How to Find Phone Contacts in Gmail on Mobile/PC

Keeping your Gmail or phone contacts safe must be your top priority. I know contacts are what is everything to us in our daily lives. However, a Google account can let you back up and restore your phone contacts instantly and forever. Thus you are free of tension in terms of losing them at any cost but keep your Google account safe at first. Moreover, most people think that the old address book button is missing, but in fact, it’s not. It’s always been there but upgraded and now has a new look.

In this article, I will show you how to find and see your phone contacts and find that missing address book button in the new Gmail. I will share some screenshots for each step for easy understanding. So, all you have to do is stay here and read the full article to know everything better way.

Find Missing Address Book Button in Gmail

People do use their Gmail or Google Accounts daily. Though they open their Gmail inbox randomly via different internet browsers. But sometimes you may see an upgrade from Google, and they are good at it. Thus you may have difficulties and can’t find contacts in your inbox.

Then your first priority is to have an answer for where is the default address book or my contact list. However, it’s always been there but in a different and upgraded form. It is not just about Gmail Contacts but every application gets updates or changes in the UI  (user interface) day to day. Moreover, here is how to find the address book button in Gmail:

  1. Visit or using a web browser.
  2. Login to your Gmail account.
  3. Click the Google App Menu at the top, left to your Profile photo.
  4. Scroll down you will see Contacts, it is actually your Address Book button.
  5. You can click on it to see your contacts.
Find Missing Address Book Button in Gmail
Find Missing Address Book Button in Gmail

Alternatively, you can access or find the missing address book button another way. If you have already logged in to your Chrome browser using your Gmail account. Then simply open a new tab, then you will see four options at the top right in the browser, Gmail, images, Google Apps Menu, and your Account photo.

To find the address book click the Google Apps menu then scroll down and you will see Contacts. This is your address book, in fact, changed, upgraded, and have tons of new feature for you. Here is a bonus tip for you. For easy and quick access to your contacts, you can bookmark them in your web browser. That way you will quickly get into the contact list on your PC and manage them the way you like.

Moreover, it is very important to have sync options set to on. Because if it is off, then you may not see all the phone or email addresses in your address book. Have a look at the following details.

How to find phone contacts in Gmail

Android is a perfect OS by Google running on all smartphones in the world. Thus you will see all their most popular apps on your Android device in a Google folder including Gmail. But the Contacts app is what you need to download and install on your device if needed. In many phones like Nokia, it’s installed by default, but in most, it’s not.

So you will need to get it on your own. But you should be using a Gmail account or Google Account to use your Android device in order to use the Play Store. That is why your contacts are backed up and synced by default in your Google Account automatically. However, you need to install the contacts app from Google and make sure that you have phone contacts that are synced or backed up.

For new users to back up or sync contacts download and install Google Contacts for your Android device. Then open it and go to its Settings. Tap Contacts Sync Settings, choose your account, and make sure to enable automatic syncing for your phone contacts.

Moreover, ensure that your account sync is set on. To check it, go to Settings on your device, Account, then Google, and select a Gmail account. Now check the contacts sync option to make sure your phone contacts are syncing. Now to see all of your phone contacts in Gmail:

Visit using a web browser. Now login to your Gmail account. Click the Google Apps Menu. Scroll down and click on Contacts. You will see all your phone contacts in one place. Alternatively, you can visit to see all your contacts.

How to see all phone contacts in Gmail
How to see all phone contacts in Gmail
An alternative method to see phone contacts in Gmail
An alternative method to see phone contacts in Gmail

It is for sure, that you will see all the contacts, (Gmail addresses and phone). However, if something is not right, then ensure the above syncing option is working and check the last synced time for that specific Google account.

How to find Phone Contacts in Gmail App

For your information, Google has separated the Contacts section from their Gmail app. You need to download and install the Google Contacts app in order to see your contacts on your Android or iPhone device. Once the Contacts app is installed on your device you can simply open it up and choose your desired Gmail account to see its contacts. However, to see contacts in the Gmail app:

  1. Open the Gmail app on Android.
  2. Tap the Menu button at the top left.
  3. Scroll down on the menu list and under Google Apps tap Contacts.
  4. It will open the Contacts app for you and you will see your contacts.
How to see phone contacts in Gmail app
How to see phone contacts in the Gmail app

You can manage these contacts right in the application. However, you can use your computer and visit and manage them all in one single place. There are options for merging and fix, import and export, create labels, delete, print, and hide contacts.

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