How to Bypass Facebook Two Factor Authentication


Facebook 2FA is a perfect feature that enhances your account security. But sometimes, users do reset their Android or iOS device and don’t know they have set the 2FA for their account. However, the authenticator they are using is deleted or whatever the reason is. They lost access to the authenticator or having some troubles while getting the login codes. Thus it’s hard to get into your Facebook account without two-factor authentication passcode. Actually it’s not a problem anymore, all you need is to read this article.

Definitely you looking for the process of bypass Two-Factor authentication for your Facebook account? That is why you are here. In this article, I will show the easy and simple methods, techniques for bypassing the two-factor authentication for Facebook.

We all might know that nowadays Facebook is a worldwide social media platform. Facebook offers the finest services to its users. But there are chances that they may have troubles while logging in to their accounts with login codes or 2FA. Also, there are bad communities can misuse your FB account by doing some unusual tricks.

Thus Facebook has devised some methods to avoid misuse of the FB account providing complete security and privacy. Well, there are multiple security methods introduced, but still, the two-factor authentication is the safest technique for the authentication of your account. Anyhow, let’s move on to our today’s topic.

Bypassing FB two-factor authentication

Undoubtedly, two-factor authentication is an incredible method to ensure the Facebook account’s security.  But some of the users reported an issue with this process. This issue can be resolved in time because this is quite common. So, here are four effective methods to help out yourself and those who are in search of the solution to this problem. Here are these methods:

#1: Reset the password of your Facebook account

It is the simplest way to bypass Facebook account authentication is by simply resetting your Facebook account password. To reset the password, all you need is to visit the Facebook login page and follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on Forgot Password and proceed.
  2. Now, enter your Phone number or email to find your account.
  3. Then, you can request a code on your given phone number or your registered email.
  4. Further, you need to complete the process of verification and reset your account password.
Reset Facebook Password to Bypass Two Factor Authentication
Reset Facebook Password to Bypass Two Factor Authentication

#2: Using third-party for login to Facebook

If you have already logged in via your PC or computer. Then it’s good luck. Facebook won’t ask you login to your account via those 2FA codes. Moreover, first, you will need to disable or turn off the existing 2FA authenticator app. That will remove the current authenticator app and you will need to add another third party authenticator app for MS Authenticator. Don’t worry about I am going to explain everything below.

So, If you fail to bypass the two-factor authentication by using the above method. You can use this alternative method. Here is how to do it:

  1. Install a third-party application on your device you normally use to access Facebook.
  2. Click on Account (at the top-right corner)
  3. Now Click on Setting & privacy
  4. Then click on Security and login
  5. Now scroll down to “Use two-factor authentication” under the “Two-Factor Authentication” option and click Edit.
  6. Now click the Turn Off button, once the page reloads then follow the below step.
  7. Install the MS Authenticator app.
  8. Then click on the Use Authentication App button under the Authentication app option when you are asked to choose your security method.
  9. Next, there will be a message box showing either scan QR code using your authentication app or enter the given code into your authentication app.
  10. Then click on the Continue button.
  11. Now enter the confirmation code you received.
Disable the Authenticator app then add another to bypass 2FA on FB
Disable the Authenticator app then add another to bypass 2FA on FB

Now the two-factor authentication process using a third-party authentication app is completed, whenever someone tries to access your account you will receive a code in the app you used for authentication and the person wouldn’t be successful while getting into your account.

#3: Using Security codes assigned by Facebook

Besides, if you opted for two-factor authentication for your Facebook account, then you are offered ten recovery codes that you can use for accessing your account if you have lost access to your linked phone number. By using this method, you can easily bypass your account and gain access to your account in time. If you are using the new version of Facebook, then follow these steps to get codes:

  1. In your Facebook account go to Settings & Privacy then click on Settings.
  2. Now, Click on Security and Login
  3. Under the section of Two-Factor Authentication, click on Use two-factor authentication. Here, you may need to re-enter your account’s password.
  4. Now, for Recovery Codes, click on Setup > Get Codes.
  5. If you have already set up recovery codes, click Manage and then Show Codes.
Use SMS Code to Bypass FB 2FA
Use SMS Code to Bypass FB 2FA

You can write down or print the 10 codes that appear on the screen. You can use each code once. If you lose or run out the codes, you can request new codes by clicking Getting New Codes.

#4: Accessing Facebook Account from Recognized Devices

If you logged in your Facebook account using another device or phone and are still able to access your account from a recognized location, then you can easily bypass the two-factor authentication. Once you gain access to your Facebook account, you can make the required changes to your account and resolve Facebook 2 step verification not working problems. The preferred method is to remove or turn off the authentication and reset your password.

FAQs on Facebook 2FA Problems

On daily basis, users do experience some problems in terms of Facebook Two Factor Authentication. However, there are some common and major issues you can fix reading the below frequently asked questions. However, if there is still something you wanna ask and not in the below FAQs. Then consider commenting below this article or contact me.

How to remove two-factor authentication on Facebook?

Follow these steps to recover your Facebook account without two-factor authentication: Login to your Facebook account. Click on Setting in the Menu. A clock on Login and security. Scroll down to the Two-Factor Authentication option. Click Edit and provide your Facebook password. Next, you need to click on the two-factor authentication option. Then, confirm the pop-up and disable this feature. Finally, for confirmation, click on the Submit button. Thus, following this process, you can easily disable two-factor authentication Facebook

How to recover a Facebook account without two-factor authentication?

You can recover your Facebook account without two-factor authentication by resetting your account password. All you need is to follow these steps to reset your Facebook account password:

  1. Go to Facebook Login page
  2. Click on the Forgot Password
  3. You can request a code on your registered email
  4. Further, you need to complete the Verification process and reset your account password.

How to recover a Facebook account without email or phone number?

You may get back into your Facebook account by using a mobile number or alternate email listed on your account. If you don’t know about alternate information you have to go to and follow the instructions there.

How to turn off two-factor authentication Facebook without a phone?

Following are the steps to turn off two-factor authentication Facebook without phone: Go to Setting in the menu. Click on Security and login option. Scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication to turn it off and on without using your phone number. You can use a physical key or an authenticator app as the second factor.


Two-factor authentication Facebook in spite of all its vulnerabilities still remains the best approach for the security of Facebook account users and also in other accounts in conventional web applications. However, using two-factor authentication is the safest way. It is an additional security layer added to secure various online activities. In this process, a verification code is provided to users on their smartphones. However, the user can encounter Facebook two-Factor Authentication without a phone number, they can use third-party software like Google or Authy, etc.

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