Fix Messenger Keeps Asking to Switch Account Problems

In our previous article, We have told you guys how to switch accounts on Facebook and Messenger. However, we have written a fix for Messenger keeps asking to switch between accounts. Moreover, you can easily fix it by updating your Messenger, restarting your phone, or just clearing the cache. Most people fixed this problem by disabling the Chat Heads in their Messenger application.

Thus we have received a response from our reader to provide more details on it. This is why you are here to find a solution for it, and we to provide you with the best fix for it. Well, let’s get started…

Why Messenger Keeps Asking to Switch Account?

The Facebook Messenger switch account issue is probably a bug reported everywhere, even in the Facebook official forum. However, it is because you have multiple accounts in your Messenger app (more than two). Actually not just on Messenger but on the Facebook app too. And at the same time both on Facebook and Messenger, you are not using the same account. This is why you are having a switch account problem.

Because when you try to share something on your Messenger, and you switched to another one (not the one you are using on Facebook while sharing the post, etc). Then definitely Messenger will ask you to switch to that account to share your post, etc. Moreover, as far as I know, it’s a bug.

Fix Messenger Keeps Asking to Switch Account

There are several things, actually fixes, You need to try to fix the switch account issue on Messenger. We won’t go that much deeper for the solution, because probably it’s a bug and they will fix it as soon as possible. But here are what you can try to fix:

Disable Chat Heads in Messenger

Most people fixed the switch account problems by just disabling the Chat Heads in their Messenger application on Android. Disable the Chat Heads by getting into the Messenger app then tap Menu at the top left then select Settings. Now scroll down and Tap Bubbles. Select the Nothing Can Bubble option. In most cases, this will fix the switch account issue on Facebook Messenger.

Disable chat heads to fix Messenger switch account problem
Disable chat heads to fix Messenger switch account problem

Keep only two accounts in Messenger

I know Facebook Messenger allows you to have multiple accounts in it, up to 5. But when you add more than two accounts in the app and on the Facebook app too. Then you will get the same issue to switch accounts for various things. Sharing posts, reading notifications and messages, etc.

Keep multiple but only two accounts in Messenger
Keep multiple but only two accounts in Messenger

I always use multiple accounts but only two in the Messenger app and Facebook app at the same time. Trust me I have never had such an issue. This is the main reason I am suggesting you keep multiple but only two accounts, in Messenger.

Update the Messenger App

Updating your Messenger application may fix the issue automatically. Thousands of people around the world have reported this issue to Facebook. Sooner or later, they are gonna have a solution for it. The question is, how you will get that Messenger app version with no switch account problems. The only answer is, to update your Messenger app to its latest version. So go ahead and update your Messenger app to its latest version and restart your device, This may fix the problem “Messenger keeps asking to switch account” automatically.

Update the Messenger App
Update the Messenger App

Clear Messenger App Data and Caches

Even if you update your Messenger application, you may still have a switch account problem. Because the Messenger app will use its old data and cache file to show up things. However, you definitely need to clear the data and its cache files and restart your phone. Warning This action will log you out of Messenger.

Clear Messenger data and caches
Clear Messenger data and caches

Go to your Settings application, then Apps, and find Messenger. Tap to open its settings. Then tap the Storage option. Now tap the Clear Data and Clear Cache button and restart your phone. Login to your accounts again and check if this fixed the Messenger switch account problem.

What is the Messenger switch account notification?

If you are the one with having multiple accounts in your Facebook Messenger app. Then you will get this switch account notification from time to time. This is because, for example, you have three accounts, A, B, and C. You have currently logged in to account A and switched to C. Then Messenger will show you the notification for switching to account C. You can just ignore the notification and use Messenger.

Fix Unable to switch account on Messenger

If you are unable to switch your account on Messenger. Then there are multiple reasons behind it. The 1st thing you need to try is to update your Messenger app, if the problem still exists then follow these troubleshooting tips:

Fix Unable to switch account on Messenger
Fix Unable to switch account on Messenger

Try to clear your Facebook and Messenger app data as well as caches. Then restart your phone. Also, check that you have enough storage on your device. Check that you have a working internet connection. Last but not least, remove an account from Messenger then add it back and check if you can switch accounts now.

Read also: Fix Messenger message sent but not delivered.

Messenger Select an Account (bug) Keeps Popping Up

When you have multiple accounts on the Messenger app, you will see the switch account option keeps popping up. It’s a bug and Meta may fix it in future updates. However, if you don’t wanna see that popup, remove other accounts and keep a single account in the app. Also, multiple pages and a single won’t make any issues. Or use only two account to auto fix the select an account bug on Messenger.

Android users have the option to create a dual (duplicate app) for an existing one. So, if you wanna add multiple accounts in Messenger, add a dual app and sign in with your username and password. This way you can avoid Messenger always asking to switch accounts.

Can I disable or turn off the switch account on Messenger?

You cannot do anything to disable, remove, or turn off the switch account feature on Messenger. However, the only possible thing is to delete all your accounts from Messenger and have only one to two accounts in the app. This way it works perfectly and you won’t face any troubles while using it. In fact, you don’t need to turn off or disable the switch account on Messenger. You can also fix several Messenger issues or problems.

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  1. Han Gu says

    It really works. Thank you so much 🥰

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      You are most welcome.

  2. John says

    What happens if you only have one account on Messenger, and you’re still getting this issue?

  3. Laura says

    I only have 1 account and the pop up to switch accounts constantly keeps on coming up. How can I stop this from happening?

    1. Adam says

      Same here

      1. W says

        It started after someone attempted to sign in on my account and I changed my pw then I got the notification. It only shows my account and add account ? I only have 1 is someone signed into my account that I don’t know about??

  4. Rusty says

    I suddenly started getting this, I have one account and Messenger is pretty much unusable because I keep getting a window asking me to select an account. My only account is selected.

    Reading the comments above did help me realize it’s not just me.

    I only have the problem on my Android phone, Messenger on my iPad is working properly.

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      Yes, you are not alone. For some reason in the latest update, the feature is even more annoying. Though Android users are having such issues. I am gonna soon update this article with a a latest fix, I have something in mind.

      1. shy says

        I have been going crazy because of this… even deleted all my fb pages to see if this works istg this will be the end of me…. the only thing that temporarily works is to uninstall and install then it is fixed for a while but again go back to the same thing

  5. Jerry says

    I just Uninstalled it and restarted then reinstalled and so far hasn’t done it anymore…

    1. Samad Ali Khan says

      How many account do you have in Messenger?

  6. Curtis says

    I also have on account and two popups each time I view messenger chats . I seem to have corrected it (hopefully permanently) by clearing all data from messenger app and then clearing all data from Facebook app. Then log back into messenger

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