7 Tips to Sell on Facebook Marketplace Safely & Successfully

Now Today I am gonna show you how to sell stuff, items, things, and products on Facebook Marketplace. We will cover everything related to selling safely and successfully on the Facebook marketplace. So please keep on reading…

Before we get into the steps and other details, please keep in mind that there is 6 type of things you cannot sell on the Facebook marketplace. However, my top 7 tips for you as a seller are the following.

Top 7 Tips for Sellers

I have found these tips very helpful when I am about to sell things on Facebook:

1 – Take as many photos of the product, which clearly show the condition and the item itself. Take these photos from different angles. Now copy these photos to your computer and look at them very carefully.

Choose the top ones that really are eye-catching, and ask someone else in your home or friends to share their ideas that which of these photos is eye-catching. Now choose the one and if possible copy one photo of the item from its company website or store.

2 – Don’t rush, be calm, and write full descriptions and conditions of the item. I know it sounds crazy but you have to write at least 100 up to 200 and 300 words in the description including the stains or tears. Make it easier to read, understand, engage, and look at legit information.

3 – If you are in the business of selling new/used clothes, shoes, and related stuff. Make sure that these items should look perfect. Ensure that it looks cleaner and share only those photos of the item taken in more light. Use a solid background in the photos and if you know Photoshop, give it a little bit cleaner touch.

4 – The hygiene items business is great if you are planning to sell hygiene items on the Facebook marketplace. Then please follow these tips for better results.

  • Items should be sealed properly
  • Should be original
  • Use branded items
  • Use original photos of the item, copy from the brand’s website/store
  • Take closer photos of the seal

5 – Please before meeting the buyers, ensure that both of you guys agree on the item’s price, as well as location, etc. I know everyone knew this but after all, it’s key to seller safety.

6 – Ask the buyer again to confirm the item and price, as well as the location of the meeting place before he/she makes the payment.

7 – Never get lazy at the meeting and the exact selling date. However, if something happens message the buyer and try to reschedule the date.

I am sure if you follow these tips properly you will get some better results. Facebook marketplace is a place where brands/companies can target audiences for awesome results and benefits. That is what you can do also. Read also: Why Someone Can’t Access Facebook Marketplace.

How to Sell Items or Stuff on Facebook Marketplace

Whenever you are selling something e.g product/item on the marketplace. Basically, you create a public post/listing which your targeted audience can see/buy on the news feed as well as on the marketplace and many other places on FB. To create a listing please follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook and log in to your account, then click Marketplace (sort of green shop icon) on the left menu.
  2. Now click + Sell Something and then click on Item for Sale.
  3. Enter the title, price, item category, location, add description, etc. To sell an item for free write the price as 0.
  4. After that click + 10 Photos to upload the item/product photos to your listing from your PC.
  5. Finally, click on the Post option.

Don’t worry if you think you should edit your listing you can do it. You can edit and manage the product/item price, category, location, description, etc. Also, you have full control over deleting it. To do it please follow these steps:

How to Edit Your Marketplace Listing

To edit your current ongoing listing on the Facebook marketplace:

  1. Go to Marketplace on Facebook, and click on Selling in the top left.
  2. Now click the Manage option next to an ongoing item you want to edit and manage.
  3. Select Edit Posts.
  4. Edit the details and when you finish click Save, that is it.

How to Delete Your Marketplace Listing

To delete any of your ongoing listings on Marketplace:

  1. Go to the Marketplace on Facebook, and again click on Selling in the top left.
  2. Now you need to click the Manage option next to an ongoing item you want to manage.
  3. Find the item you wanna get rid of and select the Delete Item option.

So that is how you can edit, delete, and manage your ongoing selling items on the marketplace. Moreover, there are things you can do, for example, mark an item as available, pending, and sold. Let’s find out how.

How to Mark an Item as Available, Pending, and Sold on the Facebook marketplace? Whenever you add a listing, its status should be updated. For example, if you still have the stock you can mark an item as available, if not then sold or pending.

How to mark your listing as available

Whenever you mark an item or listing as sold or pending, you can change its status back to available. Then the buyers for that item message you before, will now get a notification that the item is now available in stock.

Also, the conversation marked as sold will be shortly unarchived. To mark an item as available on the FB marketplace:

  1. On your News Feed click the Marketplace on the left.
  2. Then click Selling.
  3. Next, to your listing, click Mark as Available.

How to mark your listing as pending

You can mark it as pending when you guys agreed on the sale and yet the sale is not completed. The buyers will get a notification about the item pending, news buyers can see the sale is pending status before they text you for the item. Now to mark an item as pending:

  1. On the left click on Marketplace on your News Feed
  2. Now click the Selling option.
  3. Finally, click Mark as Pending next to the item/listing.

How to mark your listing as sold

So when the sale is completed on the agreed price, location, etc. Now you should mark the items as sold on the marketplace. Existing buyers will get notifications that the item is marked sold and new ones can see the status as well. Now to mark an item as sold: Go to the Marketplace and click Selling on the left. Just Mark it as Sold next to your item or listing.

How to Report and Hide Something on Facebook Marketplace

You are totally independent to report or hide items either from the buyer or seller on the Facebook marketplace. You can also report something you cannot see. Any way to report hide the buyer or seller and hide something please follow these instructions.

To Report Seller

  1. Go to Marketplace
  2. Click an item or any listing you wanna report from a seller
  3. Now click the dropdown arrow in the top right
  4. Then Report the Seller and follow the on-screen instructions.

To Report Buyer

  1. Just go to Marketplace
  2. Now you need to click an item or any listing you want to report from any seller
  3. Click the three dots button in a message in the top right
  4. Click Report Buyer and follow the on-screen instructions.

To Hide Listing on Marketplace

  1. Go to Marketplace
  2. Click an item or any listing
  3. In the top right then click Report Post or Hide Item.
  4. Now just follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Stay Safe on the Facebook Marketplace

Here are some pro tips you need to follow in order to stay safe n the Facebook marketplace.

Be Cautious about Buying and Selling: Ensure to double-check everything, the price, the location, the description, and everything related to the product. Remember it is a world full of scammers. Don’t buy things at a much lower price as compared to other markets.

Pay deep attention to bouncing checks, fake transportation, insurance, etc for an item. In short don’t just rush, stay calm, and think 5 times before making a decision.

Recalled items: In most countries and regions selling these kinds of product and items are illegal. As a seller or buyer pay close attention to the item and look at the item in other places e.g photos, complete description, etc.

Privacy Protection: Never ever share your financial information with anyone. I mean your Paypal log in, passwords, debit or credit card info, etc. While selling and buying electronics products make sure you have deleted your personal biodata.

If Possible Use Cash Methos Only: It is for both buyers and sellers on the marketplace to prefer cash or person-to-person method if possible available in both Messenger and Paypal.

Avoid payment links via wire transfer or electronically. Please keep in mind that a certified check and cashier can be counterfeit. Don’t and never third-party payments and do transactions P to P only.

Counterfeit Items: Please keep in mind that in most countries and regions, it is completely illegal to sell counterfeit items. These are items that are not allowed on Facebook too. I personally recommend double-checking the check item first.

Choose a Safe Location for Metting: On a buy or sell if you are meeting up with someone, ensure the location you guys chose is safe. I recommend you meet up with a buyer or seller in public places only. If you are unaware of a location don’t just go there or get complete information first. Ask your, friend, to go with you (could help in most cases).

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  1. Jason Levi says

    I listed a tool for sale on Market Place and I have an inventory of the same item to sell. I did local pickup only and it was selling like hotcakes. Then I added shipping and after I marked it as shipped it marked the item as SOLD and I cant switch it back to Available.
    Any advice on how to list something with inventory?

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