapprove their comments, also delete and ignore their comments.

This is also to stop someone to interacts with your posts publically. The best thing about this feature is you will stop getting unwanted comment notifications.

In this article, I want to show you how you can restrict and unrestrict someone on Instagram. Below you can see the screenshots for each step. Today we will also explore some related questions and answers you may have in your mind. The video guide is available below. So stay here and keep reading…

What does restricted means on Instagram

It means to limit someone from interacting with your posts on IG. For example, when you restrict someone, their comments are no longer visible on your posts, unless you approve them. No one can see that comment but the person who commented. You can choose to delete or ignore their comments. It also stops future comment notifications from that specific person. They cannot see your active status online. I think it is the best thing to get rid of someone on IG silently.

This way you can protect yourself from unwanted and unusual interactions without blocking and unfollow a person. I think it’s one of the best features of IG you will ever have.

What does restricted means on Instagram
What does restricted means on Instagram

You need not block or mute someone on IG if you just want to stop them from commenting. Also, and don’t want them to see your online status. However, if you need a private space on the platform. Then make your IG account private and you are good to go. But there are ways people can view your IG account if it is even in the private mode.

What happens when you restrict someone on IG

When you restrict a person on Instagram. Here is what happens when you do so:

  • Instagram won’t notify them if you restrict them.
  • It will move their chat to your message requests.
  • Incoming new messages from them will automatically move to Message Requests.
  • If you both are in group chat, you will get a warning that you are viewing someone’s messages you have restricted.
  • Only you two can see each other’s comments.
  • They can still see your public posts and stories.
  • They can comment but their comments are not visible publically. You can approve, delete, and ignore their comments.
  • Not able to see you online on IG.
  • You won’t get their future comment notifications.
  • They cannot see if you read their message or not.

Now that you know what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram. Let move on that how you can do it. But before that, it is important to update your Instagram application to its latest version. Then follow the below procedure to do so.

How to restrict someone on Instagram

As of now, there are four unorthodox methods available to do so. You can restrict a person via Settings, their profile, comments, and direct messages. Below, I will explain all these methods with screenshots for each step. So without wasting time, let explore these methods.

Restrict someone via Direct Message

You can easily restrict someone via Instagram’s Direct Message feature. The direct option is available in the top right corner of the home screen on your IG app. Now follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Direct Message icon at the top right.
  2. Search and select a person to start a chat with.
  3. Tap the info icon at the top right corner.
  4. Tap the Restrict (third last option) on the info page.
  5. On confirmation, tap the Restrict Account button, and that is it.
Restrict someone via Direct Message on Instagram
Restrict someone via Direct Message on Instagram

That is how you can easily limit someone from interacting on your posts, publically, etc. This is the best alternative feature to mute and block someone.

Restrict someone via Comments

You can use this method for a quick restriction. When someone posts an unwanted comment on your post you can follow the below steps and add that person to the restricted list. Both iPhone and Android users can proceed with the below steps. Here is how to do it:

  1. Tap View all comments option on any of your posts.
  2. Tap and hold (Android users), Swipe left on a comment (iPhone users) from a person you want to restrict.
  3. Now tap the info (!) icon, then Restrict [username]. Confirm if asked to.
  4. That is it.
Restrict someone via Comments on Instagram
Restrict someone via Comments on Instagram

Again, if that person comments on a post of yours. Then you will need to tap the See comment option to view the desired comment. However, you can then approve, delete, or and ignore it.

Restrict someone via Instagram Settings

You need not have a comment on your post or get in the DM section to restrict someone. You can easily do it through the Settings on your Instagram account. To do so:

  1. Go to your profile then, Menu.
  2. Now tap Settings, then Privacy, and Tap Restricted Accounts under the Connections section.
  3. Search for someone’s username and tap The Restrict button next to his name.
  4. Confirm if asked and done.
Restrict someone via Profile on Instagram
Restrict someone via Profile on Instagram

Once you add a person to such a list. Then all the comments from him are not visible on your posts and he can no longer see you active. His new message is getting into the Message Request and it mutes his comments notification.

Restrict someone via their IG Profile

You can use someone’s profile section and add him or her to the restricted list. iPhone and Android users can follow the steps mentioned below. To restrict someone via their profile:

  1. Go to someone’s profile you want to restrict.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots (Android users) or horizontal (iPhone users) dots at the top right.
  3. Now select the Restrict option and you are good to go.
Restrict someone via Profile on Instagram
Restrict someone via Profile on Instagram

That is how you can add a person to the restricted list on your IG account. The only difference for iOS users is that their options button is three horizontal dots while Android users can tap the three vertical dots to add as many users to the restricted list. To Restrict Multiple People at Once Here is the Guide.

How to unrestrict someone on Instagram

It’s possible that later on you can change your mind and want to unrestrict someone in your IG account. Well, it’s possible and as of the above, there are also four unique methods to unrestrict someone with ease on Instagram. Let explore these methods below.

Unrestrict someone through their profile

To unrestrict a person using his profile. Go to his profile and then tap the three-dotted button at the top right corner of his profile (both iPhone and Android users).

Finally, tap the Unrestrict option and that is it. Now that person can post comments on your posts, and the public will them. That person can also your active or online status and see if you reading his messages or not. His messages won’t get into the Message Requests and you will get regular notification upon comments, etc.

Unrestrict someone through their profile on IG
Unrestrict someone through their profile on IG

Unrestrict someone through Direct

The Direct option on your IG feed can let you unrestrict a person with ease. Tap the Direct option available at the top right corner on your Instagram home screen. Then tap in the Search box and start typing the person’s name you want to un-restrict. Tap on his profile once you identify it and then tap the Unrestrict option at the bottom right.

Unrestrict someone through DM on IG
Unrestrict someone through DM on IG

You guys can enjoy each other with comments, notifications, and direct messages. This will remove all the limitations set by the restriction feature.

Unrestrict someone through Comments

It’s one of the easiest methods to unrestrict anyone you have restricted on Instagram. Head over the comments on a specific post. Tap the View all comments option then you will see [!] Option and then you can Unrestrict that person by tapping on his username. This is for both iPhone and Android users. The only difference is an iPhone user will see a grey info icon and an Android will see the blue info icon.

How do you know if someone has restricted you on Instagram?

Anyone can restrict you on Instagram, but the question is how do you know that? Because Instagram is not telling anyone that you have been restricted by someone. However, there is a trick that can help you know that.

Comment on someone’s posts you think has restricted you. Then ask any of your friends or a person from his followers to see that comment. If all comments on that post are visible but yours not. Then consider someone that person has restricted you on Instagram.

When you restrict someone on IG, can they see your posts?

The quick answer is Yes, they can see your stories and posts even when you restrict them. The only difference is their comments won’t be visible publically unless you approve. Their messages are going to your Message Request and you are not getting any notification on his message. There is one thing more, they cannot see if you are online or not.

That is all for today, I am sure that now know better. Now you can restrict or unrestrict a person on your Instagram account. For any question comments below. I will answer your questions quickly.

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    So I restricted an old not no more pal from messaging me on Instagram! and commenting on any of my post …so hear is my question, if we no longer follow each other. if I am able to un restrict them from comment I’m curious if they have tried commenting will it pop up if I un restrict that person ? Or if I’m able to see any comments they tried to post only photos …yes the person was still leaving to view my story and see my post at one point while restricted

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