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Facebook is one of the top social media giants. There are thousands of business and advertising companies using Facebook for ads. This is to grow business and reach millions of interested customers in the world online. Though you are using Facebook for such activities, then your Facebook ads manage ID is the most important and unique number you need to remember. You probably do need it several times a day. However, yet you don’t know how to find it?

Hello, everyone, my name is Samad Ali Khan and today I am going to show you the step-by-step guide to find your Facebook business manage ID in the latest FB Manager version in 2021. Because Facebook has updated its user interface for ease of use. Yet some users still have trouble finding some features in the latest update. Don’t worry I am going to help you with that. Read also: Fix Facebook Marketplace is not available to You.

About Facebook Business Manager

The Business Manager is a separate space from your personal Facebook profile. That gives the ability to run statistics on your ad campaigns. Also, manage your business pages and ad accounts. Moreover, there are options, for example, you can share your Business ID or Page ID with partners and agencies and marketing partners to work and analyze together. Well, all the tools are available to any user on Facebook for free except you run paid ad campaigns.

Facebook Business Manager Tools
Facebook Business Manager Tools

For your information, the separate central space (Business Manager) has all the tools and features for each kind of business. From small to large businesses, these tools and features can help you grow and organize your business assets. With your Facebook ID, you can control who can and what type of correct access does a user has. You can easily create a Facebook Business account page if:

You use a vendor, your desired business has a special marketing team, and you manage pages and apps e.g Facebook Pixel. Also, you need to have control over specific roles, access, and permissions. You wanna grow your business with Facebook ads and want to keep your business in safe hands. Then you the Business Manages is the best and only choice for you.

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OK, so now that now enough about the FB Business Manager. Let me show you the away easy method to know your unique ID on the platform. However, keep in mind that your business has a separate and a business page has a separate ID. Find more information and the two methods to do so are below…

What is Facebook Business Manager ID?

When you are using Facebook for growing your business and managing or working with companies who advertise on Facebook. Then you will definitely log in to the Facebook Business Manager account. Then Facebook will give a unique set of numbers only. That is your Facebook Business Manage ID to show and prove that you have something to manage on a business account on Facebook.

It is used to identify each business on the platform. You may use it to add other accounts, share access to information, for Facebook Pixel, search or add ad campaigns, etc. However, there are two easy methods to find and note it down.

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Find Your Business ID in Facebook Business Manager

In the latest Facebook Business Manage, you need to follow these steps to find your ID: Go to Look at the top address bar in your web browser, you will see a random number next business_id=. That is exactly your business ID on the Facebook Business Manager. An example is: business_id=19486******00585.

Find Your Business ID in Facebook Business Manager
Find Your Business ID in Facebook Business Manager
  1. Go to
  2. Click Menu (three lines at the top left).
  3. Now click Business Settings.
  4. From the left Menu click Business Info.
  5. Have a look at your Business Manage ID under the Business Name.

Alternatively, you need to visit and click three lines menu at the top in the left sidebar. Click “Business Settings” under the Shortcuts. On the left side menu, click the “Business Info” at the bottom. You will see a number next to Business Manager ID under your Business Name. That is your ID.

How to find Facebook Business Manage ID
How to find Facebook Business Manage ID

How to Find a Facebook Business Page ID?

Facebook Business Manage also gives a unique ID number for specific business pages. So that you can use it or share to add people or assign partners to a specific page. To find your Facebook Business Page ID, follow these steps:

Open the FB Business Manager, then click the All Tools Menu (three lines at the top left). Now click Settings under the Shortcuts. On the left sidebar menu, click Pages, and select a page. Then you will see a number next to the “Owned by: Someone’s Business ID option. That is your Facebook Page Business ID.

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