Disable YouTube Shorts on Android, iPhone and PC

Shorts on YouTube is a great feature for individuals and businesses. Millions of people like and use it. But, for some users it’s annoying. They just want to disable Shorts permanently. I will be straightforward, there are no official settings to do so. However, there are easy alternative methods available.

Everything is possible and shorts can be disabled on Android and iPhone. But not the official way. Because it is a built-in feature in the latest YouTube app now. You can’t just go ahead and turn it off. However, There are 5 alternative methods, and I am going to show you all these methods one by one. So, let’s get started…

5 Effective Ways to Disable YouTube Shorts

Shorts are available for both users and creators. If you are a creator and wanna delete your own short, you can do so (following the instructions below). However, we have 5 working methods to remove Shorts on the YouTube app for Android, iPhone, and YT on PC. You can follow these methods one by one and I am sure one will work 100% with a guarantee.

1. Use YouTube Shorts Block Extension

For PC users: The YouTube-Shorts-Block extension allows you to disable or hide the Shorts layout and will play the video as a regular one. It is a trusted Google Chrome extension with a 5-star rating and over 30,000 installs in the Chrome Web Store. Install it in your Chrome Browser (on desktop only) and you are good to go.

Use YouTube Shorts Block Extension
Use YouTube Shorts Block Extension

There is also one for Firefox users. Install the “Remove YouTube Shorts” ADD-ON. The extension will improve your experience on YouTube and will display short videos as regular YT videos on the page.

In short, it will remove the ” Shorts” tab and redirect then play the video as a normal video on YT. It’s regularly updated and compatible with the latest Chrome version. However, use it on your own.

2. Uninstall YouTube Latest Updates

As you may know the Shorts feature is available in the latest YouTube App only. It wasn’t there in the older versions. What I mean is, to remove or disable Shorts, use an older version of the YouTube app, or Uninstall the latest updates. Here is how to do it:

Tap and hold the YouTube app then tap the Info icon. On the App Info page, Uninstall updates over there and restart your phone. Now open up the YouTube app and the Shorts will be disappeared.

Uninstall YouTube App Updates to Get Rid of Shorts
Uninstall YouTube App Updates to Get Rid of Shorts

3. Install YouTube Vanced Manager to Disable Shorts

YouTube Vanced is a customized version of the YouTube app. It is available for Android and iPhone devices. You can install YT Vanced and adjust its settings to disable Shorts. Open the YouTube Vanced app > Profile icon at the top right > Settings > Vanced Settings > Ad Settings > Enable the toggle next Short Shelf.

Get YouTube Vanced app to Disable Shorts
Get YouTube Vanced app to Disable Shorts

Now you will be asked to restart the app, just go ahead and restart it. Now you will see the Shorts tab is disabled in the app. Enjoy Shorts free YouTube app.

Note: The Vanced app is not an official app and you can use it on your own. However, I will not recommend you use it. It might be not safe and also, and it can be deleted at any time. Our recommended method is to use the YT extension on Chrome or Firefox.

4. Notify YouTube that You’re Not Interested in Shorts

YouTube always shows you interest-based videos, doesn’t matter if these videos are shorts, stories, or regular videos in the feed. However, when you tell YouTube that you are not interested in YouTube videos from a channel. Then YT won’t show suggestions, shorts, etc from that channel again. That is why it is important to notify YT that you are not interested in the Shorts section. So that YT will not show you Shorts in your Feed again. This method works on Android and iPhone. So, please follow these steps to do so:

Notify YouTube that You are Not Interested in Shorts
Notify YouTube that You are Not Interested in Shorts

Open the YouTube app, and scroll down to the Shorts section. Now tap the three dots vertical button on each Short video and tap “Not interested”. Repeat the same steps for all videos in the section and refresh your feed. It may take a while but you won’t see Shorts again in the YouTube app. Even if you restart the app.

5. YouTube’s Old version Doesn’t Have Shorts

For your information, it is a new feature, it’s only available in the latest version of ht YouTube app. So if you don’t like “Shorts” at all. Then it’s time to downgrade the YT app version. All you need is to Install an older version of the YouTube app without Shorts.

Use old YouTube Version to Disable Shorts
Use old YouTube Version to Disable Shorts

Before you do so, make sure to enable installing apps from unknown sources on Android devices in the settings. Moreover, if you are unable to install an old version. Then uninstall its updates from Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > YouTube > Uninstall updates over there. This will automatically downgrade the app and remove all the latest features including “Shorts” from YouTube. This way you can enjoy the “Shorts-free” YouTube app just like before.

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