How to Stop Sponsored Ads on Facebook 2024

People run ads on Facebook to establish their business presence. The advertisement is the main earning source of the platform. However, the ads you are looking into after the 7th and 8th post is annoying. But don’t worry you can block these sponsored ads on your Facebook & News Feed with ease. Then you will stop seeing these annoying banners, photos, and videos you don’t like.

A billion users use Facebook daily including me. We use FB to see what our friends are sharing and how they are enjoying their best moments online. But when scrolling down on the page I mean on News Feed and timeline. There are contents that we don’t like at all. These are sponsored ads and are annoying too much.

As per Facebook, they are showing the advertisement to each person on their interest. Meaning, the sponsored advertisements you are looking for are interest-based. I know you don’t like it but that is how Facebook earns money and you are using their platform for free.

Now I will be very honest with you guys here. Because there is no such and proper method that you can stop seeing sponsored ads on Facebook. There are no official settings so that you can disable it and you are tension-free.

However, there are tricks you can follow and there are settings available you can tweak. I mean you can make changes to your ad settings thus you can block these interest-based sponsored advertisements on your Facebook feed or timeline or sidebar. You can block the ads on Messenger as well.

Block Sponsored Ads on Facebook

As I mentioned Facebook won’t just let get rid of ads easily. These are interests based and you will have to remove these interests one by one. Because there are no such settings available you can disable and remove ads. Alternatively can use an Ad-Blocker extension on your PC to block Sponsored Ads on Facebook.

2023 Update: For your information as of now January 2023, the default Ad settings from the menu have been removed. Yes, you can hide ads from a specific advertiser but even if you do that, you will see new sponsored ads. I hope you are getting the point. Actually, an ad blocker extension is the only solution for PC users right now, but for the Facebook app, there is no way to stop or block sponsored ads.

To access Ad Preferences: You will need to find an ad on your news feed. Then click the three dots at the top right of that ad. Click Why am I seeing this ad? option. Finally, click on the Manage your Ad Preferences option with the gear icon.

How to access Facebook Ad Preferences Settings
How to access Facebook Ad Preferences Settings

Now I will talk you through each of these settings and preferences. Let’s get started and block those annoying sponsored ads on FB:

  1. Open your Facebook.
  2. Go to Manage Ad Preferences.
  3. Remove every single interest of yours from all categories.
  4. Get rid of and Remove Advertisers and Businesses.
  5. Disable the About your info and remove your categories.
  6. In the Ad, set the option to Not Allowed and No one.
  7. Hide ad topics permanently.

That is it, this is exactly how you can get rid of the sponsored ads on your Facebook news feed. However, as mentioned in the above steps. I am gonna provide more details for each of the above-mentioned steps.

Remove All of Your Interests

For your information, the interests are based on each activity on the platform including engagements, likes of pages, and posts.

Once you get there in your interest section follow the above procedure. I mentioned that you should delete every single interest. Because this is exactly why and how Facebook is showing the related ads of these interests. So please go through all the tabs and categories and remove them all.

The categories included Business and industry, news and entertainment, technology, travel, places and events, people, hobbies, and activities. Also shopping and fashion, sports and education, lifestyle and culture, and others.

Remove your interests
Remove your interests

Go through each category and remove items in there, also don’t forget to click on the See More option to expand and delete items from there as well.

Delete All Advertisers and Businesses

This is the type of category including your information advertisers and businesses run ads to it. For example, on Facebook I have searched for a game, thus Facebook stores the info, and I may see prevalent page ads of games.

Delete Advertisers and Businesses
Delete Advertisers and Businesses

The advertisers and businesses section contains “Who uploaded a list with your info and advertised to it”. Also “Who has uploaded and shared a list with your info” then click More to expand other categories. Such as Whose website, app, or store you have interacted with, who you have visited, whose ads you have checked, and whom you have hidden. Delete to block everything from these categories too.

Stop Providing Your Information

This is the most important section you need to control to stop sponsored ads on your Facebook account. The about you section contains relationship status, education, employer, job, etc. That is the main reason you are seeing relevant kinds of ads on your news feed. Simply disable all the toggles.

The other section contains your categories of information. Such as mobile networks or device users, Wi-Fi users, Recent mobile network or device change, and potential mobile network or device change.

Disable your information
Disable providing your ads information

The above-mentioned categories help advertisers to reach you. Let you are using an iPhone XR and somehow you searched for iPhone Xr cases, then you will see similar ads on your news feed. Get rid of this info to block those annoying ads.

Ad Settings on Facebook

This part is further divided into three sections. You need to set the first two sections to Not Allowed and the last one to No one, as shown in the below screenshot.

Set Ad settings as Not Allowed and No one
Set Ad settings as Not Allowed and No one

Set “Ads based on data from partners” to Not Allowed. Also set “Ads based on your activity on FB company products that find and see elsewhere” to Not Allowed. Finally set the: Ads that include your social action” to No One, and you are good to go.

Hide Ad topics on Facebook

Last but not least you have the hide ad topics, I don’t wanna mention those words here. But you need to hide that ad topic you wanna see permanently. Set all three topics to hide permanently to stop seeing such ads on your Facebook account.

Hide Ad topic permanently
Hide Ad topic permanently

Because by default there are three options available hide for 6 months, for 1 year, and permanently. Simply choose the “Hide Permemenenetly” and done.

Alternative Method to Stop Facebook’s Sponsored Ads

This is the recommended procedure for blocking or stopping ads on your Facebook using your mobile. Because of the settings, you can manage for now but on a daily and monthly basis, it’s a headache.

That is why I recommend using a third-party app. Especially to block FB as on mobile. This also allows enabling the dark mode on your Facebook on mobile as download FB stories to the gallery. Anyway, I can talk all day long about the app known as Friendly for Facebook.

Block Facebook ads on Mobile
Block Facebook ads on Mobile

Simply download and install the Friendly for Facebook application from Google Play. Then as low as USD 1 or 2 may up to 10 one-time fees, you can buy the premium service and enjoy Facebook without ads for life long. I can guarantee that the app is so much better than the official Facebook app. However, this article is not sponsored anymore.

How to Stop Sponsored Facebook Ads on PC

Thank Google Chrome for providing such a variety of extensions for their users. Blocking Facebook ads on your PC has never been that easier. But now The Google Chrome extensions are known as “Ad Block for Social” which allows blocking ads in just a few clicks.

How to Stop Sponsored Facebook Ads on PC
How to Stop Sponsored Facebook Ads on PC

All you have to do is to install the Ad Blocker for the Social extension of your Chrome browser. Then it will automatically detect sponsored ads to remove immediately from the news feed when you scroll down. However, it will also help to remove the suggested page as well. That is guys, happy browsing without ads on Facebook.

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