Unlock Your Facebook Account Without ID Proof

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that let us connect with our loved ones around the world. Using both Facebook and Messenger is the most convenient, secure, and easy way to interact with the people we love the most. However, most of the users use it for personal and mostly for business. While FB and Messenger increase the security measures day to day to implement the account protection we need. This is to protect accounts from malicious threats on the internet and provide us with the best and more secure user experience. That is the reason they do several things to make things more perfect while sometimes things may go wrong.

Let me say Facebook may ask some authentic and trusted accounts to confirm their identity. And sometimes your personal or business account may get disabled. You will have no idea what happened. But actually, you have done something that is against Facebook community guidelines and you have had no idea of that. I am going to show the reason why your Facebook has been disabled below. In any case, you wanna get yourself unblocked. This is exactly why you are here and we will give you the idea and solutions to fix and unlock your disabled Facebook account without ID proof.

Reasons for why your Facebook is disabled or locked

According to Facebook, they disable accounts that don’t follow the Facebook terms and conditions. However, sometimes it may be malfunctioning of the platform too. Anyway, here is the main reason your Facebook account has been disabled.

  • Unusual login attempts and some login issues.
  • You may have posts, links, or any other content that doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms and Conditions.
  • You were using a fake username or account name.
  • Impersonating someone or trying to prevent someone.
  • You have behavior or chat with anyone that’s not allowed on Facebook and that is a violation of Community Standards.
  • You have temporarily disabled your account and tried for too long with a password you don’t remember.
  • Harassment, advertising, promoting, or other conduct that’s not allowed on Facebook or Messenger.
  • Reporting someone else authentic account.
  • Using fake photos.
  • Using Facebook 2FA and you have a problem with the Facebook 2FA confirmation code.
  • Doing unusual activities on the platform, etc.

Unlock Disabled Facebook Account Without ID Proof

If you have ever violated Facebook Community Standards then stop wasting your time and create a new Facebook account. But if you think it was a mistake or you have done anything that violates Facebook terms. Then you can appeal this way to confirm your identity without any government ID card etc. Here is how to unblock your Facebook disabled account without ID proof:

Visit my Facebook personal account was disabled page. Now click the “use this form to request a review” option. Enter your full name, login email address or phone number, and Account ID, and upload 5 screenshots of your account. Write a comment to Facebook and briefly describe the issue you are having. In the last step, click on the Send button and that is it.

Upload only those pictures you have used in your account before. Facebook will then try to check your account for that picture and match them with the one you have uploaded. Once things go fine, then within a week or two you will receive an email from Facebook to reset your password for your account. You can then click that link to enter your new password and enjoy your Facebook again. This is how you can easily unblock, reactivate, or Undisable your disabled Facebook account without any ID proof.

Disabled or Locked Facebook Account recovery
Disabled or Locked Facebook Account recovery

Moreover, remember that, if you don’t follow the above steps for more than 30 days, then Facebook will permanently disable your account and delete it from their database. Thus don’t follow the above steps if you have been disabled for more than 30 days.

Alternative method to recover disabled Facebook account

An alternative way to unblock your account is there but if you have added trusted contacts to your Facebook. You can get help from them and unblock or recover your Facebook account in seconds. Here is how to do it:

Visit Facebook.com and click the forgot account option then go find your account page. Then enter your email or phone number and password. Select Account from the list and continue. Send OTP to their email address or phone number, ask them, and enter the OTP when Facebook asks for it. Once the OTP is confirmed, Facebook will unblock your account.

alternative method to recover disabled Facebook account
An alternative method to recover disabled Facebook account

If you think nothing is working then try to recover your disabled Facebook account using these steps. But before doing so, you should have remembered your Facebook username, full name on the account, and link to your profile. Here is how to do it: Ask your friend to report a problem with Facebook. In the description write your full name, email, username, and a link to your profile. Facebook may then contact you at the email address you have attached to your account and may ask for the information they require to unblock your account.

Also, try to clear your browser or mobile cache files. Sometimes Facebook may unblock your account and you won’t know. Because your browser is using and showing you data from the cache files. Thus clear your browser data or cache files and then try to log in to your account and check if everything is working.

What happens if you don’t confirm your ID on Facebook?

If somehow Facebook still wants you to confirm your identity and you did not. Then it is a sign of big trouble. For sure, you will get your account locked or banned forever. Thus, there is nothing that will help you get your account back. In short, you will lose your account if you don’t confirm your identity on Facebook. So, be very careful with that.

Ask Friends to Recover your Facebook Account Now

You may have added trusted contacts to your Facebook account for account recovery. You can ask them to help you and recover your account as soon as possible. Because Facebook is about to delete the trusted contacts option. Here is how to do it:

Give your profile link to any of your trusted contacts. Then ask them to go through the recovery process (click the forgot option on the login screen). Facebook will send them a verification code on their email or phone number. Ask your friend to give that code to you, now you can simply use your email or phone number and that code to log in to your account.

Can I skip ID verification on Facebook?

Yes, you can skip ID verification on Facebook. There are several ways to do it. However, the very easy method is to use a proxy website. But we will never suggest you go for such actions. Because this way you may leak your Facebook username and password. Thus someone will get into your account and remove everything that can help you get your account back.

Moreover, an alternative and safe way to skip ID verification on Facebook is to report your account as a compromised one. Facebook will think that someone else has access to it and may help get your account without ID proof or verification.

How do I submit proof of ID on Facebook if I want to?

Account recovery is easy by submitting original ID proof to Facebook. You can easily upload your ID on Facebook if you want to. Here is how to do it with a few simple steps: Go to Facebook’s Find ID Page (mentioned above). Click my Account is Compromised, and enter your email or phone number. Select your account and click confirm identity by submitting your ID. Then follow the instructions.
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  1. I can’t login my Facebook account. But i can get otp code on my gmail but still i can’t login my Facebook account.whats the reason.

  2. My account has been looked and is not getting unblocked so requst you to check myy account and solve this problem .
    I am not unblock my aacount because the option of learn more is coming in place of get started

  3. My account was disable before 2 days , but by uskng request form I done it but for above 3 times, it reply that your account is disabled due to community standard
    So please give idea to renew with 2 days

  4. My acount was locked and is not getting unlocked so reqest you to check my acount and solve this problem i am not unlocked my acount becouse the optcion of learn more comming in place get strted

      • Hello Samad, will you please help me to unlock my fb account which was locked 5 days ago. And now Facebook wants me the identity verification. But my account have a fake name and i forget the date of birth of the account. Can you please help me now

        • Hello Sir,
          My personal Facebook ID has been locked
          In it coming confirm your identity but still i don’t have any proof, sir i dont understand what can i do.
          Sir i can change my Facebook Account,s Password help with find your Account
          but i can’t use Facebook.
          In it coming confirm your identity
          Sir please help me. This Account is very important for me please help.
          Thank you,

        • My account was h*cked on Monday, December 27th. 2021
          I attached my id along with recent pictures I shared on FB.
          When I go to get the code doesn’t work. The person who h*cked my Facebook changed my email and phone number because I no longer get a text message to reset my password and the one that gets emailed to my account doesn’t work.
          Many thanks
          Rae Czerwinski

  5. My account has been locked and it is asking for I’d proof and I have no ID proof related to the account.i have a phone number linked to the account.i want you to send an OTP to my email or phone so that I can recover my account successfully

  6. My Facebook account is locked and I am not able to unlock it as it is my father account and I don’t have my father’s any proof with me as my father live in another state so plzz help me to unlock my account with out confirming my identity.

  7. I literally didn’t do anything and Facebook disabled my account. I hope someone blows Zuckerberg’s fucking head off.

    • I have tried to unlock my account, using the required documents or photo required by facebook, and they will not unblock it, even using my birth certificate! Now, when I try again, they say that they is a problem uploading photos/documents, so I am unable to do even that, and I can’t even access the normal fb site, because when I click on it, it automatically takes me to the page which says my account is locked!!!!

  8. My account has been disabled and I no longer have access to the telephone # associated with the account. I have the email, but wheb I reset it says my account has been compromised. When I try to reset it says would you like to send a text to the phone #, I click don’t have access…the problem is it won’t give me the option of uploading ID anymore, it keeps sending me back to send text to phone number!!!! What do I do?

  9. I can’t login facebook account other person changed my email and phone number, how to get my old id

  10. Please my Facebook account has been lock and i don’t have the cell number to get the code from,what will i do,please im badly in need of the account right now please.

  11. My account has been locked, I can’t confirm my facebook account because my number and cellphone are gone. please help me I have important massages from my school on my account

  12. Help me to recover my account disabled in 3 days i really need my account please can someone help me?

  13. hello Sir, Can i get your facebook account back when my account is under reviewing by facebook team? i lost my account about 3 years :'( I wanna get back . Could someone direct me for getting back? Can I upload ID photo again? If yes,where can I upload? Thank You.
    Best Regards,

  14. Can you please reactivate my facebook name jade taduan, Im very need it please, this account is almost 11 years already

  15. hello am trying to help a friend recover their locked account but every step i try leads me to nothing with many of them leading me to a page with this “(confirm that this is your account because some one else may have had access, we need to confirm that you are the owner of this account before we go any further)”, now the problem is that there is no provided burton anywhere to confirm or to go and confirm what they want you to confirm, and my friend has no access to the email but has access to the number connected to the account but they are not sending anything there, what should we do may i get some help please ,i don’t know where to go next to do what they are asking for.

    • This is because you guys are trying too many times to recover your account. Please wait for a few days and let the dust settle. Then try again, and if you have access to your phone number. Then I will do my best to recover your account if you allowed me to.

  16. My account has been locked since the 12th of July. I don’t know what to do because I tried to unlock it but I failed.

  17. My Facebook account is under security check Facebook sent me a passcode by the is no were I can enter it to confirm. Pls I really do need my account

  18. Hi…my facebook account blocked with a error message that ” your account has been blocked for security purpose as some unusual activity was happen and facebook want to protect my account. I have to enter a verification code to authenticate that its me. But when I am trying to do same ..its not working as I am not getting any code to my email so that I can enter it in verification box. What can I do to resolve it or you can say how can I get that code if after attempting 10 times code is not received.

  19. My account was locked and I’m told to submit any form of id,but I have access to none of my details now.Please help me make available the “confirm by email” options

  20. My name is Ciara Hughes. I have been locked out ( July 28, 2021) of my Facebook account with [email info hidden] for about now 2 weeks. I received the email on 7/30/21 Therefore on August 13, 2021, will be expired. I have decided to use another to recover my account. It said it had approved my ID on that at the time 4:08 pm (California)I put the 6 digital codes to unlock it. Since then I have gone through several instructions in order to confirm my identity to my Facebook. I’ve uploaded my State ID under the directions that were asked of me I still can’t get it approved. I’ve done both the app /, computer. I have used all the forms not a response past the 48 hours. I’ll be attaching my photo ID with this email. I hope you can help me solve this problem.

    I hope to hear from you today regarding my situation

    thank you, Ciara

  21. Hi SAMAD ALI KHAN, Facebook disabled my account, I’ve confirmed my id and it’s still not allowing me to login, what should i do?

  22. Why Facebook always said that everytime I upload the pictures of my id it’s always said that there is something wrong with the picture that I uploaded.

  23. Here are my Facebook account details that have been disabled, please help me my Facebook account number is 070*******44 then password is udo***22@gmail.com please if you get access to it you send me a message on my Email or WhatsApp please am sad

  24. Samad, i need help accessing my Facebook account. I was recently locked out. I was able to get verification code to email and reset password but when I enter it it wants to send me a code to a phone I no longer have. I can’t figure it out. More options doesn’t work. Im very frustrated cause I don’t want to lose many years of memories on my Facebook. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  25. Hi Samad,
    I had submitted my original ID document to Facebook but its failed and now no option to upload ID. Because of that my business accounts has been disabled. I have not violated any policy.
    Can you please help me on this?

  26. Hey Samad. Can you please help me recover my Facebook account? Once I enter my login and password it asks for the code from the code generator. Since I can get no further I do not have access to the code generator. It keeps asking for the 6 digit code. Someone h**ked my page (I have had 15 years) 5 days ago. thanks

  27. hello samad my account has 30 days before being permanently disabled and facebook is sending an sms to my phone number my issue is that the number facebook has is one of my old numbers that i no longer have access any ideas on what I can do?

  28. Hello sir
    My Facebook account has been locked. My Facebook account open without id. option phone number code & gmail please help. Thanks

  29. I was kicked off my Facebook a week and a half ago with “your session has expired”. I’ve finally been able to reset my password however it’s asking for a login code. I never had a third party app set up to get a code and never receive the SMS message to get the code. I’ve reset my phone and deleted the app and reinstalled it. I’ve tried verifying my ID with no reply. I tried filling out the form in the article to verify my identity and when I hit next it says “could not process your request”. The only thing between me logging in is the code generator third party app request which I have absolutely no access to. I can’t login on any other device because it requires this code. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a problem.

  30. I am having this problem as well.
    I hadn’t used my account for awhile. I logged on and after a day of use I got locked out. It wants me to confirm my identity.
    First I input my email and then I attempt to upload my ID… I get “something went wrong please try again”. I have attempted on the computer, cleared data. I’ve attempted on the mobile browser and I have attempted through the app. I have when uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I then tried the “I don’t have these” and I’ve tried uploading my ID and bank statement. All receive the same message.
    I haven’t received any communication nor email from Facebook. I’m stuck

    • Please be patient, there are billions of users on Facebook and thousands of having the same issues. That was a good step that you have uploaded your bank statment. For sure you will get a reply you must wait for at least two weaks.

  31. Sir My Facebook account was locked up to 1 month and it’s not getting any option to unlock my Facebook account plz sir help me my contact Gmail I’d rohi***jtanti24@gmail.com

  32. Hello, I tried to change my Facebook password yesterday and then my account got locked or something and I can’t log in now at all. Once I try to log in it asks for a confirmation code sent to my phone and I noticed my phone number mentioned there it’s not correct I think I activated two-factor authentication before and entered a wrong number accidentally or someone h*cked my account I’m not really sure what happened but in the search box on the Facebook support page I type my phone number associated to my account and I enter the right number it shows my account so my phone number is correct but the number which confirmation code is sent to is incorrect for some reason I checked the last 2 digits shown there and it’s not mine but still my own phone number associated to my account is correct and Facebook recognizes it! Also, I can’t recover my account through ID verification as I use my certification which isn’t in English and Facebook doesn’t approve it for some reason it’s just a very bad policy of them without consideration. Please help me find a way to recover my account I really need it! Please help me – thank you

    • If your phone number is listed there in your account, then for sure it is not a primary contact number anymore. There are many reasons, 1st your account is compromised and someone has access to it. 2nd it is a Facebook bug and you may need to try to after a few days. And as of now, you cannot do anything about the compromised account on Facebook but forget it and make a new one. Facebook doesn’t care anymore (I don’t know why).

  33. My son’s account got blocked when I accidentally changed his birth date. I do not want to show id, will it unlock automatically on his 13th birthday?

  34. My account has been locked I sent in my ID and I sent in documents like a bill and a credit card with my name on it and it’s been 8 days and my account is still locked what can I do to get my account back? Please help

  35. Is it possible to unlock it without any id or email?
    Please help me my facebook account is locked i dont know why im using it for school

      • Hi, my friend’s account is disabled for 6 days now. We have tried to upload ID and waited for two days. But then it said “retry”. We pressed on it , it showed “upload ID” again. I have just followed the steps it above article but still not working. Would you mind to help me this please? Thank you.

  36. Hi please help, my Facebook account is been disabled it says I have violated community standards, I know nothing about that my account was h**cked

  37. My account has been locked and is not getting unlocked because of the option of learning more coming in place of getting started. Request you to check the system and back my account
    Name ಹೇಮಂತ್ ಹೇಮಂತ್
    Phone :
    Plzz open 😭😭😭

  38. Sir… mera fb block ho gya he
    Use unblock kese kre
    It’s urgent
    Or mere pass id he but same nhi he
    Qki mene apna pet name se fb account bna rkha he
    Please help kre
    Fb number ye he- 7********89

  39. Hello, I tried the first step. i clicked the “use this form to request a review” but it only says that the requested page can’t be found pls help is there still a way on how will i recover my account??

  40. This the 2nd time in two weeks they have locked my account I provided my darn ID and they unlocked now it locked again today getting tired of this crap. I only use fb for contests

  41. Hey I’m shan I need your help pls Because my facebook account has been locked and Can’t open because I don’t have.any I’d in I’m just 16 pls can you help me 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  42. My facebook account was locked due to suspicious activity and I didnt have access the phone number and email linked to the account.
    I provided a new email and photo ID which was verified and I received an email with a link to reset my password which can only be used once for 7 days.
    The link isnt working as I tried to reset my password manually during the verification, now it just takes me to the account locked screen and it only gives me an option to use an old unused phone number to recover my account. Please help.

  43. please help me sir to unlock mu account i received the mail and inatruction but still its locked, help me recover my account please..

  44. Mr. Samad how can we reach you through PM, i sent you a msgs in your FB Page but something said that you are not accepting msgs.

  45. Please help me sir my Facebook account has been locked , and I don’t have ID that matches the name I use on Facebook, please help me to unlock it

  46. Please my Facebook account is blocked and I have no identity prove to unlock it and not also having student documents too so please help me. I’m also a kid as well

  47. Sir,my facebook account name and NID not are same thats why they can’t access to identity my account.now i want to recover my account without NID verification. Pls help me.

  48. Assalamualikum warahamatullaahi vabarakatahu, sir requesting you to provide me a solution to unlock my fb account which has been locked.

  49. Dear Sir My face account is locked and when I upload my Id in identity confirmation it is gives me an error I tried many times. the error message is something went wrong try again letter.and I need my facebook to unlock again. Please Please Please help me.

  50. Hello. Can you contact me on my email if you receive my comment please. My fb account was locked and it has only one name so its really hard to get it back. I want to unlock it because it was so important to me. Can you help me plsss.

  51. Hlo sir my facebook account has been locked please healp me
    This is my real identity card issued by government please check . It and Unlock my account
    ID NAME.( Aman kumar shah)
    Thanks for facebook team.

    • My was locked and i submit my issue to Facebook team then facebook send me a recovery link but the link doesn’t working, please unlocked my Facebook account, Thank you facebook team.

  52. i am having trouble recovering my facebook account because i haven’t got a photo ID to prove that its me so how can i go about’s recovering it without the prof of ID

  53. Hello dear Facebook team my Facebook account was locked unable to recover my Facebook account I have a problem with your identity Please help me to unlock I request you to give me another option of getting a code on phone number otherwise get a code on Gmail

    Account Phone number :- 95—88
    Account Name :- Har** Singh

  54. Hello, Facebook suspended my account for an unknown reason and now i need to confirm my id, can you help me please? I only have 28 days before my account gets permanently banned, i hope you reply

  55. My account was locked due to login issues, I think it’s a fault from Facebook platform. Because I tried to log in and they were prompting me to change my passwords, I got tired of changing my password so I mistakenly clicked on my email that I didn’t perform the previous action of changing my password. Then I got notified that my account has been locked. I have uploaded my ID, they sent me a link to click and unlock my account, yet they are saying the link has expired. Can you help me unlock my account?

  56. Please help me unlock my account, I have tried everything I can do but it’s but going successful. I still get notifications on my email, but after inserting my login details and codes, they will notify me that my account is locked, what next can I do?

    Can you help me?

  57. Why are all these fb accounts being locked ?????? Mine happened 2 days ago & although I have gotten emails they have verfied it is my acct the codes they send do nothing it takes me back to the page to report an issue ? Is there not anyway to contact fb to fix these errors ?????????????????????????? I’m old & dont want to loose all of my pictures of my family.

  58. My Facebook account has been locked, I don’t know why what’s problem, sorry for any mistake
    please help me to unlock my Facebook account is my official account.

  59. Please help me,my Facebook account was h_cked,and he attack personally and I can’t recover because he change phone number and ID but I got email.Now this Account is locked.please help me to unlock this Facebook account.This is my official account.Thank

  60. I’m using my Nick name on Facebook
    And it’s locked I can’t unlock it help me with my Facebook account I need it
    My Facebook name is knoff Norff which is my nickname

  61. My facebook account has been locked a and I am getting the option with conform identity du to which I am not able to open my account so you are requested to give us some code option so that we can open our account Easley my account is very old is very important account so we should be given access to this account as soon as possible

  62. My Facebook account was locked, i try doing the ID submission but still unlocked, can you help me to unlock my Facebook Account. thanks

  63. My facebook account has been locked i can,t able any identity so give me other option to unlock my facebook account send code by email


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