How to Fix Gmail Address Not Found Error [2024]

Gmail is the world’s most popular and easy-to-use email service by Google. Day to day we see improvement in the user interface and it’s getting more user-friendly. Moreover, Gmail is easy to navigate, find, and send a new email while scheduling some for upcoming dates. However, it is not far behind in the competition of some common errors like not receiving emails, 400 bad requests, the app crashing, and Gmail address not found, etc.

You may see the problem when sending emails. In short, you get an automatic response that your email is not delivered. And when you open it, there is something like “recipient not found” with these addresses, or “your message was not delivered because the email address couldn’t be found”. Also, you may see such issues when replying.

It’s not only the Gmail app or the platform you may see such issues while using other email services too. After all, nothing is perfect in our world and we also make mistakes with typos. I know there could be errors but luckily we humans can fix them. The only thing we need is time. As you are here today, I will show the reasons why you have such an issue “address not found” in Gmail, and how to fix it.

What is the Meaning of Address Not Found in Gmail?

If you get such an error message while sending a mail in Gmail. This may because the recipient’s Gmail account is no longer exists or you have made a typo with the recipient account address. The only solution for this issue is to check with the recipient to correct the email address to deliver your emails successfully.

Reasons for Gmail Address Not Found Error

There could be other possibilities or reasons why you see the Gmail address not found error. But the most common ones are here:

  • The recipient’s email address is not correct.
  • You may have entered the wrong email address.
  • The person has deleted his/her email address.
  • There could be some technical errors on your side or the recipient in Gmail.
  • Someone may have blocked you.

The reason I have mentioned above, the 1st three are the legit ones, and the last two are the only possibilities. But I did mention them, because, there might be some related (similar) issues to them. Thus, as a result, you are experiencing the email address not found error in Gmail. You can control things but most of the time you cannot. In short, if there is a spelling mistake, you will re-type the email address and fix it but if the email does not exist, then you cannot do anything about it. However, you can check to see if an email address still exists or not. Don’t worry I will show you the procedure below.

Fix Gmail Address Not Found Error

There is no need to read the full article for one small error. Here is how to fix the email address not found in Gmail: This is because you may have entered the wrong email address. Check the spelling of the recipient’s email address, and try again. If the problem still exists and you see the “address not found” error. Then possibly the recipient has deleted the email address. There are ways you can find out if someone has deleted their email address. Thus Gmail cannot deliver your emails to the wrong email address and to the ones that don’t exist.

Check the spelling of the recipient’s email address

We do make mistakes, after all, we are humans. Thus we can fix those mistakes, what it takes is just time. So when your email has not been delivered to the following email address. Then it is probably the typo. Check the spelling e.g numbers, letters, punctuations, spaces/periods, etc. Enter the correct email address this time, and you won’t get the “address not found” error now. Thus Gmail will successfully deliver your email to the recipient.

For your information, you may still get the email delivery failed to the following recipient’s error. But don’t forget to open the reported email. If the email address is correct, then possibly it’s the recent inbox that is full and he/she is unable to receive more emails. This is for sure that, it is not your fault anymore.

Check if a Gmail address is available

Now that there is no mistake in the typo. What if you still get the “address not found”? Well, you need to check if the recipient has not deleted his/her email address and is active. But how to know if a Gmail address is available?

That is easy, here is how to check if the email address is available: Go to the Gmail Login page. Enter the recipient’s email address then click Continue. If you see the password box then it is confirmed that the email address still exists. But if not you see something like “The account was recently deleted and can be restored”. Then the user or the recipient has deleted the account and it is no longer active to get emails.

What can be done at this point? Well, you can personally visit or call the person via his/her phone number. Humbly ask the person to provide you with his latest email address. You can also request his friends, family members, or someone from his office to give you his new email address. Then please don’t miss spells while sending emails to that address. Else, there is nothing you can do.

Are you sending emails to custom email addresses?

Last but not least, you may see such issues as “email address not found” or “Message delivery fails” while sending or replying to a custom email address. You may send an email to someone from your bank, school, college, or office, or any user with a custom email address such as, etc. Then you may get such an error message. This is due to the user no longer using that email address or his inbox quota has reached the maximum amount of storage. You may try sending your email later or reaching the person to get his new email address.

Fix Gmail Address Not Found When Replying

When you get the error “Gmail Address Not Found” when replying, then you have been blocked by the recipient or the user has deleted his Gmail account. To check this, try sending an email to the same address from another Gmail account. If you get the same issue, then that Gmail account no longer exists.

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