Unlock Your Facebook Account Without ID Proof


Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that let us connect with our loved ones around the world. Using both Facebook and Messenger is the most convenient, secure, and easy way to interact with people we love the most. However, most of the users use it for personal and mostly for business. While FB and Messenger increase the security measures day to day to implement accounts protection we need. This is to protect accounts from malicious threats on the internet and provide us the best and more secure user experience. That is the reason they do several things to make things more perfect while sometimes things may go wrong.

Let me say Facebook may ask some authentic and trusted accounts to confirm their identity. And sometimes your personal or business account may get disabled. You will have no idea what happened. But actually, you have done something that is against Facebook community guidelines and you have had no idea of that. I am going to show the reason why your Facebook has been disabled below. In any case, you wanna get yourself unblock. This is exactly why you are here and we will give you the idea and solutions to fix and unlock your disabled Facebook account without ID proof.

Reasons for why your Facebook is disabled or locked

According to Facebook, they disable accounts that don’t follow the Facebook terms and conditions. However, sometimes it may be miss malfunctioning of the platform too. Anyways, here is the main reason your Facebook account has been disabled.

  • Unusual login attempts and some login issues.
  • You may have posting, posts, links, or any other content that doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms and conditions.
  • You were using a fake username or account name.
  • Impersonating someone or tried to prevent someone.
  • You have behavior or chat with anyone that’s not allowed on Facebook and that is a violation of Community Standards.
  • You have temporarily disabled your account and trying too long with a password you don’t remember.
  • Harassment, advertising, promoting, or other conduct that’s not allowed on Facebook or Messenger.
  • Reporting someone else authentic account.
  • Using fake photos.
  • Using Facebook 2FA and you have a problem with the Facebook 2FA confirmation code.
  • Doing unusual activities on the platform, etc.

Unlock Disabled Facebook Account Without ID Proof

If you have ever violated Facebook Community Standards then stop wasting your time and create a new Facebook account. But if you think it was a mistake or you have done anything that violates Facebook terms. Then you can appeal this way to confirm your identity without any government’s ID card etc. Here is how to unblock your Facebook disabled account with ID proof:

Visiting Facebook Help and page get to the disabled accounts page. Now click the “use this form to request a review” option. Enter your login email address or phone number. then enter your full name on your Facebook account. Then choose Files and select any of the images showing your face only. Click on the Send button and that is it.

Upload only those pictures you have used in your account before. Facebook will then try to check your account for that picture and match them with the one you have uploaded. Once things go fine, then within a week or two you will receive an email from Facebook to reset your password for your account. You can then click that link to enter your new password and enjoy your Facebook again. This is how you can easily unblock, reactivate, or Undisable your disabled Facebook account without any ID proof.

Disabled Facebook account recovery
Disabled Facebook Account recovery

Moreover, this to remember that, if you don’t follow the above steps for more than 30 days, then Facebook will permanently disable your account and delete it from their database. Thus don’t follow the above steps if you have been disabled for more than 30 days.

The alternative method to recover disabled Facebook account

An alternative way to unblock your account is there but if you have added trusted contacts to your Facebook. You can get help from them and unblock or recover your Facebook account in seconds. Here is how to do it:

Visit Facebook.com and click the forgot account option then go find your account page. Then enter your email or phone number and password. Select Account from the list and continue. Send OTP to their email address or phone number, ask them and enter the OTP when Facebook asks for it. Once the OTP is confirmed, Facebook will unblock your account.

alternative method to recover disabled Facebook account
An alternative method to recover disabled Facebook account

If you think nothing is working then try to recover your disabled Facebook account using these steps. But before doing so, you should have remembered your Facebook username, full name on the account, and link to your profile. Here is how to do it: Ask your friend to report a problem with Facebook. In the description write your full name, email, username, and a link to your profile. Facebook may then contact you on your email address you have attached to your account and may ask for the information they require to unblock your account.

Also, try to clear your browser or mobile cache files. Sometimes Facebook may unblock your account and you won’t know. Because your browser is using and showing you data from the cache files. Thus clear your browser data or cache files and then try to login to your account and check if everything is working.

What happens if you don’t confirm your ID on Facebook?

If somehow Facebook still wants you to confirm your identity and you did not. Then it is a sign of big trouble. For sure, you will get your account locked or banned forever. Thus, there is will nothing to help you get your account back. In short, you will lose your account if you don’t confirm your identity on Facebook. So, be very careful with that.

Can I skip ID verification on Facebook?

Yes, you can skip ID verification on Facebook. There are several ways to do it. However, the very easy method is to use a proxy website. But we will never suggest you go for such actions. Because this way you may leak your Facebook username and password. Thus someone will get into your account and remove everything that can help you get your account back.

Moreover, an alternative and safe way to skip ID verification on Facebook is to report your account as a compromised one. Facebook will think that someone else has access to it and may help get your account without ID proof or verification.

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  1. Aqib khan says

    I can’t login my Facebook account. But i can get otp code on my gmail but still i can’t login my Facebook account.whats the reason.

  2. Manish Thakur says

    My account has been looked and is not getting unblocked so requst you to check myy account and solve this problem .
    I am not unblock my aacount because the option of learn more is coming in place of get started

  3. Jerome prasad says

    My account was disable before 2 days , but by uskng request form I done it but for above 3 times, it reply that your account is disabled due to community standard
    So please give idea to renew with 2 days

  4. Rahul bhardwaj says

    My acount was locked and is not getting unlocked so reqest you to check my acount and solve this problem i am not unlocked my acount becouse the optcion of learn more comming in place get strted

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