How to Delete Call History on Messenger

The voice and video call feature is available in all the Meta apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Free of cost when can make both voice and video calls on these apps and stay connected with our loved ones across the world.

However, you can easily check your call history and delete any if you want to. Because, in Messenger, there is a separate calls tab at the bottom that shows the call log. That call tab has all the recent outgoing, and incoming call history.

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In this article, I am going to show you how to remove or get rid of any voice or video call history you have made, missed, incoming, and outgoing on Messenger. So, let’s get started…

Delete Audio and Video Call History on Messenger

Note: This Call Tab feature is only in the latest Messenger app, So make sure to update your app to its latest version available in the Play Store o or App Store. After that, you can easily delete an audio or video call history from your call history in the eMessenger app for Android and iPhone. Yes, it’s possible on both devices. Even on the Messenger app for PC. Let me show you the easy method to do so:

On Android:

Open the Messenger app. Tap the Call tab at the bottom. Tap and hold any audio or video call history. Tap the Delete at the bottom.

Delete Call History on Messenger App for Android

On iPhone:

Open the Messenger app on your iPhone. Tap the Call tab at the bottom. Tap and hold any audio or video call history. Simply swipe left, when you see the Delete option, tap on it and that is it.

Delete Call History on Messenger App for iPhone


Visit and log in to your account. Select a chat and navigate to where you’ve made voice and video calls. Hover the cursor When you see the call history icon, tap More (three dots vertical), and tap Remove.

Remove Call History on Messenger on PC


Go to and login to your account. On the Home screen, click that contact under the Contact section at the right. Find the call history icon, Hover the cursor on that, and click three dots (More). Click Remove.

Delete Call History on Facebook

What Happens When You Delete a Call History on Messenger

When you remove a call history on Messenger, it won’t be deleted from the conversation but from your side only. To completely delete a call history, you will need to get rid of the entire conversation. You can easily delete an entire chat on Messenger, Simply go to Chats > Tap and Hold a chat and tap Delete. On iPhone go to Chats, Swipe left on a chat, and tap Delete.

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