Tinder Error 40303 Fix – Avoid Being Banned Again

Got Tinder error 40303? Don’t worry I will show you how to fix it. I know that nobody wants to get banned on Tinder. But it happens when you do something against their policy, and something is not right. Tinder error 40303 means that you have been banned and can no longer access your account.

Alternatively, Tinder won’t always display show the error code. You may also “Something went wrong” and then be redirected to the login screen. It’s the same thing if you do care about your account, it is a signal of something bad happening. However, you cannot access your account back until you appeal it.

Reasons for Tinder Error 40303

These people have never been that transparent to show you the exact reasons why you have got banned. However, they may send you an email that you have violated Tinder’s terms and conditions or privacy or community guidelines, etc. Anyhow there could be the possibility of:

  • Your account was reported which led Tinder to ban you.
  • Someone reported your account with kind of (other) behavior etc.
  • Your photos.
  • Profile picture.
  • Unnecessary/bad behavior in chat.
  • Using wrong words around.
  • Harassing someone.
  • Fake account and identity etc.
  • Talked about politics.
  • Being racist and sending nudes etc.

If you really think you didn’t break any of their policy, or community guidelines, and it was a mistake. You can definitely appeal to your account. Tinder let yourself do judgment, don’t mistake, don’t violate, and don’t get banned.

Anyhow Tinder’s community guidelines are quite transparent. These guidelines are easy to read and understand. Just think about it, they will never compromise their policy for users as it is a huge company.

Avoid Being Banned on Tinder Again

So we should use common sense which can get you banned right? What I mean is to only do the right things there. Because we already know that Tinder has a strict privacy policy and if there are more than 3 reports against your account, you will earn a ban. The following are some common and major guidelines, and cautions you must know:

  • Avoid sending nudes to anyone, if you receive any try to report it
  • Try not to harras
  • Do not use unwanted or bad words
  • Don’t threat
  • Make sure to not spam, hate, etc
  • Never talk anywhere about politics, scamming, weird stuff, and speeches
  • Please don’t use copyrighted apps, photos, and similar materials
  • Always control your behavior and anger
  • Never post pictures etc., with dead bodies and animals
  • Mostly girls are asking for money, try not to do that
  • Never use wording like drugs and kind of related diseases etc
  • Not to reset accounts over and over

How to Fix Tinder Error Code 40303

I don’t like playing games and tricks with users, I will be honest and straightforward. Let me say there is no such way to fix this error code. So please stop wasting your time here and there looking for a solution. When this happens to any Tinder users, there are only two ways for them.

1, Appeal You Account:

If you really think that it was a mistake you can clarify it. Then send an email to Tinder help@gotinder.com and humbly request that there was a mistake and you can not access your account. They will definitely reply and will also show you the reason for error code 40303. They will let you know you can clarify then appeal and get your account back.

2, Make a New Tinder Account:

This is my personal recommendation to all users having this issue. Just avoid everything and make a new account and get a fresh start, Make sure to take caution this time. Please note that don’t use the same information as you have used in your previous one.

Make sure to take care of the above-mentioned things to avoid being banned on Tinder again. Try to prevent yourself from getting reported by others. Be honest and reliable with all your partners. Moreover, if you are a Tinder either Gold or Plus, then you have to cancel the subscription by emailing them the provided above.

Can I Remove Tinder Error 40303?

Absolutely not and there is no way to remove the 40303 error from your Tinder account. This is called a shadowban and you don’t see the exact reason behind it. However, you can try your good luck and check if the support team can reply to you within and month. Once they reply you can simply explain to them the reason and let them know that you won’t repeat the same mistake.

Thus that is the only solution but making another account on the platform is a good choice. Let me say can you wait for that long and you don’t know if the support team from Tinder will reply and remove the ban? No, I will simply say, I cannot wait for that long. I will simply go for a new account and take care next time and keep the above tips in mind.

What I will suggest is to create a new account on Tinder. Then wait to submit the appeal for the old account that got a 40303 shadow ban. See if things work but if not then you have already an active account. Just forget the past and start a new move for your best partner.

Can Tinder ban your device?

They can trace the IP address of your device, Yes they can. Upon installing the Tinder application on your device, you agree to their terms and conditions. Thus have access to your device location and know its IP address. That is why if you are thinking of creating a new account on Tinder. Just keep these tips in mind:

  • Remove the old Tinder application.
  • Use a VPN service to change your IP address.
  • Clear your photo cookies and caches.
  • Install the new Tinder app, but then you should establish a VPN connection before opening the application.
  • Never use your old credit card for Tinder premium subscriptions.

Keep the above tips in mind before opening the new Tinder app and logging in with your new account. If you don’t then know your device with the IP address and then you can get a 40303 error again. This means your account is banned again.

Can I get back on Tinder after being banned?

Yes, you can get back on Tinder again after being banned. But this time you need to be very careful. However, you can make a new account with a different phone number and email address. Also, they know the IP address of your device so you will need to use the VPN app too.

Why I am telling you this, is because the algorithm can catch it in no time, and then you will the same error code again. So it’s kind of a headache making new accounts again having phone numbers and creating a new email account. So it’s better to keep your account safe and don’t miss using it again.

What can get you unbanned from Tinder?

Nothing can get unbanned from Tinder, but trying is always worth something. I mean first of all, don’t rust on Tinder trying to love again and again. Simply set back for a week or two. Then you can submit an appeal and wait, and then if it is your excellent luck, you can get a reply from their support team.

However, they are not replying anymore to appeals on banned accounts and relative emails. But I always think about who knows and who confirms it.

There are very good chances if you are a user with a premium subscription to Tinder. Meaning if you are a gold or relative premium user to them, then they will try to need an explanation and at some point, they will remove the ban from your Tinder account.

Moreover, if you repeat the same mistake then there is no chance and nothing that can get you unbanned from Tinder.

How long is a Tinder ban or shadowban?

The shadowban on Tinder lives forever and never expires. For any user who gets the shadowban, they can simply forget it and start over with a new account on the platform. That is the only solution you have.

Those who have a gold account on Tinder can try sending and submitting an appeal. Because that is what is their main source of income, that is why they care about their gold users and may remove the long-life shadowban on your appeal. But don’t forget to mention that you are a gold member.

But keep in mind that you may a get reply within a month of the minimum period. So don’t make rust and sit back and wait for their reply. Once you get a reply and then consider it your good luck.

However, now it’s up to you how you deal with the support team. But after all, if you still don’t have a valid explanation and reasons for them to remove the ban from your account. Then you are stuck with the ban forever and lifelong.

If you still have something in mind and wanna ask another question regarding the Tinder 40303 error code. Then let me know in the comment section or contact me via our contact page. I will try my best to help and fix your problem.

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