Recover Facebook Password without Phone Number & Email 2021


Probably you have signed up for Facebook using your phone number or email. But now you don’t have access to these. Thus you wanna know how to recover your Facebook password without the phone number or email address. Don’t worry you are here at the right place to know the procedure to get your FB account back. Moreover, there are several methods Facebook offers to identify yourself and get back access to your account in no time. The thing is you don’t know these methods.

Hello everyone my name is Samad Ali Khan. In this article, I will show you the step-by-step procedure to recover or reset your Facebook account passcode without email or phone number. However, in the end, if you are not able to do so. Then consider that your account has been hacked.

Possibly they have changed everything in it, to make it difficult for you to get back access to it. Then this is the best tool Facebook provides for troubleshooting hacked accounts. Even though if you get access to your account. Then try changing your password immediately, and set two-factor authentication for your account.

How to Recover Your Facebook Password

First of all, you must remember the phone number or email address you have access to or don’t have access to. Because you will need it to identify your account. Also, you need to make sure that you are using your computer or mobile you have used for using Facebook previously. Now follow these steps to recover your Facebook password without or without phone number or email:

  1. Visit the Facebook Login page, and Enter your Email and phone number then Enter any password. Then Facebook will ask to enter the correct password with the Forgotten account option, click on that.
  2. Facebook will ask you how do you wanna reset your password. You can use Use my Google account, Send code via email, or SMS. If you have access to your phone number.
  3. You will then need to enter the desired account password reset confirmation received via SMS, or email.
  4. If you don’t have access to your phone number or email account, then click “No longer have access to these” and click Continue.
  5. Now enter a new phone number or email address and confirm it by retyping it, on the How we can reach you? page, then click Continue.
  6. On the Ask your trusted contacts for help page (if you have added friends contacts before). Ask them to visit then they will get a code for you to enter in the boxes. This way you can get back to your account without a phone number or email address.
  7. If you have not added trusted contacts to your Facebook account. Then you will some other option for your account password recovery.
Click forgotten password option on Facebook
Click forgotten password option
Now click No longer have access to these
Now click No longer have access to these
Ask your trusted contact to help
Ask your trusted contact to help

This is how the Facebook account password reset works with or without an email or phone number. Moreover, if you see that there is no search result on the Find your Account page. Then it’s a bug on the new Facebook login or forgotten password page. You will need to follow the below instruction for finding your account on the Find your Account page while resetting your account password.

No search result on the “Find Your Account” page

This is a bug on the new Facebook login or forgotten account or password page. You will need to try things differently.

No search result on the Find Your Account page
No search result on the Find Your Account page

To find your account, enter your email address or phone number then enter the wrong password. Now hit that login button and then you will see a popup with the Forgotten Password link. Click that link then enters your phone number or email address, and this way you will find your account. However, while using the computer or mobile you have previously used Facebook. FB will take you directly to the confirm identity page.

Remember if you trying randomly from different computers or mobile phones or using a VPN. Facebook may ban your login without a password and thus you won’t be able to recover your passcode. It is recommended to try only once or twice per day. I am sure you are getting my point.

Reset Facebook Password without Email and Phone Number [3 working tips]

There is still hope if you cannot do it by following the above procedure. I am sure the below 3 working tips will help you get your Facebook account and reset the password. Well, let get started without wasting your time…

Try to login with Alternate Email and Phone Number

1st tip: Facebook allows users to use an alternate email and password. I know you don’t care while creating your Facebook account but look at this current situation, you are regretting it right? This is why adding an alternate email or phone number is important for extra securing and account recovery. Anyways, If you have even added one then follow these steps to get your FB account back:

  1. Visit Facebook Identity or Account Recovery page.
  2. Use a computer or mobile browser you have previously used for logging into Facebook.
  3. Follow the on-screen instruction, you will be asked to confirm you are identity.
  4. Once you successfully do that, you can then reset your password in no time.

Recover your Email or Contact Service Provider

If you have used your email address to signup for Facebook. Then it’s your lucky day and reset your password. However, if you have access to it, then contact your email services provider or recover that email account.

This way you will have access to your email and recover your FB passcode. In short, do something to get access to your email account to get the Facebook login code. If you have access to your email and cannot get the login code, follow these instructions to fix the problem.

Gain access to your phone number

Most users do have trouble with their Facebook accounts while gaining access to their phone number is sometimes easier than resetting your Facebook password. If you have lost your phone number, visit the nearest franchise or network provider office. Then ask to replace your phone number.

Now that you have access to your phone number. Then enter the entire number currently with the country code. Don’t put extra zero or the + sign, just enter the country code then your phone number without zero and you are all set.

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