Fix Gmail App Keeps Crashing on Android

Gmail is one of the top Google applications with over 5 billion-plus active users. It gives you premium and hundreds of features for free as compared to other mail apps. Gmail is unique in its own kind and it’s a perfectly easy-to-use mail application from Google.

But if you have recently updated to the latest version of other Google apps and left the Gmail app behind. Also, if you have updated your Android OS and did not update the Google apps in it. There could be other temporary problems on your device too. Then you may start experiencing different issues like “Gmail app crashing” it keeps stopping and displaying “Unfortunately Gmail has stopped working” problems etc.

Well then, you have reached the right place to know how to fix the Gmail app that keeps crashing problem in a few seconds. I will share all the tips, tricks, and fixes for the crashing problem of the Gmail app on your Android device. You can then follow these various fixes one by one. Then check if the issue still exists. At the end of this article, you will get it fixed by 200%, that is my guarantee.

Reasons Why Gmail App Keeps Crashing

If the Gmail app on your Android device keeps crashing. Don’t worry, it is a common problem and you can get it fixed in a few minutes. The issue cannot be due to one specific reason. The most common reasons are:

  • The Gmail app is not up to date.
  • Other Google apps are not up to date.
  • Your Android OS is not the latest.
  • It may be due to a lack of hardware resources in your phone.
  • Hundreds of background processes.
  • You have enabled the DND or any Battery Saver app.
  • You have deleted the phone temporary files for a month a two.
  • It may be due to the Gmail servers being down.
  • Could be bugs in the app.

Just like another issue for example the Gmail 400 bad request error. You can easily do this one too. The only thing that is required is to keep this article to the end. As I mentioned earlier it’s my guarantee that you will get it fixed at the end of this article.

Fix Gmail App Crashing

So, the above are the very common reasons why the Gmail app keeps crashing. However, you can fix them yourself or keep on reading the full article for your reference.

There could be other reasons too, but at first, you may wanna give it a try by restarting your Android device. Because there may be hundreds of background processes on your device. Due to this your Gmail app keeps crashing. However, If the problem is still there, then follow these troubleshooting tips one by one:

Check the Gmail Servers

First thing first, there is no need to go ahead and start fixing things at all. You need to check whether the problem is on your side or not. You need to check if the Gmail servers are up and running. Make sure that there is no outage or downtime at the time you have the crashing issue. Simply go to Then check the outage reports. If you see something is wrong on the Gmail server side. Stay calm and wait for a few hours. Then check back, in most cases, the Gmail app crashing problem fix automatically.

Update the Gmail app

You will see problems like “Gmail app crashing” etc on your device. This is due to your Gmail app not being updated. So make sure that you have installed the latest version of the Gmail app. If not, then open up the Play Store and search for Gmail. Check if there is an available update. Simply tap the Update button. Then restart your device and the crashing issue will be resolved automatically.

Update the Android Web View

If the Android Web View app is not updated on your Android device. Then probably this is the most authentic reason why the Gmail app keeps crashing. What you can do is open the Play Store and search for “Android Web View”. Then check, there must be an update available. Tap the Update button and wait for seconds to let the update finish. Once finished, go ahead and restart your Android device. This will fix the Gmail crashing issue in most cases.

Force stop Gmail and Uninstall Apps

Most Android devices have 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM. Thus you may have installed a lot of apps and games on it. That is the reason there are hundreds of background processes running in the background. While opening the Gmail app, you experience such issues as the app crashing or the Gmail app has stopped working, etc.

What you need to do is go to your settings and then check the RAM usage. If there is very less amount of RAM available. Then you need to uninstall other apps or the apps you don’t use at all. Once done, again to go Settings, Apps, Gmail and Force Stop it. Restart your phone and the app open the Gmail app, this action will resolve its crashing problem.

Update other Google Apps

Android is an open-source OS from Google. That is the reason you will see their apps like Gmail, YouTube, Music, Google Now, etc installed by default. You can’t actually uninstall these apps from Google including Gmail. What I mean is that these apps somehow work co-relatively with others. So, if you update Gmail and don’t update the others. You will have the same kind of issues on your Android device.

So, open the Play Store then tap your profile picture and tap Manage Apps & Device. Tap the “Update Available” option and tap the Update All button. This will auto-update all your installed apps on your device. Once done, don’t forget to restart your phone. I am sure this will fix the Gmail app that keeps stopping or crashing issues automatically. Read also: Gmail Not Receiving Emails Fix 2021.

Clear the Gmail app Cache

Now that you have every app up to date on your device. But still, you have the same issue. Don’t worry, it is not a problem anymore. Let me explain a few things. For your information, each app on your device keeps some of its data. All this is to give a smooth and fast user experience. however, it can miss leading users somehow. Because the app loads using the same old cached files just to run faster.

All you need is to clear the Gmail app cache data on your phone. Go to Settings, Apps, Manage Apps, and Gmail, then clear its data and cache files. Done, now the only thing you need to do is to reboot the device. The Gmail app will now form its new updated files and you won’t experience its crashing issue anymore.

Turn Off Battery Saver and DND Mode

All Android devices have the Battery Save and the DND mode, especially with Android 11. You may have enabled the battery saver feature on your device to save battery. However, you don’t know that it’s killing the background process including the Gmail app. Therefore, while opening or using Gmail it is stopping automatically. This is because the Battery Saver feature is turned on. Simply turn off the Battery Saver and the Gmail app crashing problem will disappear immediately. Similarly, also try disabling the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode on your device.

Check your Device’s Storage

All the apps use your Android phone storage. So make sure, that there is enough storage left for each app to work properly. If not then you will see similar apps crashing including the Gmail app. Delete unwanted files, such as movies, apps you don’t use the most, and heavy games, and clear your device’s cache files. Use Avast cleaner or a similar one for that. If all the apps including Gmail have enough room to work properly in your storage. Then it won’t crash at all. Read also: Find Missing Contacts in Gmail.

Leave the Gmail app beta tester program

To enjoy the latest features in the Gmail app. Thousands of users do join the beta testing program in the Play Store. Thus they don’t remember and keep using the Gmail app. However, you don’t know that the Gmail beta app is just for testing purposes not to enjoy the latest features. The Gmail beta app is not a stable version. So leave the beta tester program and install the stable Gmail app. Open the Play Store and search for Gmail, scroll down and find the Leave Beta Programm option, tap it, and you are good to go

Your current Gmail app version has bugs

Last but not least, the current Gmail app you are using has bugs. There is nothing you can do at this point. But wait for a few days and get an update, install the new Gmail App update. This will fix the app crashing issue in no time. Keep in mind to check for the app update on a daily basis, and once you get it, install it without even thinking. Wait and patience are the only required things in such as case. I hope this clarifies everything.

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