Fix Facebook Login Confirmation Code Problems


Facebook is a unique platform we use on a daily basis. We share photos, stories, and videos and let our loved ones respond to it. But on the other side, it’s full of various bugs and problems. Such as you are in a hurry and try to log in. However, you did not receive a login confirmation 6 digit code on your email account or phone number.

That’s annoying right. Don’t worry I am gonna show you the reasons for the Facebook login code issue and things you need to try to fix it. At the end of this article, I am sure you will know why you were experiencing such a problem and how to fix t. So without further talking let’s get started.

Reasons for not receiving Facebook login code

There could be more than one reason for not getting the login confirmation code on our phone number or email account. However, the major ones could be:

  • Unknow sign in attempts from different locations.
  • Someone was trying to get into your FB account.
  • You have tried more than once resetting your account password.
  • You haven’t used your account for a while.
  • Someone has access to your account and they have changed your email and phone number.
  • Lost access to two-factor authentication.
  • The phone number you have entered is incorrect.
  • The email address is not correct.
  • You have recently changed your email address or phone number in your Facebook account.
  • Problems with mobile network or email provider, you are totally safe in this one.
  • Facebook locked your account temporarily for a reason.
  • And much more.

The above are just the reasons I know, there could hundreds of more. Facebook is a giant platform, no one can easily identify what’s going on with a specific thing. But at least there are some troubleshooting tips we can try for our account.

How to fix Facebook login code not receiving problems

Now you know your situation better than me. You may now identify the reason, however, let get to the solution. For all of you, I am suggesting you to start recovering your Facebook account without looking for login code solutions. That is a better choice you can, however, you can try some of the below troubleshooting tips.

Check for unknown sign in attempts

I am telling you this because if Facebook has identified that someone is trying to login to your account again and again and he cannot. Then Facebook algorithm automatically locks your account for a while. So in such a case, the right owner may also not log in even with phone verification and email code verification.

While signing up for your Facebook account. You have probably connected your phone number or email address to it. You cannot log in so go to your phone and open up your message application on it. Now check for Facebook login alerts are similar words in the search bar.

This is to check that if some have tried to sign in to your account or not. If there is any message available from Facebook with such notification then you should start recovering your account immediately.

If not, then the next step is to go to your email inbox. In your email inbox try typing something like Facebook and check if there is notification available for unusual login attempts or not. If there is any then account recovery is the only solution. If no then skip the solution.

Moreover, this is to keep in mind that you will get login alerts if you have set it in your settings. While not such setting enabled then head over to the next tip. Read Change Your Name on Facebook in four Easy Steps.

You haven’t used your account for a while

Thousands of people sign up for Facebook and they actually don’t log in for a month or two or even three. After that, once they are trying to get into their account then Facebook is not letting them in that easily. This is the case you are not getting any login code on your email and phone number.

This probably you don’t know the correct email address, phone number, or not entering the correct password, I am sure you are getting my point. Don’t worry your account is always been there.

You can get it back by start identifying yourself on the platform again. Go to Facebook and click that forgot password button and follow the onscreen instructions.

Your email address or phone number is different

In this case, there are two scenarios and I am gonna explain both. The first one is someone has access to your account, they have changed the phone number and email address on it. Now that you are trying to get the login code, they are actually getting the login code not you. You are getting my point right.

The other scenario is, you have accidentally, or you did it forgot the email address or phone number you entered to get the login codes. Thus these are different and Facebook is not sending you sign-in code.

In both cases, the only thing you can try is to identify your account and let Facebook know that you are the rightful owner of the account. Hit that forgets password button on the sign-in screen and follows the onscreen instructions.

Your email address or phone number is different
Your email address or phone number is different

Check your junk or spam mail folder

If you are using your email address only to reset or confirm the login code. Then you need to check your spam or junk mail folder. In most cases, a user is looking into their inbox but the email is there in the spam or junk mail folder.

If you don’t know how to check your junk or spam mail folder contact your email provider. However, if it is your good luck then you may see the login code in the junk and spam folder.

Temporarily problem with the sim network or email provider

Your email address and phone number network provider may experience a little downtime. This is the usual thing and can happen anytime anywhere. Try to restart your smartphone or contact phone number network, provider. Also, this is important to check the email address provided is not down and not facing any issue in their servers, etc. In that case, you can’t do anything but wait and check after a while you get the code in a message or email.

You are trying to log in from a different device or location

Whenever a person moves from one known location to another or changes the phone number. Facebook may consider suspicious accounts even if you are trying to sign in. Also if the sim number you are using is the same and you have moved to another service provider.

Then in these cases, Facebook may not send you the confirmation code, because the algorithm is not letting you in.

In this case, you have to wait for 24 hours or at least 48 hours, let the dust settle. Why the wait is important? It is because Facebook may send you email notifications for unusual login attempts. Thus if you don’t respond then the Facebook algorithm will think that it is probably you trying to get into your account.

After that, you should not face any problem while getting the login code on your number or email address. Read Switch Between Old and New Facebook Design.

Facebook locked your account temporarily

Each user on the platform should follow Facebook’s privacy policy, terms, and conditions. You might not aware of their policy and have violated or someone has reported your account more than once. They have a solid reason and the Facebook team is confirmed the reason. So they might lock down your account temporarily (in most cases).

Well, you can’t do anything about it. So this is the main reason you are not getting or receiving a Facebook login confirmation code. Well, in this case, all you have to do is wait for at least a week or a month.

I will suggest you wait for a month. Because they may suspend your account. So you need to be very patient with that. If you don’t care about your data on the platform, then simply create a new Facebook account and you are good to go.

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