How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram 2024

Instagram is way better than other social media apps in terms of providing privacy for users. It is a great tool for sharing your lovely moments with friends and family members across the world. But when it comes to your privacy, then you might think to remove and unlink your phone number from your IG account.

It is up to you how you manage your privacy online on IG and other social media apps. But keeping your phone number there may feel uncomfortable sometimes. There could be many reasons behind this. Moreover, Instagram allows you to change your phone number or delete it with ease.

On the other side, keeping your mobile number there on IG is a great way to let your friends find you on the platform. This is as per IG’s transparent privacy policy rules. Even if they don’t know your username, they can simply put in the number and that is it. Because IG allows other users to find you via your cell number if is not even public. I mean those who have your mobile number.

Also, you may get an unwanted notification via text messages from IG. Well, to stop people from finding you on the platform or getting a wanted text message, etc. Please read the below step-by-step procedure.

How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram Account

Here, I am gonna show you how you can easily delete your mobile number from your IG account using the IG app. Moreover, keep in mind before proceeding that your Instagram application must be updated to its latest version. Note that you can follow the below steps on both iOS, iPhone, and Android devices. Now go ahead and follow this procedure:

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile page.
  2. Tap the Edit Profile button.
  3. Now tap Personal Information Settings.
  4. Select Contact Info.
  5. Tap your mobile phone number, and tap Delete number.
How to Remove Phone Number from Your Instagram Account
How to Remove Phone Number from Your Instagram Account

That is exactly how you can delete/unlink/remove your number from the IG account. Moreover, once you hit that checkmark option, all of the change is gonna get saved and you will have a profile without a mobile phone number. Keep in mind that you may get an email notification on your email ID connected to Instagram for the changes to your account.

Unlink Moblie Phone Number from IG on PC

Not just on Android and iOS devices, but you can do it on your PC too. It doesn’t matter if you are using a MAC, Windows, or Linux PC, all you need is a web browser with an internet connection. Note if you have deleted or removed your mobile number on your Android or iOS device, then you don’t need to follow along and do this same thing on your PC as well.

Updated 2023: Go to your Profile Settings on Instagram then Accounts Center. Click Personal details > Contact Info and select the phone number listed there. Click the Delete number option to remove it.

Why I am telling you that? Because IG settings are instantly synced across devices. So you don’t have to repeat the process on your desktop/PC. But if you did not then follow these steps:

  1. Go on your PC.
  2. Click on the Profile icon at the top right.
  3. Now click the Edit Profile button next to your username.
  4. Click on your Phone Number and remove it.
  5. In the last step, hit that Submit blue button.
Unlink Moblie Phone Number from IG on PC
Unlink Moblie Phone Number from IG on PC

Once you hit the Submit button, you may see a profile saved notification at the bottom of your profile page. However, an automatic notification will be triggered to your connected email inbox. The email will contain the changes to your IG account.

Relevant Tips for You

If you are unlinking your number just because of unwanted messages and emails from IG. These emails could contain news, reminder, product, and feedback emails. Then you should not because there are settings you can tweak to stop getting those unwanted Instagram messages. But the reason is your privacy, then skip these tips. Now to stop getting unwanted notification text messages from the Instagram app:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the Menu at the top right.
  2. Tap Settings at the bottom then Notifications.
  3. Now on tap the Email and SMS notifications option.
  4. Disable the toggle right to Text (SMS) Messages.
  5. You can also disable the toggle for getting Feedback, Reminder, Product, and News Emails.
Tips for you IG account and phone number
Tips for your IG account and phone number

That is it, you have successfully stopped getting those unwanted emails and text (SMS) messages on your phone. Now if you have don’t this mobile then don’t do it, because the changes you have made to your account are synced across all devices. However, if you want to stop getting emails and SMS messages on your phone on your PC. You can do it.

On Your Desktop or PC:

Open a web browser on your MAC, Windows, or Linux computer. Then go to, and log in to your account. Now go to your profile page then click on the Settings (gear) icon right to the Edit Profile button. Click Notifications and uncheck the Text (SMS) Messages option.

Stop getting unwanted email and messages
Stop getting unwanted email and messages

Why can’t I remove my phone number from IG?

Instagram allows anyone to delete their number. But if you can’t, then try adding an email address to your account. Because as per IG’s privacy policy you should have linked a personal and valid email address or phone number. Then you will be able to do it.

Why can't I remove my phone number from IG
Why can’t I remove my phone number from IG

However, you can easily add an email address to your account. Go to your profile page on the IG app, then tap on the Edit Profile button, you can find it under the profile picture at the top. Now scroll down and at the bottom of the page, you will find the email address, tap and add the email you wanna link, you may need to verify it. So please add a valid email address.

Can someone get your phone number from IG?

The short answer is No, nobody can get your phone number until you make it public. However, as per the Instagram privacy policy, your friends and family members, and anyone who has your phone number can enter it in the search to find you on the platform.

Moreover, you can signup for the platform using a valid email address. Also if you have already signed up with a phone number delete it but before doing that, you should add your personal or a valid email address. If you don’t then you can not change the phone number on Instagram.

Why you shouldn’t delete your mobile number from IG?

Look everything single thing has its purpose, Yes I am talking about your linked mobile phone number on IG. There are tons of benefits to having it linked.

You can reset your account password with it. It can stop someone from logging into your IG account without your permission. Sometimes you may receive new feature updates, so that way it can keep you up to date with the latest news and features.

Does Instagram show your phone number?

Instagram has a transparent privacy policy, according to that, your phone number does not appear in the public profile. But users who have it on their phones can enter it and find your account on Instagram. Even if you set your account as private, people can find you with your mobile number.

However, to get fully disappeared from IG and to have a mobile number linked. Then you will need to buy a new sim card with a fresh number and do give it to your friends or family members, then link to IG and remove the existing number. You are totally on the safe side in terms of privacy.

What I suggest to my blog readers and other followers because you must keep a private number on their account linked. For you may wanna get new and don’t give it to anyone. Thus both your privacy and IG account will be secured forever.

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