Fix This Person is Unavailable on Messenger (Not Blocked)

Facebook Messenger is no doubt the best and most feature-rich instant messaging app. You can easily block a friend or just ignore someone in seconds. This is best for privacy and to get rid of some annoying people over there. However, if someone in your friends does such things, and you see the “This person is unavailable on Messenger” but not blocked error. You may do nothing but look for a solution to fix it. Don’t worry you have reached the right place.

In this article, I am going to show you various solutions to fix the problem. Before I mention those, it’s important to know a few things or reasons behind the issue.

Reasons Why This person is unavailable on Messenger

I won’t go with specifics because there might be any reason behind this issue. However, the very common reasons why I am seeing the “This person is not available on Messenger” error are here:

  • That person has blocked you on Facebook Messenger.
  • The person has added you (or you have added that person) to the Restricted list on Messenger.
  • You have been ignored by that person.
  • You have been blocked on Messenger only (not Facebook).
  • Your friend has deactivated or deleted his/her Facebook account.
  • Facebook has locked that user account.
  • Last but not least there could be a technical issue with the Messenger app. Don’t worry I am going to show you an easy fix for that.

Now that you know the very common and known reasons why you see this person isn’t available on Facebook Messenger. Let’s get straight to the solution and fix it in a few minutes. Please follow the below solutions step by step. I am sure one will 100% work.

Fix This Person is unavailable on Messenger

Before you do anything to troubleshoot the person’s unavailable issue on Messenger. Make sure to update your Messenger app to its latest version available on Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Then restart your device and clear the cache of the device. Now just open up Messenger and check if the issue is resolved. If the problem still exists, follow the mentioned solutions below.

1. The person has blocked you

Just like you can block someone to get rid of his messages and calls. Similarly, the other person can block you too. So, if someone has blocked you on Messenger and you have an ongoing chat with him/her. You will see the error that This person is unavailable. You can’t do anything to fix this but request that person to remove you from the blocked list on Messenger. The issue will be resolved automatically.

2. That person’s account is either deactivated or deleted

If you have an ongoing conversation with someone, and after a while, you see that this person is unavailable on Messenger error. It’s for sure that the user has deleted or deactivated his/her Facebook account. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about it to get it fixed. Yes, you can call on his personal phone number and humbly ask if that person has another Messenger account.

Well, there is an easy way that a user can keep his Messenger account the delete his Facebook account only. But not everyone knows about this feature.

3. You have been Restricted on Messenger

It was the Ignore feature below and now Facebook calls it the “Restrict”. You can use the feature to ignore someone’s direct calls and messages to your main inbox. When you restrict someone, all the messages and calls won’t show up. Instead, read those messages by going into Profile Settings > Privacy & Safety > Restricted List.

So if someone has ignored you or added you to the restricted list on Facebook Messenger. Then you may see the “This person is unavailable” on Messenger. Well, there is no fix for it but request that person and remove you from the restricted list. The conversation will be back to normal and you will see the person available and ready to chat if online.

4. Update Messenger and clear its cache data

Sometimes it could be a bug in the Messenger app and you may see similar issues like “A person is unavailable on Messenger”, etc. 1st, check that you are using the latest Messenger app to avoid app issues. Updates are good for fixing bugs automatically. So make sure to go to the Play Store or App Store and search for Messenger. You will see an Update button next to the app. Tap to install the update.

Once done, go to Settings > Apps > Messenger > and tap the Clear data option. This wipes out and clears the Messenger app. So if the issue is due to any bug or so. Then it will be fixed automatically. Before you clear and wipe out Messenger cache data, make sure that you remember your Messenger username and password. Because, by clearing Messenger data, your account will be automatically logged out.

5. Technical Messenger problem

Alternatively, this could be a technical issue on the Messenger servers too. So in such a case, you will need to wait for at least 24 to 48 hours and check back if the problem is resolved and the person is available on Facebook Messenger. However, in rare cases, it can take more time than usual. Be patient with that.

Why does my Messenger say this person is unavailable?

First, you may have some technical error like internet connectivity, etc. So check your internet connection and try again. Then try using the web version of Facebook on PC or mobile. If you still getting the same error then that person has blocked your FB Messenger.

Fix This Person is not available on Messenger but not blocked

If you think someone has not blocked you on Messenger but you see the error “This person is unavailable”. This is because that person has blocked you on Messenger only, not Facebook. This is why you guys can see and interact with each other on Facebook but cannot send messages in Messenger. In fact, that is the point when you will start to see such an error that your friends in unavailable on Messenger.

Look when you are about to block someone on Messenger, you actually see two settings while doing so. One is “Block messages and calls” and the other is “Block on Facebook” only. So if you enable the first option to block someone’s messages and calls only, this means you will block that person on Messenger. However, when you enable the second option “Block on Facebook”, which means, you will block that person on Facebook too. Of course, you are getting my point.


Unfortunately, there is no fix for it but to contact that person using Facebook comments or using his/her personal contact number to unblock your messages and calls on Messenger. Once done, the issue will be resolved automatically and you will see the person is now available on Messenger. You can then enjoy chatting, calls, etc.

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