6 Things That Can’t be Sold on Facebook Marketplace

There are various types of things that you cannot sell on Facebook Marketplace. No matter what you are selling, you definitely need to follow Facebook’s marketplace commerce policies first. For your information, these commerce policies apply to all the items and things listed below.

  • Overall Marketplace
  • Page Shops
  • Selling groups
  • Buying groups
  • And Instagram shopping

These Things Can’t be Sold on Facebook Marketplace

On the other side, there are things and items, etc, that nobody can sell or be sold on Facebook or Marketplace. They are:

1, Non-Physical Products:

All non-physical products such as older, new, lost, and found posts, news, and jokes. Anything which does not have any physical appearance in the real world.

2, Item with different photos and description:

If you want to sell an item, however, you have provided a photo of the item with a different description. Then there is no way that you will sell this item. Moreover, it’s completely against the commerce policies of Facebook. Remember Facebook can remove your access by doing non-transparent business in the marketplace.

3, Animals for sale:

Animals-related groups, pages, and similar and selling animals on the Facebook marketplace are completely against the commerce policies of Facebook. Not just selling but animal adoption as well. However, Facebook is forced to create ads or news feed posts to sell an animal.

4, Before and after photos:

Any item for sale for which you may need to show before and after pictures are not allowed. For example product-related weight loss, body transformation, hairstyle products, etc. I don’t why but this is what Facebook mentioned here.

5, Event tickets and services:

Strange but true, as per Facebook, you would need their written permission in order to provide or service or sell an event ticket.

6, Healthcare items:

All items related to healthcare are not allowed to be sold on the Facebook marketplace. This includes thermometers, first aid kits, and similar types of items.

Please keep this mind, that you are entering and using the Facebook marketplace by agreeing to their commerce policies. If you ever violate their policy they can remove your access to the marketplace, and you can never use it again.

Why Facebook Marketplace Item Not Approved?

If you are about to sell an item on Facebook and it’s not getting approved in the Marketplace. Then for sure, the item does not comply with the Facebook Marketplace policies. It may not be the item itself but its picture, description, or the links given with the product. To fix look at similar products in the Marketplace, and check if such items are approved, then do the same for your item.

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