Switch Between Basic & Standard Facebook Version

People use the basic version of Facebook knowns as Mbasic. But sometimes you will definitely the standard or regular version of Facebook too. However, you can switch between Mbasic and the standard Facebook version anytime.

In this guide, I will show you to you can easily switch between these two versions of Facebook with visuals. Also how you can do it on Mobile and PC. I never suggest my blog readers go for the basic Facebook version. Because Facebook lite is one of the best alternatives you can try. Here are the general features of Facebook lite you may wanna read but I can assure you won’t use Facebook basic after this.

I know that FB lite is an app but lighter and faster than you think. It is officially introduced by Facebook, there are lots of differences between the standard the lite FB versions of these apps. Anyways the choice is yours, let’s get started with how to switch between FB basic and standard versions.

Switch from Basic version to Standard

The basic FB version must be opened right? Now all you have to do is just change the URL from mbasic.facebook.com to facebook.com or m.facebook.com. This method works on each phone and PC having browser support.

Like so, you might be browsing the lite version through Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, etc on your mobile or PC. So, just tap in the address bar on Mobile or click the address bar on a PC and change the URL as mentioned in the first sentence of the paragraph.

Switch Between Basic & Standard Facebook Version
Switch Between Basic & Standard Facebook Version

The page will reload when you change the URL, and the standard or regular version will load up. Ensure that you have a proper internet connection. I never switch to the regular version while having an ongoing convo on Mbasic FB. Do you know why? Because it’s faster than you think even 2G and 3G internet speed.

How to Switch from Standard Version to Basic

If you have completed the desired activity on the standard or regular FB version. You might be thinking of switching back to the basic or Mbasci Facebook right? Don’t worry you can do it anytime, to do so: While having the standard version opened, click and change the URL from facebook.com to mbasic.facebook.com or m.facebook.com and hit Enter. This method works on all PC or Mobile have browsers support.

Switch to Basic Version of Facebook on Mobile

The basic Facebook version is now more optimized for mobile browsers. You can access it and use it now with a more user-friendly experience. However, almost all of the web browser supported by your Android or iPhone is fully compatible to open, and access, and let your use the basic FB version. Here is the procedure to switch to the basic version of FB using mobile:

  1. Open any web browser on your mobile.
  2. Tap in the address bar then type mbasic.facebook.com.
  3. If you are already on the standard version, then change the URL from facebook.com to basic.facebook.com.
  4. Facebook will now redirect to the basic FB version.
  5. That is exactly how you can easily switch to the basic FB version using your mobile phone.
Switch to Basic Version of Facebook on Mobile
Switch to Basic Version of Facebook on Mobile

You don’t need to worry about any browser incompatibility. Because Facebook has optimized its basic version of FB on all devices for all web browsers. It can perfectly work on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, UC Browser, MS Edge, and lots more.

Switch to Standard Version of Facebook on Mobile

Once you think you have done with the m.basic or basic or classic FB on your mobile. Then it’s time to get back to the standard version, but the question of how you can do it is because there is no such button in FB itself. Hey, don’t worry here is how to switch to the standard version of Facebook using mobile:

  1. Tap in the address bar in the web browser on your mobile.
  2. Now change mbasic.facebook.com to facebook.com.
  3. Facebook will shortly redirect you to the standard version.
Switch to Standard Version of Facebook on Mobile
Switch to Standard Version of Facebook on Mobile

As far as I know the process is not gonna log you out or end the session. It is going to redirect you to the standard Facebook design or version. However, don’t forget to check the URL twice before you hit that go button on the web browser on your mobile. Because the wrong URL can lead you anywhere not safe.

Add Mbasic FB to your Home Screen on Mobile

For you, it is may quite confusing that each time you need to enter and change the URLs. So it is better to bookmark it or add a shortcut of the basic Fb to your phone home screen. That way you will be able to quickly access and login into your account and get in touch with your friends. To add Basic Version of Facebook to Home Screen:

  1. Open a Google Chrome browser on your mobile.
  2. In the URL box type in mbasic.faceook.com and hit Enter.
  3. Tap the three dots at the top right corner of the chrome browser.
  4. From the options, list tap Add to Home screen.
  5. This will add a shortcut to your mobile home screen for easy access.
Add Mbasic FB to your Home Screen on Mobile
Add Mbasic FB to your Home Screen on Mobile

From now on you don’t need to enter and type in URLs to access the classic facebook design. Simply tap on the shortcut you have just created on the home screen. Then log in with your username and password and you are good to go, use the basic FB or its standard design the way you like.

Alternative for Facebook Basic Version for Android

There is an alternative always there in the form of the Facebook lite app. The Facebook lite app is available on Android and iOS devices with tons of features. The only difference is the simple UI and easy-to-use interface. The app is quite simple and easy to use, however, you can get now on Android and ios devices, log in with your Facebook credentials, and use it.

Alternative for Facebook Basic Version for Android
Alternative for Facebook Basic Version for Android

The Facebook lite official app is the best alternative app to the basic versions for Android and iOS devices. Moreover, it is quite a lightweight application and uses very little internet data as well as your phone hardware resources. Why do I call it the best alternative for the Facebook version on Android and iPhone? This is because of the main aim of using the basic version to quickly navigate on the platform with a lower-speed internet connection. Thus FB lite app is willing to do that for you too. I think there is no difference in performance but FB lite is somehow better than the basic version.

FAQs on Basic and Standard Facebook Version

There are lists of questions asked in the Facebook community and other forums regarding basic and standard FB versions. However, I am gonna almost all the major questions with the best answer for you. If you think I am wrong at some point or have better suggestions in mind, consider commenting or sending me a message via our contact page. Here are the common FAQs:

What is Mbasic Facebook com?

Mbasic Facebook com is an older version of Facebook designed to access and use on older devices with low hardware resources and 2G or 3G internet speed. Basically, people use it for quick navigation and to quickly use Facebook as the new Facebook design takes some time to load its hundreds of features and styles.

How do you switch to the basic version of Facebook?

Well, in the Facebook app there is no such place to do so. Alternatively, you can use a web browser on your computer and mobile to do so. The only way to access the basic version on PC or mobile is to enter the mbasic.facebook.com address in the address bar in the browser. Once you see the page is loaded then enter your login details to enjoy the basic version of FB.

How to change the Facebook classic view of the new design?

Facebook has optimized its UI for a better and enhanced user experience. Well, there is a user who still doesn’t like the new Facebook design, but most of the user loves it because of the dark UI and new icons.

Well, there is no way to change the view from classic to the new design on Facebook. To do so, just log in to your account with your username and password. Then click the drop-down available at the top right of your home page. There you will see Switch to New Facebook Desing, just click on that and you are good to go. However, to roll back to the classic view again simply repeat the process but this time click the Switch from New Design to Classic or Old version option.

Remember if you don’t like the new Facebook design after all. Consider switching immediately because Facebook will think that you are loving the new design. Thus they will remove the switch option and you will be there forever on the new design.

You might be thinking how do I know this, well a lot of readers comment on this blog. They have told me their access to the classic or old design has been removed and they are stuck with a new one. That is why my suggestion is not to use the new view of Fb for more than a day if you don’t love it all.

Can I change Facebook to the old version from the timeline?

Once you use the new Facebook design for quite a long time, then Facebook will consider you are OK with it. Thus they remove your access to the old version. However, you can give it try to access it from the drop-down arrow at the top right corner. Then if you are lucky you will Switch to Classic View or Old Version, click that option and you will change facebook to the old version.

Can I enable the basic version of Facebook from the Regular version?

Yes, you can enable it whenever you want, please go through these simple steps to do so:

  1. On your mobile open any web browser.
  2. Now type in mbasic.facebook.com in the URL field.
  3. Login with your account username and password and enjoy the basic version of Facebook.
  4. To add a shortcut to your home screen, tap the three dots in the browser at the top right, then tap Add to Home screen option.

Can I open Facebook in the basic version?

Yes, you can open Facebook in the basic version. You can either your computer or mobile browser to open it. All you have to do is tap once in your URL field in a web browser, enter mbasic.facebook.com then tap or click Go. That is it now you are browsing Facebook in the basic version. Just log in to your account and enjoy it.

However, there is an easy method to create a shortcut for the basic version. Which is easy and quick to open Facebook. That is it, that is how you can switch between different versions of FB. Like the post, please share it with your friends on Facebook and other social platforms to support us and help others.

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  1. Stephen Staple says

    Doesn’t work for me. I am using an Android Galaxy Ace.
    Every time I type it in the search bar, m.facebook.com – it redirects me back to mbasic.facebook.com
    Very annoying!

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      So sad, try to this in the incognito mode in your mobile or web browser. If still there is an issue then try to clear the data and cache of the browser and try again. That is all I can suggest.

    2. Travis Adams says

      While Crome:
      1. click on the three dots at the top right
      2. click on “setting”
      3. click on “site setting”
      4. click on “all sites”
      5. scroll down to Facebook and delete m.facebook and leave www . facebook . com
      6. then go back to the main page, you will need to relog into Facebook.

      Good Luck!

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