Fix Facebook Reset Code Not Received or Working

Facebook is no doubt a feature-rich application. You can add your email and phone number to ensure that your account is safe & secure. But when you try to reset a forgotten password or just wanna change it (for any reason). You won’t get the 2FA (sometimes) to complete the process. Actually, when Facebook sent you the 6 or 8-digit verification code. You cannot verify it, because you’ve not received that code. Don’t worry, it’s not an issue anymore.

The only thing you need is to troubleshoot a few things. I will show the common reasons why you are not getting the 6-digit verification code to reset your password. Then I will show you the easy fix to resolve the reset code not working problem. There is also an alternative method to do the same. So please, don’t skip reading and read the complete article.

However, if you think your account is compromised, here is how to try to recover it without a phone number or email address. Anyway, let’s get to the topic and fix the issue…

Reasons for Facebook Reset Code Not Received

You are not alone in having the same issue on your Facebook account. There are thousands of users who have resolved this before. Here are some common reasons you don’t receive a reset code on your phone/email. You can read about these reasons below and troubleshoot the issue yourself.

It’s your network problem

Believe it or not, even if Facebook sent you the 2FA code. You won’t get it, there is nothing wrong on the Facebook side, but it’s your network. Could be a temporary issue with your current network operator. Try restarting your phone, eject, and insert your SIM card again. Try enabling and disabling the Airplane mode on your device. Change your location if possible. If nothing helps, don’t try too much to reset your password. But to wait for at least 4 hours and then try again.

Check your Spam folder

If you have added an email address to your Facebook, that is the only way for Facebook to contact you. Facebook will send you the 6 or 8-digit code (upon password reset) to your email address. Usually, you just open your inbox and the verification code is not there. Because it’s there in the SPAM folder. So go ahead and check your Spam folder.

It’s a temporary issue on Facebook

If everything is fine on your side. I mean, your phone number and email address are linked to your Facebook account. You are trying to reset your account password but not getting the verification code. Then there could be a temporary issue due to which Facebook might not be able to send you a password reset code. Sit back, be patient, and wait, then try again after 24 or 48 hours.

Check permissions for the Facebook app

When we Install an application on our phone we allow several permissions for the app to work properly. Thus we don’t allow a few ones. The app may still work properly, but when there is no permission access for the Facebook app to contact you. You will start getting such issues while adding phone numbers and resetting your password, etc.

So go the Settings then App, and find Facebook in the list. Then tap on it and go to its permissions tab. Make sure that you allow Facebook to access Contacts on your phone. For some reason, if the permission is denied on the user side, then the app may work properly to send you verification codes, etc. Once things are done, you can revoke the permission again.

Fix Facebook Password Reset Code Not Received

If everything is fine on your side, you have access to your phone number or email address. And you wanna reset your password. Facebook does send you a code to verify it’s you. For any reason, if the code is not received on your phone/email and you have tried too many times to do the same. Facebook set a password reset limit on your account.

This is actually true, you can try a certain number of times (not confirmed) in a day. Once the limit is reached, you will need to wait for 24 to 48 hours to try again and reset your Facebook account password.

As per Facebook, this is all to keep your account safe and secure. However, if there is something wrong e.g your phone number is changed without your permission. Then Immediately start to identify yourself to get into your account.

Why am I not receiving my SMS code to reset my Facebook password?

You may have tried more than 3 times to get a reset code, but due to some technical issues, Facebook may not send the reset password code. In such a case wait is the only way to fix the problem. You need to wait at least 24 to 72 hours then try again. Definitely, you will get the code to reset your password. However, you may have turned off receiving text SMS from Facebook in Settings. If you are logged then do this to receive text SMS from Facebook:

Go to Settings & Privacy then Settings. Now go to Accounts Center > Password and Security > Click Two Factor Authentication and Select an Account > Click Text Message (SMS), Select an existing phone number, or add a new one.

Alternative Method to Fix Facebook Password Reset Code Not Working

For any reason, if the Facebook reset code is not working on your previous phone number. And you have still logged into your Facebook and Messenger accounts on the same device. Then try this:

Open the Messenger app, then tap your profile icon at the top left. Go to Account Settings, Personal Information, Contact Info, then tap the Add phone number option. Add a new phone number and verify it. Then go back and try to change/reset your account password, ensure to select the new phone number on the reset password account page to get the verification code.

For sure, this time you will receive the verification (6-digit) code to reset your Facebook account password on your phone number. Just enter to verify it and you are good to go. This is how easily you can reset/change your Facebook password. For any issues, you can comment below.

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  1. Rahul Singh says

    Sir mera account nhi chl rah hai pls

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      Yes Rahul, What Happened?

      1. Jikesh Tiwari Tiwari says

        Dear facebook team my facebook account has been locked 06/ January 2023 and not getting unlock because its showing confirm your identity problem this account is very important for me so request to facebook give me a other option like a code on my phone or get a code on my email options to recover my account please help me to unlock my facebook account as soon as possible my account information : name: Jikesh Tiwari Tiwari email: bi****** my request unlock my account directly

      2. Che Che Dy says

        I cant recover my facebook account and the code will not accept it

  2. Yvonnie iLagan says

    Please help im still unable to receive any codes 🙁

  3. Rey w bautista says

    Hello sir .my Facebook account has been lock.on.last November 17 2022..when I.try login always showing your account has been lock..sir please help me to unlock my account..this is my very important account.and how many times to submit my identity to virefy my account and submit my email add..they have no message into my email inbox recieve a Link to unlock my account..and please help me to unlock and respond my concern a soon as possible..thank you sir

  4. Zarnu Aye says

    The code to reset facebook password not received, What will I do? Please help me to get back.

  5. Heidi says

    I need help getting back into my account . I use a different email address than the one I have on my account. I need back into my account.

  6. Jameel khan says

    My facebook account was H*cked

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