How to Fix Tinder App is Not Working [2024]

No doubt Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app out there. It’s easy to use and has both free and premium features to find the best match. While using it, you may face some troubles too. Doesn’t matter if you are using an Android or iPhone device. You will see different problems from time to time. After all, nothing is perfect. But there are various methods, and fixes you can try to make it work. Especially if the Tinder app is not working properly on your device.

I know that is the main reason you land on this article. I will show you different fixes to make the Tinder app fully functional. However, you will need to try each solution. Because we don’t know which is going to work for you (your device). In the end, you will have the Tinder app from not working to a working state. That is my guarantee. The only request is, to ensure to read the full article and don’t miss any steps mentioned below.

Reasons for Why Tinder App Not Working

I cannot guarantee that there is a specific behind why the Tinder application is not working properly or it’s crashing, etc. However, there could be more and even more unknown issues with the app in the background. However, everything has a fix inside it. The Tinder app on your device too. Below are the major and common reasons why the Tinder app is not opening, working, or crashing on your device:

  • The Tinder app is banned in your country. Take Pakistan as an example, the app is banned and not working anymore over there. So you need to make sure that is not banned in your country too.
  • You are using an outdated version of the app.
  • You may have recently updated the app. The update may contain bugs, that is might be the reason the app is not working as usual on your device.
  • Sometimes Tinder may not work properly on WiFi networks or phone data. So you will need to switch between your network connection.
  • The app has too many cache files on your device, you need to clear those cache files and restart your phone.
  • You are using a VPN app to open Tinder.
  • If your internet connection is too slow, Tinder needs a full-speed internet connection to work fully functional.
  • Tinder has over 50 million monthly users each month. Their servers work hard to serve such traffic. However, it can be down sometimes for a refresh or usual maintenance.

Now that you know the various and common reasons behind the problem. You may have some idea in your mind to fix the issue yourself. However, you have some hints (mentioned above) for each reason. Try doing so, and if you cannot get it fixed, then follow me with the below step-by-step instructions to make Tinder work.

Fix Tinder App Not Working

Here are the easy fixes for the Tinder app network working or crashing problems. First of all, ensure to have a strong full-speed internet connection. Whether or not is your network issue or it is too slow. Try to switch between your WiFi or phone data connection. If the Tinder app is not down, then try to clear the app cache, uninstall then install a fresh copy of the app, or just update it. If nothing seems to work for you at the moment. Then use a web browser on mobile or PC and visit then log in to your account to have almost the same user experience.

Still, have that loading problem in your browser while opening It is confirmed that Tinder is banned in your country. People are using VPN apps to open the site or the Tinder app. However, a user who has a premium subscription on the platform may experience issues. I will never suggest you use a VPN app. However, try to find some alternative sites instead. Anyway, let me explain the above solutions in more detail…

Ensure to Have a strong internet connection

Make sure that you have a strong internet connection. Tinder itself mentioned that their app and won’t work fully on a slow internet connection. Try to open other sites on the device if that loads quickly, then it is not the issue of your internet connection. Moreover, you can troubleshoot and fix various issues with your network by turning airplane mode on and off. If possible restart your WiFi router or phone data. Also, don’t forget to restart your mobile device or the computer you are using Tinder on.

Try switching between WiFi and Mobile data

Now you know that you have a strong internet connection but still, the Tinder app is not working properly. Then consider switching between your WiFi or mobile data. This will resolve the issue automatically. Sometimes the network provider in your region may temporarily ban a website or app. Restarting your WiFi device or mobile data will resolve it for you. In various cases, you will need to contact the network provider to whitelist that website or the specific app on your connection.

Check for the Tinder app Update

If Tinder is not working properly on your Android or iPhone device. Then you are using an outdated version of the app. To enjoy a fully functional Tinder app, you need to constantly update it. Open up the Play Store or iOS App Store on iPhone and check if there is an update available for Tinder. If there is, then go ahead and update the app. Once updated, don’t open it up, restart your phone, and then open it and log in to your account. For sure the issue will be resolved now.

Alternatively, go ahead and uninstall the current Tinder version. Clear the cache of your device and apps from Settings > Apps > Manage Apps, Tinder, and clear its data. Then open the Play Store or App Store and install a fresh Tinder app. Open the app and check if it working as usual. Still, have issues? Please keep on reading…

Check if Tinder is down at the moment

If you are reading this part of the article, and the Tinder app on your device is not working. Then it is not your fault. As per Tinder, they have over 50 million monthly active users worldwide. Their servers are working hard to manage such traffic spikes. They will of course sometimes update their servers, upgrade the hardware, or maybe do other maintenance. Due to this, their server may not respond as usual. In such a case, the only thing you need to do is to be patient and wait for a couple of hours. Try again and you will find everything in a working state.

Check if Tinder is banned in your country

Last but not least, you don’t know it, and Tinder is banned in your country. Try to check with your friends or the Tinder app on other devices. Also, check to open on a web browser on your mobile or PC. Nothing loads up? Please don’t rush give it some time at least 24 hours.

If you still see that loading only screen on your browser while opening Then it is confirmed that Tinder is banned in your country. If it is an issue with something that went wrong, you can fix it using this guide.

If nothing works from the above, your internet speed is good, the app is updated, you have cleared the cached data, and Tinder is not down nor banned in your country. Then contact Tinder support and explain the exact issue you are facing at the moment. For sure they will figure out something for you. Does the above help you? Let me know in the comment section below.

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