How to Remove Reels on Facebook App [2024]

Facebook Reels is a great tool for making short videos with music, effect, and relative options. You can share these with the platform’s public, friends, and specific audiences. In short, it’s a unique feature for fun and business. You can watch Reels from other creators and make your own. Though the feature is available to everyone. You can manage its audience.

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable or turn it off on Facebook. Even, Facebook won’t let you disable the feature. There are no settings to do so. However, there are alternative options you may wanna try.

Luckily, in the latest Facebook app update, the Reel section in the Stories tab is hidden by default. I mean in the Facebook app by default, there are two sections at the top. You don’t tap the Reels section if you don’t want to see them on Facebook.

So, you don’t need to worry about disabling it. However, when you tap and there are annoying Reels from people you wanna disable. There is an option to hide them. Alternatively, there are unofficial ways to remove reels. So, without further talking, let’s get started…

How to Remove Reels on Facebook (Android)

When you scroll down on the News Feed, you will see the Reels section (mostly on Android devices). You can remove that section. Tap the three dots available at the top right of the section. Then tap the Hide option, and you are good to go. This action will hide it from the News Feed.

How to Disable Reels from Facebook Feed

Hide Reels from Specific People or Pages

You can also choose to hide these short videos from annoying people in the Reels section. To do so, tap the Reels section, then open a Reel from someone to less from them. Tap the three dots option at the bottom right. Then select the “Hide Reels” option.

Now you should have fewer from that person or page. Alternatively, you can block a person or page to get rid of them and their content on Facebook including Reels, Stories, and all the stuff.

Hide Reels from Specific People and Pages on Facebook


Use an Old Facebook app to Remove Reels

As you know Meta has recently introduced Reels on their Facebook app. So, it is only available in the latest Facebook app update. The older version of Facebook doesn’t have it. You can uninstall the new Facebook app update and install an older version to remove Reels on the Facebook app. You can get an older version of the Facebook app from a trusted website like

Use an Old Facebook app to Get rid of Facebook Reels

Cautions: Once you have installed an older Facebook version, you need to disable the auto-updates feature in the Play Store (if enabled). Because the Facebook app will then automatically get updates and the Reels will appear again in the News Feed in the Facebook app. So, make sure that the auto-updates for apps in the Play Store are turned off.

Install 3rd Party Facebook apps to Remove Reels

Using third-party apps will also help you remove Reels on Facebook. Frost for Facebook, Friendly Social Browser, and Slim Social are the apps you can go with. With these apps, you will customize the Facebook Feed the way you want.

As I mentioned 3rd party apps you choose to disable Reels on Facebook News Feed and also stop other annoying things like Facebook Ads, etc. Keep in mind that, it is not the recommended method, so follow this at your own risk.

Install third Party Facebook apps to Remove Reels

As I will never suggest you use third-party unofficial Facebook apps. Using such apps will leak your username and password and as a result, you may lose access to your account. However, the choice is yours.

Facebook Web version will also Help

Meta has integrated the Reels feature in the Facebook app only. So, if you wanna get rid of the Reels, then use the official Facebook web version on your computer, PC, or laptop. Even you can visit on your Android or iOS device to disable Reels. Just open a web browser on your phone and log in with your username and password. That is it you are good to go.

This method is recommended and safe in every aspect to remove it from Feed on Facebook. Also, this is the only method that can be really helpful. Moreover, you can create a shortcut for the Facebook web page and then you can visit the same Facebook version with a single tap. You can do this using Chrome, open, and log in to your Facebook account. Then tap the three dots menu icon at the top right and tap the “Add to Home” option, done.

Facebook Web version will also Help to Remove Reels

Don’t worry the web version has all features you need to use Facebook on a daily basis. So, that is not a problem anymore. Though once you get used to it, you won’t install Facebook anymore.

Hide Instagram Reels from Showing on Facebook

As a video creator on Instagram, you may have enabled recommending Reels on Facebook from Instagram settings. You have the option to disable reels, please follow the below simple steps to do it:

Open the Instagram app and go to your profile page. Tap the Menu at the top right and select Settings. Now tap the Privacy option then Reels, there is a toggle next to “Recommend on Facebook”, disable the toggle and that is it.

Can I Unhide Reels on Facebook?

You can choose to hide reels on Facebook. Unfortunately, there is no way (or any settings) you can follow to unhide the hidden reels on the Facebook app. At least, as of now, there are no settings on Facebook that allow users to unhide reels. So, don’t waste your time looking for such a solution to unhide reels you have hidden before.

Disable Autoplay videos Reels on Facebook app

If you wanna stop autoplay video Reels on the Facebook app, then follow these simple steps: Open the Facebook app, and tap the three menu icon at the top right. Tap Settings & Privacy and go to Settings. Under the Preferences section tap the Media option. Check the box you see next to the “Never autoplay videos”. That is it you are good to go.

Disable Autoplay videos Reels on Facebook app

This action will also stop any kind of videos on your Watch tab, Reels, and other places. Anyways, this is to keep in mind that, there is no way to get rid of it in the Facebook app, at least now. If there is any update we get in the future, I will definitely update this article.

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