How to View Someone’s Private Instagram Profile 2024

Instagram is the best social media platform becoming more popular these days. As it is easy to use and the best privacy control-only social app. However, it allows users to enable enhanced privacy features such as “anyone can make their account private“. That is one of the features because IG has over 1 billion users now.

On the other side users and stalkers like me and you. Who wants to view a private Instagram profile or account? The concern could be any, but somehow there are possibilities we can break someone’s privacy online on IG. Some users are just curious to know what is inside that profile once they see “The profile is private” follow this account to see their videos and photo etc.

The platform lets you use two different account types. If you are a user who is kind of limited in social activities (with fellows and others), etc. Then enabling the private account features is one of the best things for them. However, each person who creates a new account is public by default.

In this guide, I am gonna show you how to view anyone’s private IG account or profile with or without following them. The best part is that there are no surveys needed to do so. The method is the same even if you wanna view videos, stories, videos, or highlights on a private Instagram account. You can also do it secretly or without letting them know that you have viewed their private profile. Because you are following the person.

Difference between public and private Instagram profiles

As I mentioned earlier in the article, once you create a new account on IG. Thus everything in the profile such as your profile photo, stories, highlights, and video is public by default. In short, each person on the platform can view these things because it’s a public account. However, a public account on the platform lets anyone find you and see things on your profile.

Moreover, once a user enables the private account feature. That account is no longer visible to the public. Then it’s hard for others to find you and see things on your profile such as photos and videos etc.

When the account is set to private you will need to send the person a follower request to view his/her profile. After he/she accepts your request then you can view things on the person’s profile. That is how it works. Read also How to Find and Easily Download Old Instagram Stories.

Wait, I know why you are here. Now that you know how it works but the question is, can I see a private IG account or a profile? The short and sweet answer is Yes you can. There is more than a single method available to do so. But here I will show the procedure I personally use to see someone’s private property on IG. Well, let’s get into it…

Can I really see or view a private IG profile?

The short is answer, Yes, you can see anyone’s private IG profile. But there are multiple ways to do so and you need to find out which one works for you. If you wanna do it using some third-party website and apps, then I will be honest, there is nothing that can help. You will get nothing but a waste of time and money.

The legit procedure

Well, the recommended method to use the legit procedure, and is to send that user a request. Then it is up to the user to accept or reject the request. But probably there is high chance that your request will get accepted. Because which idiot won’t gain followers on the freeway? However, it depends on their privacy online.

Send a follower request
Send a follower request
Send a direct message
Send a direct message

Search the person’s username on IG

It is also one of the recommended methods. Because you can use the IG default search tool to do so. But it is when you wanna know some basic profile info of the person. You cannot see the video, and photos this way but profile info.

Using some third-party apps and online tools

This is strongly not recommended, because these apps and online IG profile viewer tools need access to your account first. Then they will your data to do so. However, letting them access means you are making a huge mistake while giving access to a person or tool you know nothing about. I am sure you are getting my point. Most importantly most of these tools are not working properly. In short, you might be wasting your time.

Use the Big Profile Photo app

This is a method that I don’t (somehow) personally recommend. But I think it is safe after all. All you have to do is download the Big Profile Photo on your Android, enter the username of the person to see his or her private IG profile and you are good to go. This is the easiest way to do it.

Pretending to be someone

Most people use this method because there are higher chances of getting approval upon your request. Mask your original identity and start getting in touch with the person in no time. Pretend to be someone or especially or girl ;).

How to View a Private Instagram Profile

First of all, I will recommend you go for the legit way. That is you need to send the following request to the person. Probably people accept requests to increase their followers, but while private account mode is enabled then it may seem too hard to get that request accepted.

But please note that we are not recommending using third-party tools online. Once you think the person is not accepting your follower request. Then it’s time to try the alternative way.

Using a private IG profile viewer online

There are hundreds of online tools available for doing. Sometimes the one below I am gonna mention works for me. To do so please follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Now copy the username of the person with a private profile.
  3. Paste the username in the box without @.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Once the page reloads you will the data in a private IG profile. Such as photos, videos, stories, and highlights.
Using a private IG profile viewer online
Using a private IG profile viewer online

Keep in mind that most of the time the tool is overloaded and you may not see the result. In that situation, you will need to try again later. But at a certain point, you get the results at no time.

The mentioned tools are not recommended. But you can use it on your own. Moreover, these online tools don’t look fine at all, you definitely need to avoid using such tools. Remember you should not log in to these apps and tools and I will tell you why.

This is because it looks fine to use on the internet and on a smartphone. Because they think the app is verified by play protect and a site is using the protection mode. So let go of it, but the situation is totally different than you think.

Let me tell you something you will never expect from a blogger. Look at each website and the app using a database. The administrator has all the right to look into the information available in the database.

Upon entering your IG username and password, this information is stored in their app’s or site’s database, they can use your information whenever they want. thus they can simply kick you out by just changing the account details and then what. I think you know better than me. So please I will strongly recommend not using such apps and sites. Unless you completely ensure that you are safe to enter your info on a site or app.

Pretend to be someone

If none of these works for you then it’s time to create a fake IG account and worth trying to pretend to be someone. This method always works but needs your best method and a good time. That is all it cost, in the end, I am sure you both will be happy followers of each other.

  • Now it’s easy to go for a fake account but there are some tips and tricks you need to follow to let the method work for you. These tips are:
  • Create your profile with a unique username. Especially a username like a person you wanna see the private profile of.
  • Upload perfecting-looking photos and images and ensure that these photos are unique.
  • Write a perfect and gentle bio.
  • Do some basic settings of your profile and make look very legit and gentle.
  • Also, create the same account with the same username on other platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat, etc. This will increase the trust rate.
  • Try to get a few followers first.
  • Share a few quality contents and wait for at least a week.
  • Also, try to enable the private mode on your profile too, this may increase the trust ratio more.

Once you have completed all the above and tips in mind. It’s time to send the person the following request. The person will look into their activity area and will have a username with an accepting and reject button. That person will now look for you on Instagram around. Thus if he or she thinks you are a kind of gentle person then it’s your good luck and then your request can be approved. You can then view the person’s private profile in no time. Here is a video guide for iOS, iPhone, and Android users to watch IG private profiles (not recommended but if you are curious).

View Instagram private account without verification

If you are looking for how to view Instagram private accounts without human verification or find a viewer that works. Then let me tell you something, it’s impossible if you have completed that human verification survey, etc, they won’t show you that private Instagram account. In short, nobody has access to the Instagram database, so please stop wasting your time and money. If you wanna see someone’s private profile then send them a legit request once they accept your request then you will be able to see their profile which is private to others.


So that is pretty much it, all of the given methods can work for you but each one needs your time and the best efforts of you. Thus you will be able to see someone’s private Instagram with or without them knowing. But the last method is recommended if you have failed while doing all of the above. However, you are safe following the last method.

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