Fix Couldn’t Send Message Error on Messenger

Facebook Messenger has numerous features and we love using it. However, sometimes you will have an issue with no solution or fix. Though there are various issues you can fix easily. But now in 2023, users couldn’t send a message in Messenger and see a red exclamation mark with it. So, you’ll be sending an important message to one person or in a group chat, and you see that red error mark. I understand your situation, and you are not alone, thousands of people raised this issue on Reddit too.

In this article, I will show you the step-by-step solution to fix the couldn’t send error in Messenger on any Android or iOS/iPhone device. At the end of this article, you will be able to send a message with no errors.

Reasons for Couldnt Send Message Red Exclamation Mark

When you see such an error while sending a message in Messenger. It means that something is wrong. The server can’t pick up and deliver your message. It is not responding due to some technical problem or maintenance work in the backend. So, you need to wait for a few minutes (or hours in the worst case) to let the issue be fixed automatically.

Why did I say so? Because, when you send a message, it goes through the Messenger servers and when everything works, the message will be downloaded on the user’s phone.

So, if the Messenger servers are working fine, but something is wrong with a user or your account, you will see that your message is sent but not delivered.

However, it could be your internet problem, your data connection might not be stable. So, make sure to troubleshoot your internet connection and make it work properly. Alternatively, you can check that the user has not added you to his/her restricted list or blocked list Messenger.

How to Fix Couldn’t Send Message on Messenger

There is not something specific behind it when you see that “couldn’t send” error with a red exclamation mark. I will show you various solutions to troubleshoot such a problem. I am sure, in the end, your message will be delivered successfully. So, let’s get started…

Check the Messenger Servers

The first thing you need to check is that the Messenger servers are up and running. I tell you this because when you type a message and tap the send button in the Messenger app. Your message goes through the Messenger servers and delivers to the user’s device when everything works fine. You will see different status symbols then. If not a red exclamation mark will appear and you see that couldn’t send an error.

In such a case, you need to wait a few minutes or hours (2 or 3 hours). There might be ongoing maintenance work due to which you can’t send a message to a user or in a group chat. So, be patient and wait, the issue will be resolved automatically.

Check Your WiFi or Data Connection

When you cannot send or receive messages on the Messenger app. Usually, it is an internet connection problem on your side. Both iPhone and Android users can just restart their phone and this will fix the couldn’t send a message problem automatically. Restarting your phone will fix various internet data connectivity issues itself.

Also, while using a data connection (with a sim card), make sure you have left enough internet data to use apps like Messenger and Facebook, etc.

However, if you are using a WiFi connection, just go ahead and restart it. Wait for a few seconds and try again. Also, open some other apps and websites to properly check whether your WiFi connection working fine.

Stop Using a VPN App

Several applications on your Android or iPhone device will behave unusually when you’re using a VPN app. A VPN app can interrupt establishing connectivity between the apps (Messenger) and their server, so they may not work properly as usual. That is why, you need to disable or Turn Off a VPN on your device and try again if you can send a message with success on Messenger.

Likewise, the same happens when you use a VPN extension in your browser. Disable the extension if you are using Messenger on a web browser on a PC and try again.

Update Messenger and Clear its Cache

When an application (Messenger) is outdated it won’t work properly. The Meta developers working hard to fix various issues including the Messenger app that couldn’t send a message. So, when updates for the app are released, it has solutions for these issues. Make sure to go to Play Store or App Store and update the Messenger application.

For Android users, when you update the Messenger app, make sure to clear its cache files. But before you do so, you should remember your username and password.

To clear the cache files for the Messenger app: Go to your home screen, tap and hold the Messenger app, and tap when you see an info icon. Now tap the Clear Data option at the bottom. You will be asked to confirm doing so, tap Clear and you’re good to go.

For iPhone, just update the Messenger app from App Store. Then go ahead and restart your iPhone device. Now open up Messenger and try again to send a message. You will successfully send a message.

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