Fix “This Page isn’t Available Right Now” on Facebook

Pages on Facebook are great for business and any interest. You may visit lots of pages for different things on Facebook, but if you see the This Page isn’t Available Right Now. For sure something is wrong.

Well, there could be lots of reasons behind that. Some of the common reasons are age issues, technical problems, the admin may have blocked you, region restrictions, the page may have violated Facebook terms and conditions, and many more.

Anyway, in this article, I am going to show you the most effective fixes to get rid of the “This Page isn’t Available Right Now” error. So, let’s get started…

Fix This Page isn’t Available Right Now on Facebook

There is not something specific when the page is not available right now problem on Facebook. This usually happens when you use Facebook a computer, or a web browser. However, here are the easy fixes for it:

Check your internet connection

The very first thing you need to try is to check your internet connection. Restart your WiFi device or date mode on mobile. Then log in to your Facebook account and go to that page. If the issue is due to your internet connection, it will be resolved automatically.

Try in incognito mode

If you have tried too many methods to fix the issues or if there were some technical issues on Facebook and fixed you still see the error. This is due to a cache on your web browser. Try to clear the cache or just open an incognito mode CTRL+SHIFT+N. Login to your Facebook account and try to access the page.

Use a different web browser

If you are using a web browser with lots of extensions and tools running in the background which is causing issues, you can check to use Facebook on a different web browser e.g FireFox or Edge. Log in to your Facebook account and go to the page.

Check if Facebook is Up or Down

There could be ongoing maintenance or some technical issues running in the background, due to which you may see the page is not available on Facebook. You need to wait for a few hours and check, the problem will no longer be available. However, you can check Facebook servers on IsItDown.

Page Admin has blocked you

You can check if the page is not available issue is only for you, I mean if the admin of that Facebook page has blocked you. So, consider checking access to that page from another Facebook account or using someone else Facebook account. If you can access the page without any issues, you have been blocked.

Also, check that you have not blocked that page on your Facebook account.

Admin has deleted or deactivated his Facebook account

If there is only one admin who manages that page, it’s possible that the person has deleted or deactivated his Facebook account. That is why the same page is not available upon visiting. If the account is deleted, just forget about that page. If deactivated, check the page later or try to contact the admin using Messenger, if you see that This person is unavailable, it’s the main reason.

Temporary ban on the page

There are some terms and conditions for pages, groups, and other things on Facebook. The page should follow those terms to be successful on Facebook and visible to everyone. If not Facebook may ban it and won’t provide any reason for doing so. I hope not, but this might be a problem when you see that the page isn’t available right now on Facebook. Admin can claim it.

The admin has changed its URL

The page admin can change or update the page name or its URL whenever he/she wants. So, if it has been some time since you have visited the page and the URL has been changed to a new (username). You may see similar issues like This page is not available right now. Try searching on Facebook for similar page content and when you see one, open that page and like or join it to access it.

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