How to Mute Unmute Conversations on Messenger


We are independent to choose from different settings on Messenger. For every single chat, we have lots of options. So that we can easily configure do control things. For example, mute & unmute, ignoring, block and unblock someone, archive and unarchive chats, etc.

Thousands of people are asking on my YouTube channel that what is the difference between mute and ignore. I am gonna explore everything related to this. So that you guys can understand these features the better way.

Mute vs Ignore: What is the Difference

Mute and ignore are the two independent features on Facebook Messenger. Here is what is the difference between Mute and Ignore: When you mute someone on Messenger, it means you are not getting future chat notification for that conversation. But those messages will stay there in your main inbox.

When you ignore someone on Facebook Messenger, it means you are getting rid of chat completely. Meaning, you are not receiving future notifications, the chat is not and won’t appear in your main inbox. The conversation will stay hidden is the Message Requests under the SPAM folder.

Whenever you want, just go ahead and unignore that conversation, and everything will work the same as it working before. Now let get to the muting and unmuting part.

How to Mute Someone on Messenger

The mute option is easily available in each conversation itself. You can just go ahead tap the info icon at the top right and then hit that Mute button. You can do this step by step, here is the procedure:

  1. Go to Messenger and open a chat.
  2. Tap the info icon at the top right (little (i) icon).
  3. Under the profile, name tap the Mute option.
  4. Select the duration and tap OK.
  5. That is you have successfully mute a conversation.
How to mute someone on Facebook Messenger
How to mute someone on Facebook Messenger

There a few options you can choose from. For example, you can mute the convo for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours, and until you turn it back on. So now the choice yours to choose from. Now there are two cases, if you want to completely get rid of someone’s chat notifications then select the option “until I turn it back on“.

But if you if it is your office time or just wanna ignore someone for a couple of hours or minutes then don’t choose the option “until I turn it back on”. Instead of that choose either 15 minutes or up to 24 hours.

That is it you have stopped getting future notification for that specific person or conversation. But remember that the chat or that conversation is still available in your main chat list on the Messenger home screen.

Bonus Tip: Kindly keep this in mind that there is no such list on Messenger. So that you can get there and unmute that conversation. For that, you must keep the person in mind or note it down on your phone’s notepad app.

That way, in the future you can easily type in the name of the person and unmute the convo with ease. Now there is one important question each user asks that does someone know if you mute them on Messenger? I am gonna explain that right below.

What happens when you mute conversation on Messenger?

As its name, upon muting someone you stop getting future notification updates from a specific chat or person. The person will know but the chat is still visible in your main chat list on FB Messenger. On the main chat list, the muted conversation will have a silent bell icon on it. That way, you can find out what convos you have muted.

Does someone know if you mute them on Messenger?

The short answer No they will never that you have muted that person on Messenger. According to Facebook, it is completely private if you mute or ignore someone, they will never know, unless you get into that chat and read those messages. But the only thing they will notice is that you have read those messages, not that you have muted them.

I really hope you are getting my point. That is what makes Facebook and Messenger so unique. I love FB Messenger because of such features. Anyway, now let us get to the procedure for how to unmute conversations on Messenger.

How to Unmute Someone on Messenger

You can easily go ahead and unmute someone with ease. Just get into the Messenger app, then tap the info icon available at the top right and then hit that unmute button under the person name. Here is how to do it step by step:

  1. Open your Messenger app.
  2. Now tap the info icon there at the top right corner.
  3. Tap the Unmute button under the person’s name.
  4. Great, you have successfully unmuted that person on Messenger.
How to unmute someone on Messenger
How to unmute someone on Messenger

That is exactly how you can unmute a specific chat on Messenger application. If you don’t remember the name of the person to unmute, then try to find a chat with a silent bell icon in the main chat list. After that, you can go ahead and repeat the steps to enable chat notification for that person.

How to know if you have been muted on Facebook Messenger

I am gonna show you how to find out if someone has muted on you on Facebook Messenger. Look there is plenty of things you need to try in order to find out and those things are:

Look at the very last you have sent, is it seen? Meaning: whenever you sent a message, and there is a checkmark next to it then the user is not online yet and when it become grey with checkmark then the users are online and your message has been successfully delivered.

If you are not getting a reply for a long time days and weeks and months. Then you have been ignored/muted on Facebook. Read How to Retrieve Get Back Deleted Messages in Messenger.

Now there is another thing to keep in mind. If the person I read your message (there is little profile picture round icon next to the message), and you are not getting a reply for a long time. Then you have been muted on Facebook Messenger.

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