How to Block and Unblock Someone on Instagram


Instagram has now over 1 billion active users on the platform including you. There might be hundreds of those users in your followers’ list and others you have followed. However, many of them are good but most of them are not and you don’t like them at all. I know what you are thinking, luckily Instagram does have the blocking feature. The IG allows you to block users and unblock them later on from the blocked list, even if they have blocked you too.

I know that Instagram is a great and unique place to share photos, videos, and stories with your best friends and family members. However, if there is someone who gives you hard time while you post, then simply block him or her and you are good to go. Moreover, If you are following someone who posts too much, then the mute and unmute feature on the IG app becomes very handy. You can also add people to the restricted list, don’t worry there are options to get them out of that restricted list later.

In this article, I will show you the step-by-step guide to block and unblock someone on the Instagram app and pc. But before we do that, it is important to know what happens when you actually block a user on IG. Please have a look at the following details:

What happens when you block someone on Instagram?

When you block a user on Instagram, they won’t get notified by default. However, there are many ways the user can figure it out if he/she has been blocked.

Moreover, After you block someone, all their comments, likes, etc will be removed from your posts, stories, photos, videos, and almost everything. Keep in mind that you cannot restore those likes and comments of someone you have blocked by unblocking.

Your likes, comments, and shares that were shared by public accounts will be visible to them. In short, people you block can still see comments, likes, and shares on the public accounts or other accounts they follow.

Once you block users, they won’t be able to send you direct messages, and you cannot send them direct messages on Instagram. However, the previous thread will remain visible in your account. You can delete that thread if you want. Note that if the blocked user sends you direct messages, they won’t get delivered, and you won’t receive them even if you unblock the user.

People you have blocked cannot mention you via your username or new username unless you unblock them and they know your new username. They cannot tag you anywhere.

If you guys are in the same group and you are opening that group chat, you will see a popup to leave the group or enter the conversation. The choice is yours. But at least you will have an idea there is someone (you have blocked) in that group conversation. Moreover, if you enter the conversation you both can see each other messages.

Last but not least, a user can still join a room you have created publically. But if the user has logged into his/her Instagram account you’ve blocked, then they won’t be able to join your room.

How to Block Someone on Instagram

You can easily block someone on Instagram on Mobile and PC. However, first, I will show the easy and only method to block a user on IG on Mobile in three easy steps. For your information, before it was possible to block a user from the Settings and Blocked Accounts page. But now in the latest update, you can do it only via the user profile. Let me show you how to block someone on the Instagram app in three easy steps:

On Instagram app

Open the latest Instagram app, then go to the profile of the person you want to block. Tap the three dots vertical button at the top right. Then tap the “Block” option. You will be asked to confirm the action, simply the Block button and done. This is exactly how you can block people on the Instagram application.

Block someone on Instagram app
Block someone on the Instagram app

On Instagram using PC

You can also block a user on Instagram on PC using Chrome or any other browser. Here is how to do it in two easy steps: Visit and log in to your account using Chrome or another browser. Then go to the profile of the person you want to block. Click the three horizontal dots at the top. In the last step click the “Block this user” option. You will see a popup to confirm your action, simply click the “Block” option to confirm and you are done.

Block someone on Instagram on PC
Block someone on Instagram on PC

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

Whenever you change your mind, you can go ahead and unblock a user you have blocked on Instagram. You can do this using the official Instagram app or on a PC. The choice is yours, but I will show both methods to do the same. Here is how to unblock some on Instagram:

Unblock someone on the Instagram app

To unblock someone you have blocked on Instagram, follow these simple steps: Open the Instagram app then go to your profile. Go to Menu then Settings and tap the Privacy option. Now tap the “Blocked Accounts” option under Connections. Tap the “Unblock” button next to any contact you wanna unblock and you are done.

Unblock someone on Instagram app
Unblock someone on the Instagram app

Alternatively, if you remember the username of the person you have blocked. Then search for his/her username and find his profile. tap the Unblock option at the top next to his/her username. This action will unblock the user.

Unblock someone on Instagram on PC

There is only one method to unblock a user you have blocked on Instagram on PC. Here is how to do it: Visit and log in to your account. Then find and go to the user profile you have blocked. Simply click the Unblock button next to the person’s username to unblock, that is it. In short words:

  1. Go to the user profile.
  2. Then click the Unblock button next to the person’s username.
  3. You will be asked to confirm, click the Unblock option to confirm.
  4. That is it.
Unblock someone on Instagram on PC
Unblock someone on Instagram on PC

How to see or view blocked list on Instagram

To find, see or view the blocked contacts list on Instagram, follow these steps: Open the Instagram and go to your profile section. Now tap the menu icon (three lines) then tap Settings. Tap the “Privacy option” then “Blocked Accounts” under the Connection section. There you will the list of all users you have blocked on Instagram. In short:

  1. Go to your profile, then Menu.
  2. Now tap Privacy then Blocked Accounts.
  3. You will see the list of contacts you’ve blocked on Instagram.

For your information, there is no way to find such a list on on PC or chrome. So we will suggest you stop looking for such a solution to find the blocked contacts list on IG on PC. If there is an update in the future, we will definitely update this post and let you know to find or view the blocked contacts list on IG.

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