Fix Why Facebook Marketplace Isn’t Available to You

There are many reasons why you cannot access the Facebook Marketplace. First, you need to try to access the Marketplace via this link if still, the issue exists then it’s one of the following reasons. However, you can easily fix the not working issue by clearing the browser cache on your PC.

The FB marketplace is a reliable way to find, discover, buy, and sell products with ease. Moreover, there are some issues but don’t worry gradually we have a fix for them. But trust me you can grow your business with tons of relevant audiences. Please find the Update section below to enable or access the marketplace in your Facebook account.

Why Facebook Marketplace isn’t Available to You

Facebook is continuously developing and improving the marketplace, as per Facebook, they are opening up access to the marketplace gradually. This clearly means that it is not available in all countries. Bonus tip for you, use the Hola extension on your Google Chrome browser. All you can do is wait until they allow access to your country or region. Keep the following things in mind too:

Facebook Marketplace is not available to you
Facebook Marketplace is not available to you

Your Facebook account must be old enough

If you have recently created a new Facebook account. Then you are not allowed to access the marketplace. Because it is not just about you, it’s about Marketplace community protection to avoid scams, etc.

Your Facebook account must be old enough to access the marketplace
Your Facebook account must be old enough to access the marketplace

However, with the new account, you can sell and buy groups. To get access to more features you should wait for a couple of weeks. Other than that there is no such way.

You must be in the right location and region

There are countries and locations where the marketplace is not yet available. There could be also one possibility if you have recently traveled from one location to another where the marketplace is not available. You cannot use it, even for a few days after you have returned to the place where it is working.

The reason behind this, Facebook may still think that you are somewhere else, and won’t allow you to access the Marketplace. To fix this try to clear the Facebook cache, etc, also log out then log in and restart your device. This is kind of awkward but in the meantime, all we can do is wait.

To access Marketplace you must be 18 years old

It doesn’t matter if you are using Facebook for four years but your age is still under 18. You cannot get access to Marketplace unless you are over 18.

You are not using Facebook in one of these languages

As per Facebook, they are supporting the marketplace in fewer languages. If you are in a place where people can access the marketplace but you cannot. Then try to change your language settings. Here is the list of languages Marketplace available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Czech, Dutch, French, and French Canadians. Also in Finnish, Hebrew, German, Hindi, Italian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, and Brazillian Portuguese. These languages as well, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, and Thai.

Try to change your language to one of the mentioned above as per your current location. Then restart your device you may then get access to Marketplace.

Your Facebook app is not up to date

Sometimes it happens that users forget to update their Facebook app. This may cause certain problems, for example, the app doesn’t let you access the Marketplace, etc. In that case, get into the Google Play Store or iOS app store and update your Facebook to the latest version.

After that clear the phone cache and restart your phone. That may solve the problem. However, there is a smartphone through which you cannot get access to Marketplace on Facebook. For example, Apple iPhone is older than the iPhone 5, and Android phones have older OS such as Android Lollipop.

Your access to Facebook Marketplace was Removed

While using Facebook Marketplace, you must comply with Marketplace’s community policies. If ever you go against these community policies, Facebook will remove your access to the Marketplace. Then you can no longer get into it.

Moreover, there is one thing you can do, if you really think it was a mistake and you don’t violate Marketplace community guidelines. Then follow these steps to regain access to Marketplace.

  1. Open up your Facebook account and then click the Marketplace
  2. Now click the Request Review option and fill out the request form
  3. Within a week the Facebook team will review your appeal and respond accordingly
  4. Keep checking your Support inbox daily

Once everything is fine and Facebook and your marketplace access have been restored. You can then refresh Facebook and update your app to get into the Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace eligibility requirements

The following are the eligibility requirements for using and getting access to the Facebook marketplace. Your Facebook must be old enough. A user should not be under 18. The language you are using must be one of the above (list provided). The Facebook app you are using must be up to update. Note that you won’t see the marketplace icon on your Facebook if it is not yet available in your country or region.

Why Can’t I Access Facebook Marketplace?

First of all, ensure that you are eligible to have access to the Facebook marketplace, the requirements are provided above. However, there are several other reasons e.g you are new on Facebook, you are not in a location where the marketplace is available, and you are not using the latest Facebook application on your smartphone.

Why Cannot I Access Facebook Marketplace
Why Cannot I Access Facebook Marketplace?

Moreover, to try quick troubleshooting, use third-party apps such as the browser Chrome extension then change your location. Thus you may get access to it. If still you cannot, then try changing your language, because it is not yet available in all languages. Check the supported languages above.

Note that new users don’t have access to it, you must wait and gain some trust on Facebook. Then they may allow getting access to it. However, the exact time period has not been specified, how long you need to wait.

Some third-party apps may allow you to access it, but personally, I would never recommend using such tools. Because you must take care of your privacy online, using a third party is not good at it. I hope you are getting my point.

Let me tell you that there is no official Facebook Marketplace application available on any platform. It is only available on the main Facebook application both on Android and iOS, even though it is not yet there on Messenger. There are unofficial versions of it, you should not trust and use those unofficial apps.

How to unblock marketplace on Facebook

The new Facebook allows users to send General Feedback within the application. You can easily update your application and then try to unlock the marketplace on Facebook with ease. Once you update your application. Then go ahead and follow these steps:

  1. Open your Facebook application.
  2. Tap the Menu button at the bottom right.
  3. Now tap Help & Support then tap Report a problem.
  4. Select Marketplace, and type in your feedback as “Marketplace is not available to me”.
  5. Send it.

After a day or two, it can take up to a week. You will see the marketplace icon at the top of your screen or on the menu list. So this is how you can unblock the marketplace on Facebook.

How do you fix the marketplace that isn’t available to you?

First, change your language settings, 2nd change your location on Facebook, and if these do not work. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click the Marketplace icon in your Facebook account.
  2. Now click Request Review.
  3. Then fill in the Request form.
  4. Wait for a few days, the Facebook team will respond and fix the marketplace that is not available to you.
  5. Then you will have the Marketplace icon and can access it anytime.

Why is Facebook Marketplace not available to me?

There are several reasons why the Facebook marketplace is not available to you. 1, it’s your country marketplace is not available. 2, it’s your language FB marketplace is supported in. 3rd, you have recently created your account. 4, you have violated Facebook terms and guidelines before. 5, you are using a VPN in your browser.

Why is Facebook Marketplace not available to me
Why is Facebook Marketplace not available to me?

Update 2024: How do I activate Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook marketplace is there and activated by default, but you must be in a supported region. All you need is to access the Facebook marketplace from the Menu or the shortcuts bar at the top.

However, if it is disabled in your account, you can activate it by getting into the Menu then Settings & Privacy > Settings > Navigation Bar > Customize the Bar > Marketplace > tap the drop-down next to the Marketplace icon, and select the Pin option. Now you have pinned the Marketplace icon in the Shortcuts bar, and you can easily access it.

How do I activate Facebook Marketplace
How do I activate Facebook Marketplace

Is Marketplace Free on Facebook?

As far as I know Yes it is Free to use the Marketplace. Can I use Marketplace on Facebook without a Facebook Account? No, you cannot use Facebook Marketplace without having an account on Facebook.

Does Facebook Marketplace work?

Yes, it works perfectly fine, that’s what it is for. In fact, it is the perfect place for doing so. There are charges and better protection for buyers and sellers in the FB marketplace. However, you must follow precautionary for doing things safely.

What are the rules of FB Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace does have community policies. You must follow them to use the marketplace. You can Google it. However, don’t do anything that looks spammy. Do upload good photos of your products and provide better guidelines for them. Just be transparent with your customer and everything will be fine.

How do I get Marketplace on Android?

Well, it is available in the Facebook app only. If you have the latest Facebook app installed, go to the menu, and find the marketplace icon there. If you don’t find it over there, then it clearly means that the marketplace is not available in your country. Though you can use other services to find and open it, if it is not available yet by default then you may need to wait for it.

Can businesses sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, a business can sell products, etc on the marketplace. But to make sure you are following the rules, and guidelines for selling products on the Facebook marketplace. Though they can through you out anytime by doing things against their guidelines.

Is the marketplace safe on Facebook?

Yes, 100% safe, but there are cautions to follow to stop yourself from being scammed. Make sure to review things before buying or selling on the Facebook marketplace. Take your time and look at the review of the products, and read the comments of other users for that product. Ask them personally about the product. Think 100 times before you buy or sell on Facebook.

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  1. Danny says

    Cleared cache and it _finally_ worked. Thank you!

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      You are welcome.

      1. Carla says

        Marketplace keeps removing my acvount. I requested a review and it was restored and the very next day they removed it again stating violatin but wont tell you what you did. I have not violated any rules. Any suggestions

  2. Tanya says

    I’ve done everything – cleared cache, app is updated, my account is not new, I’m not in a country that doesn’t use Marketplace – I’ve been using it for years! I’ve sent notices through the help and request review weeks ago to no avail. I’m at a loss.

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      Have you checked it using another Facebook or just asking your friends if they have the Facebook Marketplace?

  3. R WILSON says

    I have had a personal account with Facebook for a year but never used it, I was curious to learn what Facebook was about, I started a business recently and tried advertising on Facebook but got blocked immediately for suspicious activity, a search on Facebook revealed a statement saying you have the right to appeal the blocking, but no APPEAL LINK FOUND, I cannot open any Facebook page, I cannot contact them and my 4- weeks of attempts to do so have failed. Google reports a lot of similar complainants. Someone said do not write to them they never reply to letters and do not accept phone calls. Leeds England complainant. 24-06-JUNE 2021.

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      Consider waiting for a few days then try again. If the problem still exists, then try to get help via their support forum, not letters.

  4. Ruth A Cummins says

    I was deleted from Facebook and I don’t know why. My computer was [taken over by someone] by two different individuals, so I had my entire computer professional cleaned up. I do not want to rejoin FB but I miss shopping in Market Place. Is there any way I can be a member with Marketplace without FB?

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      Thanks for taking your time and commenting on SociallyPro. Unfortunately, there is no way to visit or enjoy shopping in the Facebook Marketplace without having a Facebook account.

  5. Jameel says

    Hi There. I used to use a facebook account to sell on marketplace, It was an employees personal facebook. When he left I decided to get my own. I set up a new account with all the relevant information but now after listing one advert is says – “Limit Reached, As you’re new to market place, there is a temporary limit on how much you can list and message. We do this to help build a better community…”

    I understand why this is being done, but any idea how long it will take and if there is anything I can do from my side that could verify my ad or profile etc.

    Thank you in advanced

  6. Jane Wheeler says

    I tried to list 2 items on facebook marketplace and it keeps marking my items as “sold”. I click on “make it available” and it just keeps on returning to “sold”. What to do?

  7. Dennis says

    I cant access Marketplace on my phone but can on the laptop. It would be easier if the error msg actually stated why instead of a generic msg and no access to a help line

  8. sharafat says

    nice posting

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      Thank you.

  9. Eric King says

    Why my Facebook page shops are not available? I create my own and I also manage the page of our company, but our company page shops are available.

    And I tries to change the address from my country to another country which is available,I’m using the language of English (US). My Facebook account is 4 years old, only the facebook page is new, about a month ago, i created it. Could you help me to find out why? Appreciate it!

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