Requirements to Create a Facebook Account in 2024

Here are all the requirements to create an FB account and get started. Facebook is one of the top social media platforms with more than a billion users worldwide. All businesses can establish a Facebook presence and grow within no time and cost. All they need is a Facebook account.

Facebook doesn’t require tons of information in order to create an account. The minimum information needed, for example, your name, email address or phone number, date of birth, password, gender, etc.

Facebook Account Requirements

Now there are details you need to know about these requirements. Let’s say what is the password requirements to create a Facebook account. Anyhow I will tell you every single detail about Facebook account requirements.

You Must be 13 Years Old

You cannot create an account on Facebook if you are not 13 years old. In very recent research as of today, I have found that more than 20,000 people are trying to join Facebook for everyone who is under 13.

However, they are things on Facebook for over 14 and 18. I hope you guys are getting me what I am trying to say. So that is the reason why it is not allowed for those under 13 years old. Alternatively, you can signup with your MOM, DAD, and other related DOB, but I am completely against it. Do it on your own.

Full and Valid Name

On the Facebook signup page, the very first thing you need is your full and valid name (first and last). Why is this? because in the future you may get your account locked and the only way to unlock it is to provide your national Id with a full and valid name.

I have told you a solid reason, now the choice is yours either write the valid or fake one. But fake accounts can live for that long on Facebook. Because when some see that you are pretending to be that person, they will report and Facebook will delete your account.

Valid Email or Phone Number

Providing the email address or phone number is a must and it’s very important. Because when you sign up you will be asked to verify your email address or phone number. That is why you need a valid email id or phone number.

You can create an email account on Google Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, or a custom one. The phone number must be valid and active to get messages.

Facebook Password Requirement

When you create a password during signup it is important to keep the following requirements in mind. Keep in mind that the Facebook password is not case-sensitive. The Facebook password should be:

  • 8 characters or longer
  • Included uppercase letters
  • Included lowercase letters
  • Numbers e.g 1,2,4
  • Symbols e.g @, _
  • Different from your email and name, or bank account as well DOB.

An example of a good and more secure Facebook password is: strongfbpassword@33_21

Security tip: To keep your Facebook account safer and more secure, your password should be 15 characters long. Never include your email address, name, and information your friends know about you.

A Valid Date of Birth (DOB)

Providing your valid date of birth is a must. First, it is the requirement for creating an FB account, and 2nd it will help you recover your account in most cases. There are also other cool features of providing valid DOB, for example, a birthday celebration every year with friends and family members and much more.

Gender Requirement

While creating your account on FB, you should select your gender as Male, Femail, or custom. Yes, custom genders are allowed as per your location, etc. All you need is to select the Gender option as custom if you are not a female or male ;).

Infographics - requirements to create a Facebook account
Infographics – requirements to create a Facebook account

Benefits of Having a Facebook Account

There are tons of benefits of having Facebook if you use it for the good only. That includes: You can use the Facebook marketplace for your business, for example, you can sell things on Facebook. But on the other hand, there are six types of things that cannot be sold on the Facebook marketplace.

  • Awareness of brands
  • Create Facebook pages for business and personal use
  • Find and get jobs
  • Buy products
  • Chat, video, and voice calls with friends and family members
  • Entertainment
  • Get updates on your favorite hero, movies, business, brand, and much more using Hash Tags on Facebook
  • Share and receive photos, videos, documents, etc.

So these are some common benefits of having a Facebook account nowadays. Trust me there are tons of more benefits I cannot cover on this topic. However, once create an account, you can write your name in stylish fonts.


What information is required to open a Facebook Account?

Well not that much but your full name, email address or phone number, a good password, DOB, and gender. This is all the information required while opening a new account on Facebook.

Can the Facebook password be all numbers?

As far as I know, the password you are about to set to log in to Facebook is not case-sensitive.

Can I join Facebook anonymously?

Definitely not, but yes if you have created a Facebook account with a fake id, number, password, and other information.

Can I have more than 1 account on Facebook?

No, and never, Facebook doesn’t allow anyone to create a second or more than one account. A fake account is an optional choice but I will never recommend it.

How many letters does a good Facebook password have to be?

Well, it totally depends on how good you want a password to be, but the perfectly good password is always 12 to 15 characters long with numbers and symbols.

Should I use a fake name on Facebook?

No, you should never use a fake name on Facebook. One of the main reasons is that one day you should need to recover your account and your real name will be your only asset to recover it.

Can I pretend to be someone on Facebook?

Yes, you can but it’s completely against Facebook’s privacy policy. The fake account you will be using to pretend someone may get banned by Facebook anytime. However, it is not recommended to pretend to someone on Facebook. Also If that person somehow knows that you are pretending to be that person, they will report your account and Facebook can delete it anytime.

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  1. Kevin McCarthy says

    I have changed computers now facebook will not recognise email log in address what do I do

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      Try your phone instead and reset your password.

  2. Suraj Biswas says

    Facebook account has been locked please help me

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