How to See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook App & PC


Facebook is there for all of us for a while now, and we don’t make friends on it. Thus you may be sent lots of friends on Facebook using your mobile or PC. But before it was quite difficult to find those requests you have ever sent. Now it’s not, Sometimes, you may send a request to the person you care about the most. And the annoying thing about Facebook is, you don’t get notifications sometimes a person accepts or rejects your requests. Thus you may wanna check manually that what’s going on.

I know that is the exact reason you are here, and you are lucky. Because you are here at the right place to know each and everything about finding all those requests you have ever sent using your Facebook app or PC. First I will show you how to do it on mobile, actually the Facebook official application, then FB lite, and then mbasic, and at the end, how to do it on PC. Before doing so, let me tell you what is a Facebook friend request. So, why waste time, lets get started…

What is Facebook Friend Request?

Facebook’s main aim is (what they mentioned) is to connect people around the work. But there is a lot going on background, which we will discuss later on in our next article. But Facebook is connecting people by their choice, I will explain. You and I both use it and we cannot share or talk to each other unless we are connected on Facebook. A Facebook friend request comes in handy.

It is a way of asking humbly and respectfully to become your friend on Facebook and in your life (if you guys wish to). Thus you can send it, but it depends on the recipient if he/she accept or reject it.

Once the person accepts your request you guys become friends on Facebook and you can share and talk to each other whenever you want to. But if someone rejects your request then you cannot do anything about it. However, you can either its status. That is what is article is about.

How to See Your Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

Facebook has a few variants (versions). The Facebook lite, Mbasic, Facebook on PC, and of course the mighty Facebook app. You can manage most of the settings on all their version, for blocking someone on Facebook, unblocking someone on Messenger, deleting contacts on Messenger, and access messages feature on Mbasic FB, etc. But you can only see the sent friend request list on the Facebook regular application and using FB on PC. On its other version, I think it is not possible. Anyway, here is how to do it.

Updated: See sent friend requests on the Facebook app

The procedure for finding that list of all your friend requests on a Facebook app is easy. You can manage it, for undo, etc. But it’s important to update your Facebook app to its latest version there on Play Store and App Store for iOS devices. Once you do that. Both iPhone and Android users can follow the below steps. Here is how to do it on the Facebook mobile app:

  1. Open the Facebook app and go to Menu.
  2. Tap Friends, then the See All option.
  3. Now tap the three-dot button at the top right.
  4. Then tap the View Sent Request option at the bottom.
  5. There is a list of all your sent friend requests, you can cancel any of them if you want to by tapping on the Cancel button under a request.
How to See sent friend requests on Facebook mobile app
How to See sent friend requests on the Facebook mobile app


In the latest Facebook app, as you can see it is very easy. That is why I suggest you update your Facebook application first then follow the above steps. Let me repeat it for you with a little more explanation.

Go to your friend’s list by tapping on the Friends icon in the Menu. Then tap the See All option then at the top right you will have a three-dotted horizontal button tap on it and you will see the “View Sent Requests” popup, tap to open the list. There you go, as you can see now, all you the requests you have sent to people are available in the list.

The best thing you can easily cancel any of them by just once tap, tap the Cancel button and you are good to go. However, if you have done so a thousand times, then it is quite difficult for that specific request. Thus you will need to scroll and check each of them one by one. However, in the mobile app for Facebook, there is a Search icon, you can tap it to search for a name, phone number, or username.

See sent friend requests on Facebook on PC

The latest Facebook design (you can switch back anytime) and Facebook application work quite similarly. Meaning, everything can be managed also the same way on FB on PC and mobile. However, showing the exact same method on PC is important for me. Here is how to do it on a PC:

  1. Visit and login into your account.
  2. Now click the Friends option at the left sidebar.
  3. Click “View Sent Requests” under the Friend Requests.
  4. There is a list of all sent Facebook friend requests.
  5. You can also cancel any if you want.

See sent friend requests on Facebook on PC

There is only a difference, in the Facebook app, you will need to tap the three-dotted and then View all the requests at once. But on the Facebook web version, simply click the See All Requests option and you are good to go.

Now there are lots of questions in people’s minds. For example, for how to log in a friend requests on Facebook do exist, and how to cancel one, etc. Well, to know all these things, keep on reading and let’s get started with the first question.

For how long does a Facebook friend request last?

A friend request never expires on Facebook, it’s there forever until the recipient accepts or rejects it. Yes, you have heard me. Even if the recipient rejects your request, the request may disappear depending on both of the user’s privacy settings. However, once users accept your request, then you get a notification in the Notification Center on Facebook.

How long a FB friend request do last

How to cancel a sent friend request on Facebook

You can easily view and cancel any of your sent friend requests on Facebook using your mobile and pc. Open the Facebook app, then follow these steps one by one: Tap Friends icon at the top > Tap See All option > Three dotted button at the top right > View Sent Request > Now tap Cancel button next to any request.

Cancel a sent friend request on Facebook app

Cancel a sent friend request on Facebook on PC
Cancel a sent friend request on Facebook on PC

In other words with further explanation. Open the Facebook app then tap the Friends icon at the top. Now tap the Se All option next to Friends Request and then the three-dotted button at the top right. Tap the View Sent Requests option and you will full list of all the requests you have sent on FB. You will see a Cancel button next to each one, tap the Cancel button to cancel a request and you are good to go.

Why can’t I see a sent friend request on Facebook?

There are five possibilities for why cannot you see a friend request you sent on Facebook. The 1st one is the user has disabled, deactivated, or delete his account from Facebook. The 2nd one is the person who has added to the restricted list or deleted your request. In the 3rd one, the user has rejected your requests (in most cases). The 4th one is, it is might be a bug. The last possibility for the issue, Facebook has temporarily the account of that user. Could be possible for any other but as per personal experience, these are the main five reasons for it. The annoying thing, you can’t actually do anything to fix the issue.

How to know if someone deleted your friend request on Facebook

The quick answer to your question is, you won’t see that friend’s name is available in the Sent Requests list. In short, if you don’t see the name of the person you sent a friend request to on Facebook then consider that the persona has deleted your request or added it to their restricted list on Facebook. But in 99% of cases, if you don’t see the name of the person then it is confirmed that the person has deleted your request. Thus, you cannot actually do anything about it.

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