Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong Fix

Learn how to fix Tinder’s error “Oops something went wrong“. It is one of the most popular platforms on the internet. It’s quite a long time from now that people are experiencing little issues with login. Especially those who signed up for Tinder with their Facebook profile or ID. But most users have the same issue even when they try logging in with their phone numbers.

Lots of Tinder users are confused with something that went wrong please try again later error. They might think that their accounts are being banned because of

  • Inappropriate content on Tinder
  • Someone reported and Tinder flagged your account
  • Spamming over the platform
  • Having awkward behavior, the profile picture place is empty, and much more.

However the above might or not be the reasons for the error in most cases. Other things could happen that kicked you out from Tinder for some time, and you’ve had the error Tinder Oops something went wrong, There was a problem while logging in, please try again. As I mentioned earlier in the previous article on error code 40303, Tinder has never been that transparent with their platform’s issues and is good at providing fixes.

Reasons for Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong Error

You don’t need to worry about your account if have not done anything against their policy. Other than that the following might also be the reasons for this error.

  • Server connection failure, if you are using login with the Facebook option to log in, there is up 95% chance you are getting the login error because of the server connection failure.
  • Possibly there may be some maintenance going on at the backend, which takes 4 to 10 hours.
  • Any other temporary problem.
  • Your phone’s cache and cookies.
  • Your network connection.
  • You are using a VPN (which may cause an issue sometimes)
  • Your app is not up to date and much more.
  • Some other problems with your phone.

How to Fix Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong Error

Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong

1, Clear Tinder Cache and App Data

After a few hours if the issue still exists, then try to clear the Tinder app data and cache. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to your Settings on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on Apps.
  3. Find Tinder and tap to see the App data and cache.
  4. Tap the clear data and cache button.
  5. Now restart your device.

Clear Tinder Cache and App Data

2, Uninstall Tinder and Re-Install It

There might be possibilities of bugs in the app, In that case, you need to uninstall the application and reinstall it from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Please when you uninstall the app, then restart your device and install the app.

Uninstall Tinder and Re-Install It

I will recommend keeping your automatic app updates always ON, that way won’t face kind of similar issues. Automatic app updates from Google Play Store or iOS App Store fix these bugs and minor issues.

3, Login with a Browser on your Mobile

It is good that Tinder has a web version too, simply open Tinder on your mobile and try logging in that way. I will suggest you use Google Chrome, or Firefox only, as they are trusted and fast to browse.

Login with a Browser on your Mobile to Tinder

Upon successful login with mobile browsers clarifying that the issue is with your phone or Tinder app, try the above method 1 and 2.

4, Remove Tinder from Facebook App

Facebook has been rolling out a couple of new data privacy updates on the app since the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal. These updates help users to protect their privacy online. On the other side, Tinder is using some of your General Information from Facebook when you allow it on signup.

I know this is for good and lets you find your best matches on Tinder. But Facebook doesn’t care and keeps rolling privacy updates for better users privacy in the app version.

So at the backend of the Facebook and Tinder app integration, If something looks unfamiliar to Facebook, it won’t let Tinder log in.  This is one of the major reasons users are gettings something went wrong message popups. So if you can not wait longer for the issue to be resolved, simply remove Tinder from the Facebook app.

Please note that removing Tinder from the Facebook app will delete your old messages and old matches. But you will receive new matches and messages in the future, don’t worry you can still access your account. Please follow the below steps in order to remove Tinder from the Facebook app. The choice is yours either to use the Facebook web or Facebook app for this process.

  1. Log in to Facebook, and go to Settings.
  2. Now go to Apps, then tap the option Logged in with Facebook
  3. Find the Tinder app and scroll down and tap the Remove option to remove Tinder from Facebook.

Remove Tinder from Facebook App

Here is a shortcut to get into Facebook apps and remove Tinder. I really hope one of the above methods will help you log in to your account. However, keep in mind that these are not official procedures from Tinder to fix the issue.

5, Delete Tinder App from Facebook App

If you are not on your computer and wanna fix the Tinder error. Then consider removing Tinder app from Facebook apps and website settings. This is because you may be logged in with Facebook on Tinder and sometimes, there is something going on in the background we cannot see. Thus FB won’t allow you to use your credential on the Tinder platform.

That is why you are experiencing problems like oops something went, etc. However, this may lead your account to get a shadow ban from Tinder (actually you’ve got one). But you don’t need to lose hope and try to remove Tinder from the Facebook app. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Go to Menu then Settings & Privacy and Settings.
  3. Under Security tap Apps and Website.
  4. Now tap Logged in with the Facebook tab.
  5. In the Active tab tap Edit next Tinder.
  6. Get to the bottom of the page and tap the Remove button next Remove App option.
Go to menu then settings then apps and websites
Go to menu then settings then apps and websites
Go to logged in with Facebook and Edit Tinder
Go to log in with Facebook and Edit Tinder
Remove Tinder from Facebook app to Fix Tinder Error
Remove Tinder from the Facebook app

That is it you have successfully removed the Tinder app from your Facebook apps and website section. Now at least wait for 24 hours then try again. This time if the problem is fixed, you will need to log in with the email address you are using Facebook with. Remember to tap the forget password, request a new password, and then save the password. This way your Tinder account will be safe with you forever.

6, Don’t use a VPN while using Tinder

It is suggested by Tinder to never use a VPN while using the app. However, for any reason, if you have connected to VPN or using a VPN app on your mobile along with Tinder, then try to disconnect it. Then close all the apps including Tinder and restart your mobile device. Now try to see if the Tinder issue “Oops something went wrong, please try again later” is fixed. I am sure it will be.

Fix Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong on iPhone

iPhone users may also face the oops something went wrong please try again later (3) issue on Tinder. But there are troubleshooting tips you can try in order to get it back to work. Before doing anything you need to ensure that you have not been banned on the platform. However, try these things on the iPhone or iPad to fix the issue:

Go to your Settings Find the Tinder app on the list and tap on it. Now tap the Reset cached contents and also tap on Reset to defaults. Now open Tinder on your iPhone again and try to login with your username and password. This will fix the problem on your iDevice. If the still the problem exists then try to check if Tinder’s server is down or not.

Alternatively, uninstall the Tinder app as usual on your iPhone or iPad. Then navigate to the App Store and install the new version. Then try with your login credentials and check if the problem is fixed. However, try to restart your device, and check if your internet connection is stable or not. Also, check back and log in after an hour and see if everything is OK.

Moreover, you can also your Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad. Go to Tinder.com and try to log in. If something went wrong problem still exists then consider you have been silently banned from the platform.

Your Tinder Account is Permanently Banned or Reported

Repeatedly if you have tried everything and there is nothing that can help. Then it’s time to switch to another account. Because your Tinder is banned permanently and or reported by other users more than usual.

However, premium users can still have chances to get their account back, after all these are real people to Tinder and they are getting money from them. In the future you can get a shadow ban from Tinder again if you repeat any of the below or similar mistakes:

  • You are uploading inappropriate pictures or photos and sharing them with your matches.
  • Doing usual, weird, disturbing, and similar behaviors with people. Thus they can report you and then you know what will happen again.
  • Uncommon dressing, doing politics on the platform, and relative things.
  • Spamming-type things.
  • Don’t have a proper profile photo and so much similar stuff.
Banned or Reported cannot be recovered on Tinder
Banned or Reported cannot be recovered on Tinder

FAQs on Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong Error

In this section of the article, I am going to explain and answer as many as questions I can. However, if there is still something in your mind you can ask it below in the comment section below. Now let me provide answers to the most asked questions on this Tinder error.

How to make a new tinder If you’ve been banned?

There is an easy way to make a new Tinder account if you have been banned. But the first thing you need to do is get rid of the Tinder app from the home screen on your device. Download and install a new Tinder app from Play Store. Then here is to make a new account:

  1. Open the Tinder app.
  2. Tap login with your phone number.
  3. Enter a new phone number.
  4. Tinder will now send you a confirmation and text message and verify the code automatically when received.
  5. After that, there are General settings you may need to do. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go.
Log in with your phone number to make a new account
Log in with your phone number to make a new account
Enter and confirm phone number to make a new Tinder account
Enter and confirm phone number to make a new Tinder account

Will Tinder unban you?

As far as I know, they won’t unless you are their premium member. They can give you a warning and take care next time and may remove the ban. But in most cases, it really depends on the matter. If there is something serious at your end then you then won’t remove the ban. Even free users are not accepting the appeal these days. So there is no luck that can help you remove the ban. The only thing that can help is to make a new account.

Will tinder unban you
Will tinder unban you

Can I use a fake number while making a new account?

Yes, you can use a fake phone number and use some fake number provider website. But I will never suggest you don’t even think about that. At some points, your account may be very important to you. Thus if try to verify your phone number, forgot your password, or have trouble signing in. Then, in that case, you will be helpless and won’t be able to do anything to get your account back.

Can I use a fake number while making a new account?
Can I use a fake number while making a new account?

Can I verify Tinder without a phone number?

Absolutely not, you cannot and never verify Tinder without a phone number. So it’s better to use only the phone number you have access to and be ready to get an SMS from Tinder for verification purposes. Alternatively, you can use a fake number generator website but we will never suggest anyone go for it.

Can I verify Tinder without the phone number?
Can I verify Tinder without the phone number?

How do you complain to tinder?

There are more than two or three ways you can contact or complain to Tinder. Here is how to complain to Tinder:

  • Visit their help and support forum.
  • Their email support address is support@gottinder.com.
  • Their CEO’s email address is sean@tinder.com.
  • Submit a direct request.
  • Use hashtags on Twitter before Tinder and tweet, similar to Facebook and Instagram, etc.
How to complain to Tinder
complain to Tinder

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