How to Unlike Reels on Facebook App & PC

Reels are everywhere, in the Facebook app, Instagram, etc. However, it’s a quick method for creators to keep their audience updated in such short videos. On the Facebook app, we have two sections (in the News Feed). One is the Stories and 2nd is the Reels. Though you can tap the Reels section and choose to, like, share, hide, save, and remix any video over there. But there is no clear option to unlike one.

Don’t worry there are several ways to undo reels likes on the Facebook app and PC. I know there is no “Reels” section on the PC. But there are settings that undo reactions such as likes, comments, etc.

How to Unlike Reels on Facebook

There are two methods to undo liked Facebook Reels on mobile and PC. Today, I will show the step-by-step procedure to do so. Make sure that you are using the latest Facebook app. Because, I am going to share screenshots for each step for better understanding, so you can quickly unlike reels in seconds. Now, let’s get started…

Using Facebook Web (PC)

Here is how to do it: Open your Facebook account and go to your profile section. Now click the three dots under the Edit Profile button and select Activity log. Click Interaction in the left side menu then “Likes and reactions”. Click the three horizontal dots next to any Reel and then click the “Unlike” option. That’s all, you did it.

How to Unlike Reels on Facebook using PC

Note: If you don’t find the Activity Log option in the profile settings. Then click your profile picture at the top right. Go to Settings & Privacy and you will find the Activity log option over there. You can then go to Interaction > Likes & Reactions > Click three dots next to any liked Reel then the Unlike option.

On Facebook App

Open Facebook and go to your profile page. Tap the three dots (right to Edit Profile button). Now tap Activity log then Interactions. Select Likes and reactions. Tap the three horizontal dots next to any Reel and tap the Unlike option.

How to Unlike Reels on Facebook App

Important Note: Facebook keeps making changes to the user interface. They move settings from one to another section in different places. However, if you don’t find the Activity log option on your profile page. Then follow the below alternative method to do the same.

Alternative Method to Unlike Reels on Facebook app

Alternative options are the backup ones we can use to get things done. For your information, please keeps adding new features and settings. They also group several settings in the past couple of months. This enhances the user experience and makes things easier to find.

However, if you don’t know where to find the activity log in the Settings and undo likes from Reels on the Facebook app. Then Search is the only option left. Here is how to do it in the Facebook app:

  1. Go to Menu, Settings & Privacy then Settings.
  2. In the Search bar and type “Activity log”.
  3. Select Activity log.
  4. Then go to Interactions > Likes and reaction > tap three dots next to a Reel.
  5. Tap the Unlike option, and done.

Tips: I always prefer my readers to find activity logs and similar stuff using the Seach bar in Settings. Because finding a specific option could be a little confusing and may take your time. That is why you can simply tap the Search bar and find exactly what you are looking for. So, before you go to find something specific in the Settings, give Search a try.

Can I Bulk Unlike Reels on Facebook app?

You might be wondering if you can undo reels likes in bulk. You can only do this one by one (as shown above). Unfortunately, there is no option to build or remove your likes from Reels on the Facebook app. So, by mistake, if you have liked any Reel video, you can just to go Settings and activity log and find the likes for reels and undo them. But in bulk, there is no way to do the same.

Can People See When You Like Reels on Facebook?

Nope, people (the public) cannot see when you like someone’s reels on Facebook. However, the creator of the Reel can see who liked it. Only the likes count is visible to the public, not the actual users who liked it. Keep in mind that, the creator of the reel can see your profile information (as per your privacy settings), and may send you messages and requests.

Can Someone See if I Unlike a Reel on Facebook?

The public can only see the likes count not the users who liked the Reel. But the Creators, as per Facebook, don’t get notifications when you unlike their Reel video. However, a user (who posted it) can manually check whether you are in the liked people list for a specific reel. In short, Facebook won’t send them a notification when you undo your like from their Reels. So this is something you don’t need to care about.

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