Report an Issue with Verifying Your Facebook Account

Facebook is no doubt the best social media app right now. It helps you stay connected with your loved ones from anywhere in the world. However, nothing is 100% perfect, and you may experience several problems while using your Facebook account. For example, nowadays, thousands of people are having issues with verifying their accounts on Facebook.

This is because people are not getting verification codes or text messages. So, that they can use the code to verify an account. It happened to me recently, the Facebook reset code was not working, I was unable to get the code, but I got it fixed.

That is why I wanted to share my experience with you guys to help. I don’t know about the specific issue you have (in terms of account verification), but you can resolve it by reporting it to Facebook with a few simple steps to verify your account.

How to Report an Issue with Verifying Your Facebook Account

Facebook has launched a simple tool to help you verify your account if you cannot log in for any reason. Before you do so, Facebook asks you to provide a detailed description of the issue. These questions are: What you were doing when the problem occurred, What you expected to happen, and What actually happened to your account? Also, along with these questions you need to take a screenshot of the issue. Anyways, here is how to report an issue with verifying an account on Facebook:

Open a web browser on your mobile or PC. Visit the “Report a Login Issue” form. Enter your contact email and description of the issue. Add a screenshot. Click the Next button. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Report an Issue with Verifying Your Facebook Account
Report an Issue with Verifying Your Facebook Account

Once Facebook reviews your information and verifies that it’s really you (the account owner). You will get an email with the login reset link. Open it, create a new password and you will be redirected to your account shortly.

Reasons for Having Issues with Verifying your Facebook Account?

So, you are one of those who have such an issue with your account on Facebook. Don’t worry, Facebook has a simple report tool (mentioned above) that helps you get your account back and verify it in no time. Make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again. That is why I am going to show the very common reasons why you are having such issues.

Your Account Information

You may have added information to your Facebook account which is against their terms and privacy. That is the reason Facebook may lock you out to confirm your real identity. So, you will have issues with account verification. But that is not a big issue and you can easily resolve it to report it back to Facebook using their report login issue form. You can read more about reporting a problem with Facebook.

Resetting Password

You may want to change your account password on Facebook. But there could be a possibility that you are not getting the confirmation (6 or 8-digit code) codes. Though without that confirmation code, you cannot verify your account. You will reach the limit and when you try again after that, Facebook may lock your account. So you will need to confirm your identity to login back. Well, there are ways to unlock your Facebook account without ID proof.

What I mean is, once you try and not getting the verification codes on your phone number. Then don’t try too many times but wait for at least 3 days. Now try again and for sure you will get the code to simply verify it and you are good to go.

Someone has reported your account

There are good and bad people out there, you know what I mean by this. However, it is possible that someone has reported your (pretending you) account too many times to close it, or just to lock your account. So, if Facebook thinks that the report is somehow legit, you will be locked out of your account.

If you have not done anything suspicious in your account and using it the legit way. Then you can use the Login Issue Report Form to tell Facebook something satisfying. Once Facebook reviews everything and thinks that it was a mistake. You will get back access to your account.

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    Dear Facebook team,
    It isn’t sent me massage with six digit
    Cod but lts showing we ve sent you a message with six digit coad.pelace review my acound and help me to fix this issue


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