Facebook & Messenger New Features Updates – July 2020


Facebook is a unique and best social media platform for fun, connectivity, and business owner. That is why millions of people use this gain social media platform on a daily basis including me. The best thing is Facebook keep their app and desktop version up to date to a computer with other social apps. That is why they release updates and adding features to its application almost weekly and monthly basis.

For users, it’s fun and connectivity tool with their loved ones across the globe. For a business owner, it’s a perfect marketplace. There is always a place for each type of people on Facebook. But keeping yourself up to date of the platform changes and features is a must to keep using Facebook.

Anyways, in this article, you will see all the majors changes in the Facebook app or desktop. For example, the user interface updates, tools, settings changes, additional features, messenger updates and changes, and much more. for your information, I keep all my subscribers up to date with Facebook and Messenger new changes on a weekly basis. However, let’s explore these changes and updates:

Facebook July 2020 Updates

In the latest Facebook app, there are not many changes but some UI elements are updated. However, some activity log settings are categorized. Read the following and have a look at the screenshots and videos.

The menu has been updated and its look pure white background and card interface look amazing. A menu is an option is at the bottom of the latest Facebook app. All your pages are available at the top in the Menu right below your profile name. Moreover, other settings are available in old places. There are not any major changes except for the activity log.

They have updated the Activity log and categorized its settings. Once you enter the activity log on Facebook via Profile > three dots button > Activity Log. Then you will see four options at the top, Filters, Manage Activity, Archived and Trash. In the Filters option, they have replaced the Year section with date and now category setti9ngs are enhanced and further categorized.

For example, once you tap the category option you will see different options for Posts, Tags, Interactions, Groups, Events, Profile, Connections, Logged Actions, and Other Activity. You can see the watched video history etc in the Logged Actions and Other Activity section.

Moreover, they have added the dark mode (Facebook for Desktop) in the latest Facebook design. You can switch to the new Facebook design, but remember if you use it for more than 1 week then you won’t be able to get back to the old or classic version.

Messenger July 2020 Updates

There are two huge change and features added this time in the latest Facebook Messenger app version. You can download and install the latest app from the Play Store or iOS App Store to see, explore, and enjoy these new features and updates. However, you can read the following and look at the latest updated Messenger screenshots and videos for your reference.

The old navigate elements are gone. I am talking about the old chat options. They are no longer there. For example, before it was to swipe from left to right the see a separate menu for the option for a specific chat. But those options are not available anymore.

Now for the chat option, you will need to tap and hold a chat in the Chats list to see its available options and menu. For example, you wanna block a person on Messenger, so tap and hold the chat and you will see the Delete, Archive, Mute Notifications, Create Shortcut, Mark as Unread, Ignore including the Block option.

On the other, they have added support for responding to page’s messages right in the Messenger app. For example, if you have a page on Facebook and you have got a messenger and wanna quickly respond to that page. You will simply need to open Messenger, tap, and hold your profile picture and select the page. That way you will all the chats in the Messenger app. Thus you can respond to any of those messages on the go.

Moreover, the secret conversation is now available Privacy option in the Profile menu. Actually not just secret conversation but blocked people and more.

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