How to Add an Admin to Your Facebook Group

Facebook group is a unique feature. You can create, public or private groups for different things. For example groups for business, personal use, websites, and more. Thus Facebook allows admins to add, delete, and change the role of its members as admin, moderators, etc, in groups. Such features are great, time-saving, and help you manage a group more efficiently.

You can use both the Facebook web client and the Facebook app to make someone an admin. However, there are a few things you need to know before doing so. Keep in mind that only an existing admin of the group can make someone an admin. Also, note that the person can remove you from that group if he/she wants to.

Moreover, you can make someone an admin of a group on Facebook, only the person is already a member. You need to invite that user first, then make him or her an admin for that group. However, it’s easy to make someone a page admin on Facebook.

Facebook group members must visit and join that specific group to be made an admin. Once the person becomes an admin, he can remove members or admins, add new admins, moderators, editors, etc, and edit the group description as well as its settings. In short, an admin can do whatever he wants for that group on Facebook.

Make Someone an Admin of Your Facebook Group

The procedure for doing so is very simple. You can do it on the Facebook web version or Facebook mobile app. However, I am going to show you both ways. Thus the choice is yours. Before doing so, make sure you are an admin of a Facebook group. Only then you can add other members as admin or moderators. Please follow the below steps to do so:

On Facebook app

Make sure that your Facebook app is up to date. Then follow these steps to make someone an admin of your group on Facebook:

Open the Facebook app, then tap Menu and go to Groups. If you don’t see it, then tap See More. Tap Groups at the top. Select a group. Tap the Member’s photos under your Group Name. Now tap the three dots option next to any member and tap Invite as Admin.

Make someone a group admin on Facebook app
Make someone a group admin on the Facebook app

Alternatively, go to your group on the Facebook app. Then tap the Admin icon at the top right corner of your group cover photo. Now tap People under Tool Shortcuts. Tap the three-dot option next to any member and select the Make Admin option. The person will get an invitation to become the admin for your group.

How to add an admin to your group on Facebook app
How to add an admin to your group on the Facebook app

Once he approves the admin membership request. He will become the admin of your group. The person can then immediately start managing your group posts, its members, other admins, and more. Also, keep in mind that a group admin or member can leave the group anytime on Facebook and Messenger.


You can choose one of your existing group members to be an admin using your PC. To add, or make someone an admin to your group on Facebook using a PC, follow these steps:

Go to your group on Facebook. Then click the Members tab under the group name. Now under the Admins and Moderators option, click the Invite Admins button. Select a group member to be an admin and you are done.

Make someone a group admin on Facebook PC
Make someone a group admin on Facebook PC

Note that, a user must join a group, or must be an existing member to make him/her an admin. Also, depending on the users’ privacy settings, you cannot make someone an admin as per his privacy settings on Facebook.

Another method is: Go to your group on Facebook using your PC. Then click the Members tab. Now simply click the three dots button next to any group member. Click the Make Admin option and you are done. This is exactly how to do it.

How to add an admin to your Facebook group on PC
How to add an admin to your Facebook group on PC

Can I become an admin of the Facebook group without permission?

There is only one case, if you are the group member right after the admin and if the admin deletes his Facebook account, etc. You will become the admin of that group without any permission. Other than this, there is no way to become the admin of a Facebook group without permission unless you have someone’s FB account username and password. Our suggestion is to stop wasting your time looking for such methods to get admin access to someone’s Facebook group.

Why can’t I make someone an admin on a Facebook group?

There are multiple reasons why you cannot make someone an admin of your Facebook group. The major and most common one is, that person has joined too many Facebook groups. The person is not a member of your group yet. It’s due to the user’s privacy settings on Facebook.  That person is on your blocked contacts list. The user has deactivated his profile temporarily and much more. So, troubleshoot these to make someone admin your Facebook group.

Can an Admin add another Admin on Facebook?

Yes, if you are an admin of a group or page on Facebook, you can easily add another user as an admin. But if you are not then you cannot. As per Facebook, you can only add someone on a page or in the group as an admin if you are the admin.

How many admins can a Facebook group have?

Yes, a Facebook group can have more than one admin and moderator. But only one admin can add and remove other admins, members, group settings and descriptions, etc. The group admins limit is 5, a Facebook group can have only 5 admins once a time. While it can have 250 group members. There are group limits on Facebook that you need to know.

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