How to Send & Receive Money on Messenger

It’s a fact that we use Facebook Messenger for instant messaging. Also for fun sending and getting amazing videos and much more. But do you know that you can Facebook Messenger for sending and receiving funds or payments? Yes, you heard me. You can easily transfer and request payments via Messenger securely with no worries.

Facebook Messenger has different types of variants. You can use it on the desktop with its official desktop Messenger application, online through a web browser. Also, everyone is using the Messenger official application, which is more convenient to use. Though payments, sending, and requesting are free of cost.

The best thing about Messenger payments is, you can split payments between friends. Let’s say there is an event made through group discussions. You can select to split payments between members of that group discussion. However, there are some requirements you need to know before using the Facebook Messenger payments system.

Who is Eligible for Messenger Payments?

Our bad luck and your good one is you live in the United States of America. Because this feature is only available to US citizens. Unfortunately, this is a limited feature for Messenger users in the US only. Moreover, they may start allowing such things in other countries as well but slowly. If you don’t have the payments or $ icon in your Messenger while there in the US. Then you may need to contact the Facebook team. Thus, here are the things that make you eligible for the Messenger payments feature:

  • You must 18 years old.
  • Have a MasterCard or VisaCard, or PayPal.
  • Lives in the United States of America.
  • You can use the service with trusted contacts in Messenger or Facebook only.

Now that you know the eligibility requirements and related stuff about payments in Messenger. Let’s get started with the procedure to send and receive money through it. Note: before doing it is important to update your Messenger application to its latest version. Then follow the procedure in order to do so.

How to Send Money Through Messenger

There are things you need to keep in mind. You both need to add at least one debit, visa card, or Paypal account to your Messenger payments profile. I am going to show you how to do it, but this is an important step you both need to complete first. Well, let’s get started…

Add a payment method

Update your Messenger application then go ahead and open it up. Now tap on your profile at the top left corner. Then scroll down and select Payments. Tap Add a New Debit Card or PayPal. Choose Debit Card or PayPal option and add the information. You can send and receive money via PayPal directly into your account too. Just add your account and you are good to go. Now let’s proceed with the next step.

Send money on Facebook Messenger
Send money on Facebook Messenger

Send money on Messenger

Now that you have successfully added payment to Facebook Messenger. You can now transfer funds or send money to any of your trusted friends or family members in the US. To do so, just start a conversation with a person you want to transfer or send the money. If the person is not on your friends try to add him first. Then tap the four dots at the top of your keyboard. Select Payments then add the amount you want to send or transfer. Now tap Pay and again Confirmat sending the payment. That is it, this is how you can transfer or send payments via the Messenger application using your Android or iPhone, or iOS device.

Add a payment method in Facebook Messenger
Add a payment method in Facebook Messenger

Receive money on Messenger

Once somebody sends an amount of money using the Messenger application. Then you will get a notification or text on your main chat screen. Then you will need to accept that payment and the amount will be transferred to your bank or Paypal account directly without any charges or fees. Moreover, if you wanna request payments follow the below step no 4.

Request money via Messenger

You can talk to someone and request money or payments via the Messenger application on the go. However, first of all, add your debit, Visa, or Paypal account in Messenger following the above step 1. Then Open a chat or start a new one with someone you want to request payments or money from. Tap the four dots at the top of your keyboard, then select Payments. Type in an amount you want to request then tap the Request button, confirm the request again and the other person will receive your request on time.

Request money via Facebook Messenger
Request money via Facebook Messenger

Once you sent the Payment Request through Facebook Messenger. That person will receive the notification as a Payment Request. If the person accepts your payment request then you will get paid and also get a notification of his action (request accepted or rejected).

How do I receive money on messenger?

Yes, you can receive money on Facebook Messenger in no time. Just open your Facebook Messenger application and go to a conversation with someone you want to receive money from. Then tap the four dots option at the top of your keyboard and tap Payments. type in an amount and tap the Request option. Once the other person accepts your Payments Request then you will receive money on Messenger.

Moreover, if someone directly sends you money on Money on Messenger, you will get a notification either to accept or reject the payment. Thus you can choose to accept to receive the money and you are good to go. Unfortunately Messenger Lite doesn’t have this feature at the moment. Also, make sure that you are not in secret conversation mode.

Why can’t I receive money on Messenger?

There could be lots of reasons why you are unable to receive money on Facebook Messenger. The most common reasons are: You are in an area where sending and receiving money via Messenger is not available. The sender has canceled the money. There may be issues with your debit or credit card and even problems with your current PayPal account. Mostly you can get it fixed and receive the money on Messenger just by removing and adding a debit or credit card or your Paypal account again. Other than that, you can ask the Facebook team to help or visit your bank.

How long does it take to receive money via messenger?

Once someone sends you the money and you get that notification to accept and you accept it. After that, it can take from 1 second to three days to get that amount in your bank or Paypal account. This is what Facebook mentioned. However, usually, it takes around 1 minute to 24 hours. All you need is to wait and be patient, your money is not gonna go anywhere, and you will get in sooner or later.

How to link my PayPal to Facebook Messenger?

You can easily link or add your Paypal account to Facebook Messenger. Just open the Messenger application then tap your profile picture at the top right. Scroll down and tap Payments then tap Add Debit, Visa, or Paypal account option. You will see a popup then Choose PayPal and start adding your account there in no time. Remember you will need to confirm at your end, for example, PayPal and Facebook will ask to confirm your account credential and authorize the activity, just do it and you are good to go.

How much money can I send via FB Messenger?

The direct payment limit on Facebook Messenger is $500. But if you need more then add your debit or visa card to extend the limit up to $2000 limit per day. However, you need to keep in mind that each transaction you made via Facebook Messenger will cost 0.95 cents. Thus if you are sending a large amount of up to $2000 then send it in one transaction. This will reduce the fee and save you some dollars.

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