Can I Create a Facebook Page without Personal Account?

Before it was possible to create a business page without having an account on Facebook. But now, you cannot publish a Facebook business page if you don’t have an active account on the platform. Alternatively, you can go ahead and make an account with fake or legal information while preserving your privacy on the platform. Moreover, make sure to put the legit information while creating an account. Especially if you will have a page for running ads for your business.

Can I create a business Facebook page without a personal profile?

Anyways, Here is the short and sweet answer. It’s not possible to make a business or brand page on Facebook without a personal account or profile. In short, you cannot, but there is an alternative way to do it…

For your information, you may see hundreds of blogs with various solutions to create a business or brand page without making an account or profile on Facebook. As far as I know, if the published date of such articles on blogs is old, then they were right, but now it’s not working. Thus, if someone has kept telling you this now in 2023, then they are totally misleading you. I am pretty sure, you guys are getting my point.

However, in this article, I will show you the step-by-step guide, to creating a private account on Facebook and then go ahead and create a page. So you can bookmark and use your account only as your FB page, just like YouTube, and Netflix. Look at YouTube, you cannot use it without a Google account. But using it with your Google account has hundreds of benefits and watching videos is one of them. Moreover, your G-account there has nothing to do with your privacy online. Similarly, we will go ahead and create a perfect private account on Facebook and then a business page keeping the below things in mind:

  • No one will be able to find your Facebook account online, only your business page.
  • People won’t be able to search or find you via your email, phone number, or username.
  • You won’t get a single notification from Facebook on your email or phone number regarding your personal account.
  • You don’t need to upload any of your personal or cover photos.
  • There is no need to put any information on Facebook. But only your legit name, email, Date of Birth, and Gender and that is it. Yes, they will ask for it, but it’s optional and you have the right to skip putting such information on the platform.

Once you set up everything on Facebook while keeping the above things in mind for your account. Then you can start making a Business or Brand page on Facebook. From now on, all you need is to wait, read and follow up on this article. Because, In the end, you will have a perfect Facebook Business Page with a completely private account. So, let’s get started…

Create a Facebook Personal Account

I know you are thinking that we are gonna a create a Facebook account. But it will be your personal profile that will not exist for others. We are going to make it completely private. So that you can only use it to manage, promote, etc with your business page. So, let’s get started…

Step #1: Creating a personal account on Facebook

So, first of all, visit and click on that Create New Account button. After that, enter your First name, then your Surname, your email address, or your phone number. We will suggest you sign up with a Gmail account. Then enter a strong password. Select your Date of Birth, then Gender, and click that Sing up button. Now get your Gmail account and click the confirmation you have received from Facebook. This way you will confirm creating your account on Facebook and finish up the sign-up process.

Creating a private account for a business page on Facebook
Creating a private account for a business page on Facebook

Step #2: Finish setting up your account

Now don’t upload any of your personal photos, you can leave them as it is. Also, you can upload some amazing landscape photos instead of your personal ones for your profile and cover Facebook pictures. Facebook will ask you to enter some basic information to complete your profile. But that is optional and you can skip such things independently with no worries. Remember don’t ever put any information except your profile or cover photo, or leave it.

Step #3: Make your account completely private

Here is the step-by-step guide to making a Facebook account completely private. However, I am going to show you some related settings. Remember, in such a case, never make friends or send friend requests on Facebook.

Now follow these steps: Click the drop-down little arrow menu icon at the top right. Then Settings & Privacy and go to Settings. Now click the Privacy tab at the left. There are three sections you need to manage. The “Your Activity”, “How People Find and Contact You”, and “How You Get Message Requests”. Set everything to “Only Me”. However, for the “How to Get Message Requests” options, set everything to “Don’t Receive Requests”, that is it.

Now click the Profile and Tagging tab at the left. You will see “Viewing and Sharing”, “Tagging”, and “Reviewing”. So, carefully review each option there and click the edit option to edit its privacy, and set them to “Only Me” or “Off”.

Once you are done with the above then click the Public Posts tab on the left. Set the “Who can Follow Me” to Friends. Then click the edit option next o “Public Profile Info” and set it to “Friends”. As you don’t have any friends on your profile, so there is nothing to worry about. In short, you need to edit each option there and set it to Friends or Only Me.

Facebook Privacy Settings
Facebook Privacy Settings

Moreover, you can also manage the Notification tab on the left. Click on the Notification option at the left. Then manage how you wanna get notifications from Facebook. However, there are options you need to be very careful with “Pages You Manage” and “Pages You Manage”.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Now is the right time to create a page on Facebook for your business. It’s like creating a business page without a profile or account. Because nobody will ever know about your personal profile on Facebook. They cannot find you via your email or phone number. In short, your Facebook personal profile is completely hidden from others but your page won’t be. Notable, is not it? Anyway, let’s get started with creating a business page on Facebook.

Visit the Pages section on the left of your Facebook account home screen. Then click the Create A New Page button. Now in the left “Page Information” section, enter the Page Name, its Category, and Description.

You will have a real-time preview at the right while entering information for the desired section. Once you are done entering the page information, click the Create Page button, and that is it you are good to go. Later on, you can manage it, for example, add another admin to your page, share stories on it and view story archives, schedule posts, add a send message button on your page, etc.

Create a business page on Facebook without personal account
Create a business page on Facebook without a personal account

If you don’t want to use the official Facebook app. Because you are using Facebook just to manage pages on it. Then Facebook Business Suit is the best one for you. Anyways, this is it for today guys. I have told you that there is no way to create a page on Facebook without a personal profile. But there is an alternative way to do it. Because this is the only way to do it. Enjoy your Business page on Facebook with a completely private account.

Can I login to Facebook page without personal account?

To use Facebook Pages (for business, etc), you need a personal Facebook account. You can create one that is completely private and your friends don’t about it. However, if a page is linked to your personal account, you can switch to that page profile once your login into your personal account. So, log in to your personal account then switch to your page profile from the menu or go to Pages and click the Switch button under any of your pages.

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