Change Your Name on Facebook in 4 Easy Steps


Facebook lets you customize everything including changing your name. There is more than one reason you may wanna edit it. That is none of my concern, but here I am gonna be showing you four easy steps to change your good name on Facebook easily. You also have the choice the learn about what kind of names are allowed, why you can’t change it. Also, add another one like a nickname, etc.

I am gonna also explain how to do it on mobile, PC, android, and iPhone iOS devices. That way you can follow the steps on your device (any of the above). You can have also a look at screenshots below with each step. These screenshots can save you time and get your work done in seconds.

Before we get started there are few things you need to keep in mind. There are millions of people in the world using Facebook by the same names. You might be thinking, can I include that specific name someone else is using? Yes, you can but how people can find me on FB then, well that is where the unique username feature by FB comes in handy. However, read Facebook’s names policy first, and remember you cannot include the following names.

Facebook names guidelines

Unique names on FB always help people know who they are connecting with. As per Facebook, you are not allowed to include the following (words, symbol, etc) as your name:

  • Unusual symbols & numbers.
  • Unwanted capitalization and repeating characters.
  • Repeating punctuations.
  • Professional, religious, insulting titles.
  • Phrases, unusual words of any kind.
  • Suggestive, offensive, and repeating words.

Most people experience different kinds of issues who change their names on Facebook profiles. But you can simply avoid the above, and you will be able to do so. However, if still, you think you are following their names guidelines and policy and can’t change your name. Then you need to visit here and find out why. Now let get to the procedure.

How to change your name on Facebook

You can change or edit your name on Facebook with ease. As of Facebook, you must choose the name you are using in your daily. I am talking about your real name. Because that way your account is safe.

For example, someone has reported your account (any other reason) and Facebook has blocked. Also if you forget your username and wanna recover your account. Then you can recover it providing your government ID or passport contains your real name. However, update your application first then follow these steps:

On Facebook app for Android

To change, edit, or update your name on the Facebook app. Simply open your Facebook app and follow these 4 easy steps on your Android mobile:

  1. Tap the Menu, now tap Settings & Privacy then Settings.
  2. Under Account Setting, tap Personal Information.
  3. Tap your name, change it, and tap the Review Change button.
  4. Enter to confirm your password then tap the Save Changes option.
Change your name on Facebook using Android
Change your name on Facebook using Android

iPhone and iPad

The procedure is quite similar to the Android one. But you can also do it on your iPhone, iPad, or any iOS device with ease. To change, update, or edit your good name on the Facebook app. Please follow these 4 easy steps on your iPhone or iPad device:

  1. Tap the Menu, tap Settings & Privacy then Settings.
  2. Tap Personal Information under the Account Settings.
  3. Tap your name, change it, and tap the Review Change button.
  4. Confirm your password and tap the Save Changes button.

Using a basic mobile browser

If you are not using the Facebook app for Android and iOS devices for some reason. Then you can use your basic mobile web browser to do so. You can use Safari on the iPhone, on Android use Chrome, or Firefox. Then follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. Go to Menu then scroll down to the bottom and tap Settings.
  3. Tap Personal Information then Name.
  4. Change your name on Facebook then tap Review Changes.
  5. Enter the password if asked and tap Save Changes.
How to change Facebook name using mobile browser
How to change the Facebook name using a mobile browser

Using your computer

From the very since has been launched for desktop. It has all the features and settings than can customize very easily. You can use your MAC, Windows, or Linux computer to change or update your Facebook name. To do so:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow at the top right.
  2. Now click Settings then General.
  3. Click the Edit option next to your Name.
  4. Change your name, then click Review Change.
  5. Enter your password (if asked) then Save Changes.
Change name on Facebook using computer
Change name on Facebook using computer

See how easy it is. You have successfully changed your name on your Facebook profile using the FB app and computer. Let me repeat these words again. You can’t change it if you included the above-mentioned words, characters, and symbols, etc. Moreover, you can only change your name once in 60 days only and it is not from FB’s ID list.

Add another name to your Facebook account?

This is possible on Facebook to the user more than one name. For example your nickname, mid name, or any other profession one. The choice is totally yours but I am gonna show the procedure for doing so right here.

So please follow these steps in order to add another Facebook name to your account:

  1. Go to your profile on Facebook.
  2. Now click the About option.
  3. Under OTHER NAMES click Add a name with a plus sign.
  4. Select the Name as Nickname etc, and write your name.
  5. Click Save Changes once you are done.
How to add another name on your Facebook account
How to add another name on your Facebook account

I do recommend using at least a nickname to your Facebook account. Because other names allow your family, family members, and other people to find you with ease.

Let say there is someone who can’t find you or you just don’t wanna give your personal number or email address to that person. Then simply give the person your nickname and they will find you in one click. I am sure you have got my point.

Why can’t you change your name on Facebook?

Thousands of people having this issue including you. There things and information you don’t know about for the first time while doing so. However, I am gonna show the reason behind why can’t you change your name on your Facebook account.

In the last 60 days yo have changed your Facebook name, so you can’t change it again. Yes, you can do it but after 60 days.

Probably you are using symbols, character, and usual words that are not allowed in Facebook names. Stop using these while adding a new one and you will be able to do so.

You are not following Facebook privacy policy on different names. In short don’t use words related to religion, politics, an unwanted promotion, etc.

How often it’s allowed to change your Facebook name?

Well, you are allowed to change your Facebook name once in a 60 days period. Before that, it is impossible to do so. Because it is one of their terms and conditions. So if you have changed yours recently then don’t it again, you cant do it actually. You should wait for 2 months then give it a try.

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