How to Save Video from Messenger to Gallery


Want to download and save video from Messenger to Phone’s gallery or PC? Need Messenger videos downloader for your Android/Windows and iOS device? This tutorial is for you how to do it. A couple of updates there were a save to the gallery button in the Facebook Messenger app. So it was easy for people to download and save their favorite videos on the phone.

Now there is no such option or anything to grab a video file from Facebook Messenger. Do you know why they removed the option? This is because they have introduced a feature called “Save on Facebook”. Read more: How to download or save videos from Facebook.

The reason is that Facebook wants us to use their app as much as possible. When we save a video on Facebook, we should open the Facebook app and watch that video again if we want. I really think you guys are getting my point. Anyhow it could take days to explain this to you guys.

So it was easy before and quite difficult now, as the option has disappeared and I was looking for a way to save my favorite MP4 etc files to my gallery. I found may but I am going to show the easiest ones. Please keep on reading. You can use either a PC computer or mobile to save your favorite video to the gallery. I am going to show you both methods.

Online Video Downloader for Messenger Videos

This is the best method for desktop/PC/computer to grab a video from Messenger to PC. But you can also follow this method on your mobile device too. Note that you can also download Facebook Messenger for PC.

  1. Go and login to your account.
  2. Now right click on a video and click on Show video URL.
  3. Copy the URL and go to
  4. Past the video URL and click on the Download button.
  5. Click on the Download Video on Normal Quality or hit the More Options button to get the video other qualities.
  6. The video will now be downloaded shortly from Messenger to your downloads folder.

Copy the URL of the video Copy the URL to Save Video from Messenger Paste the link to get the video Choose quality and download the video

Open the file explorer on PC or MAC or Linux and then go to downloads and the Videos. You will the downloaded video there.

Video Downloader App for Messenger

Look, there are tons of apps available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This allows us to download videos from Facebook and Messenger. But I have checked almost the top rates app download for Messenger.

Messenger video downloader app
Messenger video downloader app

However, I have noticed that they required the Facebook username and password to continue upon downloading. I have found the most trusted one called Friendly for Facebook with over 1 million downloads and trusted since 2016.

Guys, I know that you just want to grab video files, but keeping our privacy is should be our top priority. Moreover, we should never trust third-party apps to provide them our login details. Please be very careful and stop using that kind of Messenger video downloader apps.

How to Save Video from Messenger to Gallery

I have found one, which the most popular, trusted, top-rated, and does require login details but secure and safe. The app is called the Friendly for Facebook video downloader. Please follow the below procedure for how to get the app and use it to download Messenger videos.

  1. Go ahead and download the Friendly for the Facebook app.
  2. After downloading Friendly for Facebook, install the app as usual.
  3. Now open Messenger and tap on hold on the video you wanna download.
  4. Tap on Save to Facebook.
  5. Open Friendly for Facebook, tap the three-line menu button at the bottom right, and tap on Saved.
  6. You will see a recently saved video from Messenger, tap the three-dotted button at the right of the video, and tap View post.
  7. Tap the download button on the video.
  8. The download should start by now, now wait for the download to get completed.
  9. Go to File Manager/Gallery on your Phone, find a Friendly folder and there is our downloaded video.
How to Save Video from Messenger
How to Save Video from Messenger
How to Save Video from Messenger
How to Save Video from Messenger

So that is how you can easily save any video file or format from Messenger conversation to Gallery on your phone. Please note that the download may take time as per your internet speed and as well as phone stability.

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