How to Enable/Disable Story Archive on Facebook App


The story archive on Facebook is a great feature. You can easily enable or disable and see it whenever you like. Facebook story archive is a perfect place where you can save your stories even if they disappeared after 24 hours. In this guide, I am gonna the exact procedure for how to enable and disable the story archive on Facebook, and also how to see it. So please keep on reading…

Most of the users on Facebook are not aware of this feature. They think that they won’t be able to see their stories again after 24 hours but it is in the case of your archive feature is disabled. So lots of people are going to download their own stories. Do you know that you can download someone’s stories on Facebook with ease?

What is the Story Archive on Facebook?

It is a place where Facebook automatically save you photos, video, etc on uploading as your Facebook stories. However, it is mandatory that it should be turned to save stories automatically. Later on, you can easily get there and do certain things such as deleting, sharing, highlighting, view the viewser of each story, save it phone and much more.

Anyways Facebook allows us to enable the option and save our stories on their server. So that, later on, you can share, manage or delete stories with ease. Such an option is known as the Story Archive on Facebook. Let get to the procedure of enabling it. The video demonstration is available at the end.

How to Enable Story Archive on Facebook

You must be using the latest version of Facebook as of now. Because the below steps and screenshots are taken in the latest Facebook app. So that way you won’t have trouble while following the steps. To enable or activate the Facebook story archive:

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Now go to Menu (its a three lines button at the top right).
  3. Tap Settings & Privacy then go to Settings.
  4. At the top Search bar type Story Settings then tap it.
  5. You will see the Story Archive option, just tap it.
  6. Enable the toggle if it is disabled and done.
How to enable story archive on Facebook app
How to enable story archive on Facebook app

That is it you have successfully done it. Now whenever you upload stories on Facebook, it will be there in the archive. You can then get there and manage them whenever you like. Now the question is where is the archive on Facebook, how to find and see the archive stories? Don’t I am gonna show you that too.

How to Find and See Archived Stories on Facebook

It is easy to find the stories archive or archived stories on the Facebook app. As I mentioned earlier the app must be updated as of now then follow these steps. To find and see the archived stories on the Facebook app:

  1. Open your Facebook app.
  2. Go to your profile (tap your account photo).
  3. Tap the More option under your profile picture.
  4. Now tap the Story Archive and there you go.
  5. Done.
How to see story archive and archived stories on Facebook app
How to see story archive and archived stories on the Facebook app

That way you can find the archived stories all of them in one single place. Remember you can manage them for example, delete, share, highlit, view viewers, etc. You will also have the option to save any of the photos or videos to your phone’s gallery or camera roll.

How to Disable Story Archive on Facebook

If you don’t care and just get rid of the photos and video you have uploaded as your Facebook story. Then it is pretty easy to disable this option. To disable the Facebook story archive:

  1. Open the Facebook application.
  2. Go to Menu (its a three lines button at the top right).
  3. Tap Settings & Privacy then Settings.
  4. Scroll down and tap on Story Settings.
  5. Now tap the Story Archive option.
  6. Disable the toggle next to the Story Archive option.
  7. Done.
How to disable story archive on Facebook app
How to disable story archive on Facebook app

That is how easily you can disable the option. Now let me inform you I don’t think to disable the option will erase all of the stories there, but I am not sure about that. However, disabling the option may remove the photos and videos from there.

If the option is disabled then after 24 hours or you can say one day, it is will deleted automatically. In the near, you may need some of the photos and videos you have shared as a story. So I strongly recommend keeping a copy of that in the archive by enabling the option. Here is the video demonstration for enabling, disable and see the Facebook story archive.

That way each moment you have captured will be there forever and you see them back after a while, of course, you will. So you may not regret and trust there is no burden on your device, all the stories are saved on the Facebook server, so you don’t need to worry about the storage of your phone, etc.

Anyway, I think I have explained what you have for. Furthermore, the choice is totally your either to enable or disable it. Share the post if it helped somehow.

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