Can You Make a Tinder Account without Phone Number

Tinder is the best place where you can find a real match. As a new user or just thinking to get on the platform. This is to let you know that Tinder will only let you use their app or website with a verified phone number. Now can you make a Tinder account without your phone number or without a phone verification code? The short answer is NO. You cannot get on Tinder without having a valid cell number. Because this is the only way to complete your profile and get some best results over there. However, there are alternative options you may wanna try to skip adding your personal phone number over there.

After all, you don’t wanna let Tinder get your phone number. Now you may wonder, should I go with my real phone number or a fake one? Can I bypass the verification code? Do I have alternative options? Is it safe to get on Tinder with my personal phone number? Can I sign up for a Tinder account without a Facebook or Google account? Last but not least, can I use Tinder without a phone number?

There could be hundreds of questions in your mind. However, I will walk you through almost all of the similar ones at the end of this article. You will be using Tinder without a phone number or getting a verification code. Perhaps I will show you two methods to skip or bypass phone verification. So, stay here and keep on reading…

Why Tinder needs phone verification

Tinder does ask for your mobile phone number at a point. This is to confirm your identity on the platform. It’s all about making the platform spam and bots-free and providing users with the best dating experience. This is the only reason Tinder does not have fake profiles at all.

Upon completing your profile, Tinder will ask you to enter your phone number to verify it. Then Tinder will send you a six-digit verification code via SMS. You must enter it to confirm the verification and complete your profile. This process is mandatory because they need to check whether you are a real person or a bot.

For your information, Tinder has had lots of criticism in the past. Thousands of users were unhappy because of the bots over there. They were not getting what they came and paid for. So, Tinder has implemented the phone verification process to give you the best bots and spam-free matches with real humans.

Should I use my real phone number on Tinder?

NO. You should not. Tinder has two alternative options, you can easily sign up or log in without a phone number using your Google (Gmail) or Facebook account. You can also use your WhatsApp or TextNow number. But we will never recommend using them. Because it’s your privacy you care about the most.

Can I use Tinder without a phone number?

There is no need to use your phone number on Tinder at all. I will recommend you sign up with a Google (Gmail) account and 2nd or temporary phone number. This is the best way to avoid, skipping or bypassing the verification process for your personal number and having a complete profile on the platform. However, you should never use Tinder with a fake email. Because you may have a strong profile after some time, you may not want to lose it and let Tinder shadowban it. I hope you are getting the point.

How to make a Tinder account without a phone number

It’s easy to sign up on Tinder without a phone number. But you must have a valid Gmail or Facebook account and install the 2ndLine app. Here is how to use the 2ndLine app.

The 2ndLine app works best for US, UK, and Canadian users. But if you are in another country then use a VPN to use the app. Now, please follow these simple steps to skip or bypass using your personal phone number on Tinder:

Open the Tinder app, then tap the “Login with Google” option. Select a Gmail account or tap the Add Account option to add it. Now open the 2ndLine app and copy a number. Then go back to the Tinder app select the country code, then enter the number you have copied from the 2ndLine app. You will get a verification code on that number, Enter that six-digit code to verify the number, and done.

How to make a Tinder account without phone number
How to make a Tinder account without a phone number

The reason I am telling you to use a Gmail account is, that you may lose your temporary email, but you can always recover your Tinder account with your Gmail account. So, your Gmail account will always be there on the platform, even if you have lost your current phone number you can use Gmail to update your new phone number. Alternatively, you can skip the sign-up with Google or Facebook and sign up with a temporary, fake, or 2nd phone number. I hope you are getting my point.

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