How To Hide/Delete Seen From Instagram Story

Instagram is king in terms of its Stories feature. There is a lot you and I can do with our story. We use the feature to enjoy our best moments online with friends, sell things via it, and much more. However, You may have accidentally (whatever the reason is) seen someone’s story on IG and you wanna unseen it or hide your view or its seen status. But wait, is it possible, can you undo or delete seen from someone’s Instagram story, let’s find out…

There are more than five methods available for you to do so. In short Yes you can do it. However, I will show the way to remove seen from an IG story of someone, with or without blocking and notifying them.

Guess what? they won’t know even if they use their Android, IG website, iOS, or iPhone device. At the end of this article, you will know the exact procedure for watching or viewing someone’s IG story. Even without them knowing or blocking a user.

I will also share a bonus tip with you for anonymously viewing someone’s IG story without them knowing. I know that you are thinking that it is possible for public accounts only, but Yes this is true. Don’t worry you can easily remove yourself from someone’s seen or story viewers’ list with ease. So let’s get started…

Hide or Delete Seen From Instagram Story

Sometimes, it happens that we view (we wish or by accident) a personal story. But most users including you don’t want the story poster to know. At that point, you might think of how you undo or hide your view and don’t appear in his story viewers list. Well, you can hide, unseen, and delete the status, doesn’t matter if the poster profile is public or private. Moreover, you can follow the below steps on your Android and iOS devices. Now, here is how to do it:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Go to the person’s profile whose story you have viewed.
  3. Tap the three dots menu button at the top right.
  4. Now tap Block.
  5. Confirm the action and tap on the Block option again.
How to Hide or Delete Seen From Instagram Story
How to Hide or Delete Seen From Instagram Story

That is all you need to do in order to hide your view from the story of the user. However, there is something you need to keep in mind. That, don’t even try to unblock that user again. Because that will let your profile appear again in the user’s stories views list. Thus the user will know that you have viewed his or her story. But there is a solution for that too, wait for 24 hours and let the story disappear from his profile.

Then you can go ahead and unlock that user and become friends on IG. Alternatively, you can have a look at the restrict people tool on IG if that can work for removing your profile from his story viewers list.

OK, it’s been 24 hours and now you wanna unblock that user. Because he or she might be your close friend. Anyway, that is none of my concerns. Thus some of you may don’t know how to unblock a user on IG. That is so simple than you think, please follow these steps:

You have unseen the story now unblock the person
You have unseen the story now unblock the person

Open your Instagram app then go to your profile. Now tap on the three lines horizontal menu button. tap the Settings option at the bottom of the menu. Then from the Settings list, tap Privacy and Security. Now tap the Block account option from the list and select the user profile you have previously blocked. Now hit that Unblock blue button on the person profile, again on the confirmation popup tap Unblock, and you are good to go.

This way you will follow them back and remove your seen status from there as well. Because whenever you block someone’s IG, you are automatically unfollowing that person. So it is necessary to follow a user back and unblock him if you guys wanna become friends again.

How to Hide Seen or Unseen Instagram Story

By default, there is no tool or feature on Instagram that lets you view or watch someone’s story anonymously. However, most users wish to see or view or watch users’ stories without them knowing. Well, you have good luck, you can easily someone’s stories on IG without them knowing and view those stories anonymously. Let me show you below, how to do it…

How to See Someone’s IG Story Anonymously

There is an application available for Android called Friendly Social Browser in the Play Store. All you need to do is to download and install the Friendly Social Browser app. Don’t worry the app is trusted worldwide and has more than a million installs. Now tap the Menu then an Instagram icon. Log in to your IG account in the app. You will see all the stories at the top and below that, you will see the Anonymous View tool. Just tap on it to activate and view any story on Instagram without them knowing or anonymously.

The users won’t know that you have viewed their story, and you won’t appear in their story viewers list. Please have a look at the below screenshot for your reference.

Friendly Social Browser to See IG Stories Anonymously
Friendly Social Browser to See IG Stories Anonymously
How to See Someone's IG Story Anonymously
How to See Someone’s IG Story Anonymously

How to See Someone’s IG Story Without Them Knowing

StoryHoot is a perfect online tool or app you can say. That lets you view someone’s IG story without them knowing or Anonymously. It is the best and most trusted way for years for doing so. However, the choice is totally yours to use it or not. Moreover, we recommend it because we use it sometimes, and get things done for us in seconds. Here is how to see a person’s story anonymously:

  1. Search on Google for StoryHoot.
  2. Paste in the username of the person whose story you wanna see anonymously.
  3. Click on the Submit option.
  4. You will see the personal profile you have just typed the username of.
  5. Tap anywhere on the person’s profile.
  6. If the user profile is public, then you will see the list of his stories.
  7. Tap any story you wanna see anonymously.
  8. Now tap the Download button under that story.
See Someone IG Story Without Them Knowing
See Someone IG Story Without Them Knowing

This is exactly how you can view or watch a person’s story on IG anonymously. Moreover, there are some good reasons why you need to t use StoryHoot. Some of the major ones are:

  • StoryHoot won’t let download its app or extension or offer any survey. It’s just a perfect way to see IG stories anonymously.
  • The best thing about StoryHoot is, that there is no login required. In short, your privacy is totally on the safe side.
  • You don’t need to follow someone.
  • The tools work on all devices, Android, iOS, PC, and all web browsers.
  • You don’t need to follow someone anonymously to see their stories without them knowing.

How to Unsee Instagram Story Without Blocking

For your information blocking is the only solution on the internet to unsee a story on Instagram. However, blocking unseen is impossible unless you temporarily deactivate your account for at least 24 hours.

Actually as per IG terms and conditions, when you deactivate your account or disable your account. Then IG will hide all of your account activities. Thus other users won’t know about it. This you can unsee the Instagram story without blocking it. But you will need to do it at least for 24 hours. Whenever that story expires, then you can go ahead and reactivate your account.

Remember you cannot repeat the same thing, again and again, twice a week. If you disable your account once a week and reactive it. Then you cannot do it again for the 2nd time in a week. So if you are thinking of doing so, then you are wrong.

Can you hide that you watched an Instagram story?

Yes. You can easily hide that you have watched someone’s Instagram story by booking them. So, right after watching the video, you need to immediately block that person whose story you have watched. Open that story, and go to his/her profile. Now tap the three dots icon and tap Block. That is it, this is exactly how you can delete or hide that you have watched someone’s Instagram story.

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