How to Block People on Facebook – Updated 2020


Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with the people you love but not with annoying friends. Thanks to Facebook for providing a great tool that we can use to block people or unwanted friends in 2020. Blocking is a perfect way to get rid of easily on Facebook. It is the best solution to depend on yourself from online abuse, troll, etc.

Almost everyone using FB knows how to block people on Facebook. But newbies who recently joined this great social media platform doesn’t. I will show step by step and easy way to block someone on Facebook with ease. Here is how to block someone on Messenger.

How to Block People On Facebook App

There are many ways to do it, but I will show the easy one. So let get into it:

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Tap three horizontal lines (menu button).
  3. Now scroll down to the very end and tap Settings & Privacy.
  4. Tap Settings.
  5. You will see a Privacy section by scrolling down a little, tap Blocking option there.
  6. Now tap + ADD TO BLOCKED LIST then type a Name or an Email.
  7. Find the person you want to block and tap BLOCK in the right, Block (person name)?
  8. Finally, confirm by tapping the BLOCK option.
How to block people on Facebook using App
How to block people on Facebook using App

It is possible that you may not find the person you are looking for. In that case please follow these steps. Go the person Profile, Tap on three dots button to expand options, Now tap Block and confirm when you asked. That is it you have done it. Now it is not just blocking, lots of things happen whenever you block people on Facebook. Let explore those things below.

How to block people on Facebook from their profile
How to block people on Facebook from their profile

How to Block Someone on Facebook Using a Web Browser

Not just in Facebook application but you can block anyone on using a PC’s (Windows, MAC, Linux) web browsers as well. To do it please follow these steps:

  1. Open any browser e.g Chrome, Firefox.
  2. Login to your Facebook account.
  3. Click the dropdown arrow in the top right of the screen.
  4. Click Settings then Blocking.
  5. Enter a person Name or Email and click Block.
How to block people on Facebook using web browser
How to block people on Facebook using the web browser

As per Facebook after you hit the block option, that person won get notified. So you don’t need to worry about that, they will only know if they try to send you a message or want to mention you in a post, etc.

What Happens When You Block People On Facebook

After adding someone to the blocking list on FB, they won’t be able to:

  • See things like posts, updates, status updates, etc
  • Cant tag each other
  • No comment tagging, phots tagging, etc
  • Cannot invite each other to an event, groups, pages and more
  • Start a secret conversation or regular conversation with each
  • No longer friends

Keep in mind that Facebook automatically unfriends you guys. So, to become friends again you guys will need to send/accept friend’s requests.

How to find blocked people list on Facebook

There are two different methods to find or see the blocked list on FB in 2020. You can either use the official Facebook application or a web browser on your Windows, MAC, and Linux PC. I will show you both procedure that how you can find the blocked list on FB.

How to see blocked list using Facebook app

Please update your Facebook app to the latest version then follow me:

  1. Open Facebook app
  2. Go Menu by tapping the three lines in the top right
  3. Tap on Settings & Privacy
  4. Tap Blocking
  5. There is the blocked people list on FB.

How to see blocked list using Facebook web

For this method, all you need is your Windows, MAC, or Linux PC, with a web browser.

  1. Open any browser on your PC e.g Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  2. Log in to Facebook and click the drop-down in the top right to expand the menu options
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Blocking
  5. There is the blocked people list on FB.

When you block someone on Facebook do they know it

As per Facebook’s official help and support, whenever you block someone on FB, they won’t get notified. However, there are a few things by which they will know. When they try to message you, tag you, mentioning you somewhere, won’t be able to see your profile, etc.

But official Facebook doesn’t send anyone notification that hey someone has just blocked you. So you don’t need to worry about that. For your information, if you are tired of someone’s messages, you can ignore them on Messenger. Whenever you change your mind just unignore them back and you are good to go. The best part is no one gets notified when you add them to the ignore list on Facebook Messenger.

Can you block someone on Facebook without them knowing

Yes, you can block someone without them knowing. But at the end, they may know somehow because that person won’t see you online as usual. Also, that person doesn’t see you commenting, liking, and sharing posts. But whenever you try to unblock that person even in the future. That person will know that you have blocked him, because nowadays you will need to send him a friend request, once he accepts the request then you can interact with each other again. In short, blocking means unfriending and getting rid of a person permanently.

To block someone anonymously, go to his profile, then tap the three dots then hit the Block option from the list. You may be asked to confirm blocking that person, hit the confirm option and you are good to go.


There are some know faqs about this top on the internet. I wanted to share almost everything related to this top so that you won’t go here and there for searching and finding answers about Facebook blocking feature.

Can I see the profile picture of someone who blocked me on Facebook? In short, you cannot see someone’s profile picture of they have blocked you on Facebook. Yes, if ever they unblock you back.

How do I block someone on Facebook who has blocked me? I will give you an example, first come first serve. If you are the fist blocked your friend or anyone then cannot, if they then you cant.

Have I been blocked on Facebook or have they deactivated? That what you can look for, for example, try to search for the person profile if you find it. Then it means they only blocked you but if not then their profile is no longer activated.

Is Blocking someone on Facebook permanent? Before it wasn’t but now Yes it is permanent because when you block someone. Facebook automatically unfriend both of you guys. So I think the blocking is permanent on FB.

How long do FB block last? The block on FB will last until the person unblocks you.

How can I stop being blocked on Facebook? To be honest and as far as I know, there is no solution to that. All you need is, to be honest with your friends and be kind to them, and don’t disturb them at all. So they will never think of blocking you on Facebook.

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