How to Change Facebook Profile Picture on Mobile & PC

This is an updated guide on how to change your Facebook profile picture. It is up to you to do this on mobile and PC. The profile photo on FB is the most important thing you need to keep updated. It is a part of your personality and for most users their brand’s first impression.

A unique photo helps set you apart from other buddies on Facebook with have similar names. That is why your unique Facebook profile link and photo is an important thing to take care of. There are easy options available on the Facebook app and web.

So that you can easily change, add, or update your photo, and cover it with the best dimensions. I will show you these options and also some important tips about dimensions etc. Please find the latest “Update” section below. Keep reading…

How to Change Facebook Profile Picture on Mobile

You can do it on your FB app using your mobile or using a PC. I am gonna show both these methods, after that the choice is totally yours. The ideal picture size is 360 x 360. It is recommended that you must update your FB pic once in 6 months or a year.

However, you must set the FB photo guard to keep it safe from others stealing it. Keep in mind that you must update your Facebook app to do so. Now let’s get to the procedure, to add or change your photo on FB using the Facebook app:

  1. Open the Facebook app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap the Camera icon on your existing profile picture.
  3. Now tap Select Profile Picture.
  4. Choose your photo from the gallery.
  5. Tap the Save option at the top right corner.
How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook App
How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook App

That is exactly how you can upload, add or change your FB profile pic. Now while changing the pic, there are options you can play with. For example, once you see the image preview, there is an edit, profile picture guard, make temporary, add frame, etc option to tweak.

Do changes as per your needs and once you are done, then hit that Save little option at the top right corner. Alternatively, you can do the same thing using a MAC, Windows, or Linux PC.

Update: Change FB Profile Photo In the New Design

So now the Facebook design has been changed. There are pros and cons to their new design. However, some settings are optimized and changed too. For example, edit or change your profile photo. If you don’t know how to do it in the new Facebook design. Then here is the procedure:

Go to your profile page on Facebook. Then click the little Camer icon on your photo. Click the Upload icon or select one from the suggestions, uploads, or photos of your section. Now you have the option to select the Zoom range, add a description for it, skip cropping, or make it temporarily. Finally, click the Save button and you are good to go.

Change Facebook Profile Photo in the New Design
Change Facebook Profile Photo in the New Design

How to Change FB Profile Picture on Desktop

If you are sitting right in front of your computer and don’t wanna follow the above procedure. Also if the photo you are about to upload is on the PC, you can change it and upload it in seconds. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile on your PC.
  2. Hover the cursor on your existing photo and click Upload.
  3. Click the + Upload photo button.
  4. Select the photo from your PC.
  5. Now click the Save button at the bottom right of the preview.
How to change profile picture on Facebook
How to change profile picture on Facebook
How to add profile picture on Facebook
How to add a profile picture on Facebook

You can do several things while adding your photo. For example, you will a few options to play with, edit, skip cropping, drag to reposition, make temporary, zoom in and out, add a description, etc. Once you are happy with the setting and how it looks, then hit the Save button available in the bottom right of that window.

How to Change or Add FB Cover Photo

It is recommended that you create and upload a new cover photo for your FB profile using your PC. Because there are tons of tools available online to make ideal covers for your Facebook profile. However, you can create or make one using Photoshop and similar tools. The ideal size is 1200 x 628.

My suggestion is to make the FB cover via the Snappa online tool. It is easy, free, and provides exact dimensions as per FB needs. Anyway, now you have a cover and wanna upload it. To do so:

  1. Open Facebook using your PC.
  2. Hover the cursor on the cover photo then click Upload Cover Photo.
  3. Click the Upload Photo option from the list.
  4. Drag to move the cover once you are happy with it.
  5. Click the Save Changes blue button.
How to change profile cover picture on Facebook
How to change profile cover picture on Facebook

If you think you have made a mistake while adding the cover pic. Don’t worry just repeat the above steps 1 to 2. Then you will have several options to choose from. For example, select photos, select artworks, create a collage, re-upload the photo, reposition it, etc.

After that when you are happy with the results, just click the Save Changes button, and done. You successfully changed the cover image for your FB profile. I think now you can upload a video and set it as your cover and profile pictures.

All you have to do is repeat the same steps mentioned above and do the reset instead of the photo, just upload the video. Then you are good to go.

Why can’t I change my Facebook profile picture?

There are too many things you need to try, for sure any of them can work. Here are some common troubleshooting tips:

  • Download and install the latest Facebook app.
  • Clear the cache for your Facebook app and photo as well.
  • Restart the app and phone too.
  • Wait for a few days and you will be able to change the FB profile picture.

If you are using a PC, clear the browser cache file login, and log out of your account. Also, try to restart your PC. There could be a possibility that you chose a photo with the wrong dimensions.

How to get a full and fit a whole profile photo on FB?

There is no rocket science required to choose the best-sized photo that fits perfectly on FB as your profile photo. All you need to take care of is the dimensions of the photo. Here they are:

  • The best and Ideal dimension/size for an FB profile picture is 360 x 360.
  • The ideal and best dimensions for the FB cover are 1200 x 628.
  • Use Snappa for making cover photos.

I can guarantee the pic will fit perfectly there if you follow the above points. I can assure you that it will look amazing and your friends will be impressed, don’t worry you can thank me by sharing this article on your Facebook or any other social media platform.

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