How to Fix Queued Email in Gmail [2024]

Gmail, of course, is a free and premium mail service by Google that offers the best user experience. It has over 1.5 billion users now and counting. However, nothing is perfect and you might see some errors while sending an important email. You are here reading this article, it means you have a problem with an email(s) queued in Gmail. Well, there is nothing to worry about. Because, I am going to show you all the reasons and fixes for sending all your queued emails in Gmail. So, let’s get started…

Easy fix: Restart your phone, and web browser on your PC, last but not least, restart your internet connection and this will definitely resolve the queued email issue in Gmail. If not then wait for at least 30 minutes and then check your outbox.

However, if the problem still exists then you may want to go with the following troubleshooting guide in order to fix the issue. I have added screenshots for each step for your ease. Before you do so, here are the main reasons why you are experiencing such an issue in Gmail.

Reasons for Queued Email in Gmail

People are using the Gmail app on different devices e.g Android, iOS, and Computers. However, the reasons vary for each device. But the main reasons are:

Internet connection: When you send an email and you are connected to the internet ( but actually you are not). This is because your internet data connection isn’t properly working.

File attachments: Once you add an attachment to the email, the upload will take time, and once done, your email will be sent in just a second. Sometimes, it happens due to a large attachment size and a slow internet speed. In fact, you can send large files as Zip in Gmail without any errors.

Gmail server: Sometimes, it is not a problem on your side but a server-side issue. There could be ongoing maintenance, other issues at the backend, etc. That is why you see the email is queued in Gmail. Well, in this case, you cannot do anything about it but wait for a few minutes. You can also fix if Gmail is not receiving emails.

Fix Queued Email in Gmail

As I have mentioned the above 3 main reasons for emails being marked as queued in Gmail. You can troubleshoot them yourself. Your internet connection (restart your router), wait for large file attachments (if any) or wait for a few minutes if there is an issue with the Google (Gmail) server to be resolved automatically.

However, there are many other troubleshooting tips you can try, but I am going to show you the most effective to send those queued emails right away. Let’s start with the 1st one:

Update the Gmail App

There could be bugs in a very recent update you have installed, I mean in the Gmail app. That is why you may see Gmail marking the email as queued. You can just go ahead and install the latest version of the Gmail app available for Android and iOS (iPhone) devices. Once installed and updated, make sure to restart your phone and then check, those pending emails will be sent in a few seconds.

1 - Update Gmail app to Fix Queued Email

Erase Gmail Cache and Data

Even though you have updated the Gmail app to the latest version but still not no luck with those queued emails. You need to wipe out the app’s cache files (mostly on Android devices). Because the app is still using a previous cache to load quickly. That is why the cache wipeout will help. To do so follow these steps:

Go to Settings and then Apps. Tap the Manage Apps. Find and select the Gmail app over there. You will see an option to clear the cache files for the Gmail app. Tap the Clear Cache option. Once done, don’t forget to restart your phone.

2 - Clear Gmail app Cache to Fix Queued Email

Remember, you can also Clear data files for the Gmail apps with the same steps. Therefore, it is important you know your email and password before deleting the data files.

Enable Background Refresh for Gmail App

You may have disabled the background app refresh (mostly on iPhone) on iOS devices. This is to save mobile data or battery. It is the reason why the app is not completing its tasks properly. So you need to enable the back app refresh for Gmail to work properly and send (queued) emails right away. Here is how to enable background app refresh for the Gmail app:

On iPhone: Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then tap the General tab. Now tap the Background App Refresh option and enable the toggle next to the Gmail app.

3 - Enable Background Refresh for Gmail app to Fix Queued Email on iPhone

On Android: Go to your Home screen, then tap and hold the Gmail app. Tap the info icon to go to its settings. Tap Data Usage and make to enable all the toggles including the “Background data”.

3 - Enable Background Refresh for Gmail app to Fix Queued Email

You’ve Exceeded Gmail Sending Limits

Gmail has a maximum daily sending limit of 2,000 per user account, 15,00 for multi-send, and 500 for trial accounts. These limits change without notice and the limits are applied for 24 hours cycle. So, if you exceed the limits, an email you send will be queued and sent automatically after 24 hours.

4 - Fix Queued Email in Gmail

For your information, email messages that are automatically forwarded to another account are not included in the daily sending limit. This means you send 10,000 auto-forward messages.

Your Gmail Storage is Full

Google offers both free and premium Gmail services. So, if you have a free Gmail account, this means you have only a 15GB storage limit for everything in your account including emails, media, attachments, etc.

When the storage is full you need to delete unnecessary or junk emails and media in order to send and receive emails. That is why your email is queued and not sending. Once there is enough storage, queued emails will be sent automatically.

5 - Fix Queued Email in Gmail

Check if Google Mail Servers are Down

If Gmail is not working properly and your emails are getting queued, else everything works fine. Then you need to check if the server is up and running. You can check this on ““. If it is down at the moment, then wait for a few minutes and check back and the issue will be resolved automatically.

6 - Fix Queued Email in Gmail

Disable Offline Mode in Gmail

The offline mode in Gmail helps you check and respond to important messages when you have a slower or no internet connection at all. If lots of your emails getting into the Outbox marked as Queued, then you may wanna try disabling that mode for a while. Here is how to disable the offline mode in Gmail:

In your Gmail inbox, click the Settings Gear icon. Then click the See All Settings button. Now click the Offline tab and Uncheck the box left to “Enable offline mail”, that is it. Now refresh the page and the issues are going to resolve automatically.

7 - Fix Queued Email in Gmail

Enable Sync Gmail

This option is useful when you need to sync your Gmail account everything and fetch new emails on the go. However, if it is disabled then you may experience some problems including “Your email is getting queued in the Gmail app”. Make sure to enable this. Here is how to do it:

8 - Enable Sync Gmail to Fix Queued Email

Open the Gmail app and tap Menu (three lines) at the top left. Tap Settings, then select an account. Scroll down and check the box next to Sync Gmail to enable it.

Will a queued email eventually send?

Yes, queued emails in your Gmail inbox get delivered as usual. However, emails in the Outbox (queued) because of internet issues or sending large files. Though these emails get delivered eventually. So sit back and relax and wait for a few minutes.

How long does it take for a queued email to send?

A queued email in Gmail (outbox) won’t take that long to send. However, depending on your internet speed and if you are sending large (or multiple) files in an email. It may take from 5 to 10 minutes. Restarting your internet connection will make this even faster.

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