How to Link/Add WhatsApp to a Facebook Page

Back in 2019, Facebook introduced WhatsApp integration for your Facebook page. Both these social media platforms can perform a lot better for your business and brand. You can easily add a WA button to your FB page so that it can help in more clicks to your business.

Here, I will show you every single related tip and trick for better and more successful integration of your WhatsApp number on your FB page. Linking these two giants’ social platforms is a unique strategy to grow your audience. I mean a targeted audience.

Thanks to Facebook for doing so. I mean FB is not the one who gets a huge benefit by implementing such a feature but you too. This one-click-to-action button can change the future of your business and brand.

Benefits of adding WhatsApp to FB Page

Now let’s talk about some of the major benefits you and your business can get. I can talk about the benefits all day but some of these are:

  • It can increase trust in your audience.
  • More clicks more sales and other benefits.
  • Better communication.
  • You can add a click-to-action button on the FB ads.
  • A better idea for lead generation and audience growth.
  • Show your audience your phone or contact number.
  • The integration makes it easier to engage and lets people send you messages.
  • Create WA ads to place on Facebook and tons more.
Infographics: Benefits of adding WhatsApp to Facebook page
Infographics: Benefits of adding WhatsApp to Facebook page

So these are all the benefits you may need to need to know (you already do. However, as I mentioned I can talk all day long about such benefits, yet you are here for the integration purpose.

You can now see that the WhatsApp account is connected. However, you can add and create click-to-WhatsApp ads as well.

Importance of WhatsApp for a Brand or Business

Now let’s talk a little about the importance of WhatsApp for your online business or brand. Look, WhatsApp has over 1 billion users around the globe. Because the app has bright features for better and more reliable communication. It is a convenient way to get the trust of your audience to add a call to action button to your Facebook business or brand page.

So that they can communicate and talk about the products (more things) and related stuff with ease. It is a genuine way to help people understand why and what are there for. That way you can have more sales, product, and business or brand awareness.

Bonus Tip: Now you can add more than 256 people to a WhatsApp group.

Assume yourself as an audience. You can simply pick up your smartphone, search, read, buy, review, and talk about products on the go on Facebook. Though you can also find a call to action button on pages, so that you reach, know more, anytime, from anywhere in the world and get the thing.

Requirements: Setup WhatsApp for Business

There are no more but only a few requirements before the integration. A WhatsApp app for business and a Facebook page.

WhatsApp for Business app
WhatsApp for Business app

Don’t worry you can use both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business at the same time on your smartphone. If you sign up via a different number. Now to set up WA to business:

  1. Download and install the WhatsApp Business app.
  2. Open it up then tap Agree and Continue button.
  3. Use your existing or a different number to signup.
  4. Add your business details and that is it.
Set up WhatsApp for Business
Set up WhatsApp for Business

Note that using your existing number will log you out from the WA Messenger app.

Thus you can still have existing chats and all the features on the business app, you can use it without any complications. However, using different is recommended. Especially the number associated with your business on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Once you think the setup is completed. Then you can follow the below procedure to integrate that WhatsApp Business number into your Facebook page with ease.

Update: Add WhatsApp to Facebook Page

Facebook has updated its Facebook Web Client user interface. Now, most users are confused while following the old steps for adding or linking a WhatsApp number or group to their Facebook page. However, in the latest Facebook design, here is how to do it in 2023:

On the Facebook Home page, click your profile pic and switch to your page profile. Go to Settings then Linked Account. Click WhatsApp at the left, enter your country code, then the phone number and send the code, confirm the code and that is it. Once the number is added then go ahead and turn on the Toggle to enable the WhatsApp button for your Facebook Page.

How to Add to WhatsApp to Facebook Page

Link WhatsApp Business to Facebook Page

Now that everything is ready and set up. You can simply go ahead to your Facebook account and link your WA Business number to a Facebook page. This will usually 2 to 3 minutes. Now let’s link your WA number to the FB page:

  1. Go to your Facebook page.
  2. Click Settings on the top.
  3. Now lick WhatsApp at the left.
  4. Add your country code, then the Phone number, and send the verification code.
  5. You will get a confirmation code on your WA Business app.
  6. Enter the code to verify your WhatsApp account.
How to Link WhatsApp to Facebook Page
How to Link WhatsApp to Facebook Page
Confirm your WhatsApp account to connect it to Facebook page
Confirm your WhatsApp account to connect it to your Facebook page

That is it you have successfully added your WhatsApp phone number to your Facebook page. You can get multiple features and add-ons for your page. For example, Use WhatsApp as a page button, show the WA number on a page, etc.

How to Use WhatsApp as a Page Button on FB

Now that you have successfully added the WA to your FB page. You can now add and use it as a page button. To do it:

  1. Visit your Facebook page.
  2. Click on the Settings option at the top.
  3. Now click WhatsApp from the left side.
  4. Set the toggle to ON under the “Use WhatsApp as Page Button” option.
  5. Visit your page and you will see a WhatsApp button.
Use WhatsApp as Page Button on Facebook
Use WhatsApp as Page Button on Facebook

Each person who visits your page will the WhatsApp button. They can click on it and continue to talk to you about your business, brand or you can products and services. Now there is another cool feature, let’s explore it.

How to Show WhatsApp Number on Facebook Page

Once the integration is successful, you can start showing your number on the page immediately or whenever you want. To show your WA Business number on the FB page:

  1. Simply open your Facebook page.
  2. Click on Settings then WhatsApp at the left.
  3. Turn the toggle to ON under the “Show WhatsApp Number on Page”.
  4. Verify that your page is showing your WhatsApp number by visiting.
How to Show WhatsApp Number on Page
How to Show WhatsApp Number on Page

After visiting the page, have a look at the above section on the right side. You will find the WA icon and your number listed there. That is how easily you can do it. Don’t worry you can disable or stop showing the number whenever you want by just turning off that toggle you have turned following the above steps.

How to Add a WhatsApp button to a Facebook Ad

If you are using a Facebook page for promotion or anything and wanna create a button on the ad that clicks on your WhatsApp. That is possible. Keep in mind that you should first connect a WhatsApp number or account to your Facebook page. You can do that with the above-mentioned steps. However, to create an ad that clicks on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new ad as usually do.
  2. Then Under the Goal click the “Get More Messages” option.
  3. Now under the button label select the “Send WhatsApp button”.
  4. Set up a welcome message, select the audience then Create New.
  5. Set the duration and budget as you like.
  6. In the last step, click “Promote Now”, and you are good to go.
  7. Your Facebook page ad will now have a button that clicks to WhatsApp.

As you can do so, there is one thing you need to remember. Such an option is available to specific posts on Facebook with external links, or ads with videos and single photos. If not, then you won’t be able to do so.

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