Remove Fake/Inactive Ghost Followers on Instagram

Instagram is a unique place we share and engage with posts and stories. Where you people follow you and you follow them. You may spend hours while creating a perfect-looking and engaging post. But once you hit that share button. You don’t actually see the engagement you expect.

You may spend a lot of time and created that content for better engagement. But In the end, you have got nothing but an empty tray of likes, comments, and shares. Do you know why?

Well, the situation may look like you actually have fake or ghost followers on Instagram. So you are thinking to get rid of them? Don’t worry you are here at the right place to know how to remove these ghosts or fake followers from your IG profile.

Hey everyone, I am Samad Khan and today I am gonna a method to remove some fake or ghost followers. For your ease, and in this article, I am gonna include a screenshot for better understanding. We will also discuss, why it’s important, what are these ghost followers, etc. So stay here and keep reading…

What is a fake or ghost follower?

In short, it’s an inactive user following you for nothing. But a service or company (possibly) paid them to follow you. That follower never posts nor reacts to someone else and your posts.

What is a fake, inactive or ghost follower on IG
What is a fake, inactive, or ghost follower on IG?

There is nothing to worry about having such a follower, but as per the marketing point of view, doesn’t worth a single penny while being on your follower’s list. Such users don’t do any activity but get paid for following you. That is why it is so important to not buy like services from a third party to have only the numbers of followers on your profile page.

For your information, you may a lot of services provided by companies. They are cheap and promise to provide you with the best service in terms of good and reliable followers. But actually, that is all to impress you and steal your money.

Yes, they have contracts with users to pay them for following you. They may also react to your posts for the first time and or a specific time period. Once their contract is finished. After that you see nothing and they become, inactive, ghost Instagram followers. Read also: How do you Restrict and Unrestrict Someone on IG.

Why you should worry about and remove ghost followers?

Importance of deleting inactive followers
Importance of deleting inactive followers

Why get rid of ghost followers on Instagram? Let me say, there don’t engage with your posts or uploads. They don’t care for you to have likes and comments as well as shares that lead sales on your uploads.

After all, they are inactive accounts. Meaning, possibly these types of accounts are created by bots and software. These are nothing but the number count on your profile page under the followers.

However, it is up to you, if you are OK with number counts then consider not removing them. But if it is a marketing perspective and related, then you should go ahead wipe them all.

Why worry about ghost followers on Instagram? Let me explain it here as best as I can. Businesses, marketers, and even freelancers do care about the total number of likes, comments, share on each of their posts.

Let’s say as a business with having 1K followers. They post a product and there is nothing on their posts, such as comments, likes, etc. I get there to that even interested to buy that product. First, I will check the number of followers and then engage in that business’s post. I will see nothing there and that gonna trigger my mind to stay away from the product. Read also: How do you Mute and Unmute Someone on IG.

Even, in reality, the product is 100% genuine but I won’t go for it. The main point is, it looks like spam, look at the followers and the other side looks at the engagements (people reactions). Because people do react to real products and posts on IG. Now that is the business loss, is not it? However, each post engagement is an important factor for all of us (marketers, businesses, and related). That is why you should care and worry about these types of followers and get rid of them right away.

Is it harmful to have ghost followers?

Looking at these (the above) facts, keeping such counts in your follower’s section can harm you and your online businesses. Because in such conditions user engagement metrics are everything. Moreover, celebrities don’t care about such things. Because they just take care of the number counts not engagement metrics. If you are like one of those, then you don’t need to clean this mess. But if you run a business on IG, then it may harm your IG presence, etc.

How to remove ghost followers on Instagram

Well, it is very to do it manually without any third-party involvement. They will charge you more but if you have money then you should save your time doing so. Because the manual method takes too much time to remove or delete inactivated followers. However, to do it manually, follow these simple steps:

Tap the Follower option in your profile section. Then you will be able to see your follower list. Check the accounts one by one. See if someone doest have any profile pic, posts. stories and highlights. Then it’s a ghost or inactive follower. Tap the Following option under his name and select Unfollow. That is how you can remove inactive followers manually.

Find and get delete ghost followers on Instagram
Find and get delete ghost followers on Instagram

But as a marketer, business owner, and related category. It is a quite boring thing to do it manually. However, you can remove inactive ghost followers in bulk using apps and programs. Such as Unfollow & Ghost Followers, Followers Insights, Ghostabble Website on PC, Cleaner for Instagram, etc. But I am afraid Google Play Store is about to remove such apps. You can search for them and download them via third-party stores and websites.

Method #2: Get rid of ghost followers on IG

I know this sounds a little (read all then decide)  weird, but if you think there are lots of followers you want to remove. Then it’s quite a time and money-consuming process. However, if you trust your active ones, then you will follow them everywhere and anywhere.

Alternative way to remove ghost followers from Instagram
An alternative way to remove ghost followers from Instagram

To have a clean and active followers list. Create another IG account for yourself or your business. Link back to it from your old IG account, don’t worry those ghost followers. They are not gonna take any action. Also, they are not gonna follow you again. Because who is gonna them for doing so (it makes sense). Gradually your active followers will start following your new account and thus you will get rid of all the ghost followers at once and for all.

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