Fix Facebook Watch Video Icon Tab Missing (2023)

Early in 2020, Facebook add its watch icon in the shortcuts bar. You can simply tap on it and enjoy watch videos of your choice. However, now in 2023 for some users, the watch video icon in the shortcuts bar or tab is missing. In this article, I will show the easy method to fix the issue with the Watch icon tab on the Facebook app. Also, I will show you the reason why this button is not available to most of the users on Facebook.

Moreover, the Watch video icon tab is the best shortcut in the top bar on Facebook. It is for watching your favorite movies and video online in the Facebook app. People love Facebook watch, any type of video there. It is also because in most countries the network providers let the users use Facebook for free.

That is also the reason users are giving lots of time on Facebook and having fun while watching videos. Thus if you are the one with the issue that it’s not available in your Facebook app. Then you are here at the right place to fix it in no time. So let’s get started…

Reasons for Why Facebook Watch is Missing

There are several reasons behind the Facebook watch icon is not available to you or missing. I will show the most commoners ones here:

Your Facebook Facebook application is not up to date. You have not cleared your Facebook data for a long time on your device. As a new user, you don’t have the option to enable the Watch Vidoe tab in your account for now. Your phone’s software is not up to date. The phone you are using has a tiny display. You need to disable another icon in the shortcut bar to add the Facebook Watch icon back on it and much more.

Now that you know the most common reason why you don’t the Facebook watch icon. You can fix the problem yourself. But if you are not the kind of user who doesn’t know Facebook settings that much. Then I will show you the easy fixes to fix the problem. Note: This post has been updated, please find the updated section below to get the latest information.

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Fix Facebook Watch Icon Missing or Not Available

Before getting in-depth into the solution, the easy method to fix the missing watch icon on Facebook is to update your app. Then clear the Facebook app data and restart the phone. This will automatically solve the issue. However, if still, you have the issue, then follow me to get it back.

Updated Quick Fix:

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Tap the Settings (Gear) icon at the top.
  3. Tap Navigation bar, then Customize bar.
  4. Next to the Video option, tap the dropdown and tap PIN.
  5. This will bring back the Watch icon on Facebook.

Update your Facebook app

Updating your Facebook app sometimes fix lots of problems automatically. So go ahead and open the Play Store app on Android and App Store on iOS devices. Then search for Facebook updates and if there is any update, get and restart your phone. This will fix the Watch icon missing problem in your Facebook app.

Update your Facebook app to fix Facebook Watch icon missing
Update your Facebook app to fix the Facebook Watch icon missing

Clear Facebook App Data

If you update your Facebook application and still the watch icon is not there. Then try clearing your Facebook app data and cache files. It is very easy to do it, go to Settings on your phone. Then Apps, find and tap the Facebook app and then tap the Storage option. Tap on Clear Data and Cache button, once done, restart your device. Open your Facebook app and the Watch must be there.

Clear Facebook App Data
Clear Facebook App Data

Install a Fresh Facebook App

If none of the above works bring back the missing watch icon in the Facebook app. Then try deleting your Facebook app. Tap and hold the Facebook app and uninstall it. Then go ahead and open up the Play Store or App Store and install a fresh copy of the Facebook app. Login to your Facebook account and the watch icon must be there in the app.

Install a Fresh Facebook App
Install a Fresh Facebook App

Add Watch to Facebook Shortcut Bar Manually

At this point, if nothing works, then it’s time to manually enable and add the missing watch icon on the Facebook shortcuts bar manually. Before doing so, please update your Facebook and clear your app data. Then follow these steps:

Open the Facebook app, then tap the Menu icon at the top right. Now tap Settings & Privacy then Settings. Then Profile Settings. Get to the very bottom of the Settings page and tap the Shortcuts bar. Under the Shortcuts bar preferences, enable the toggle next to the VideoHome option. Restart your phone and then open the Facebook app, the Watch Video Icon will be there in the shortcuts bar.

Add Watch to Facebook Shortcut Bar Manually
Add Watch to Facebook Shortcut Bar Manually

Adjust the Shortcuts bar icons

Now that you have enabled the watch icon on Facebook app settings manually. But still, if you don’t see it, then it’s your phone’s display size. You need to adjust the icons in the shortcuts bar manually. In short, disable an icon and enable the Watch toggle. Definitely, you will see the Watch button/icon in the shortcut bar on Facebook at the top. To do so, follow these steps: Go to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Shortcuts Bar > Disable Profile Toggle and Enable VideoHome icon. Restart the Facebook app and that is it, now you will see the Watch tab in the shortcut bar.

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Report to Get the Watch tab on Facebook

This is the point at which you have only the last hope and that is to report the issue to Facebook. Lots of users fix their problems by reporting them to Facebook manually. You can simply report this issue to Facebook and sooner or later you will have it fixed. This way they add the Facebook Watch icon to your Facebook. Here is how to report and get it:

Open the Facebook app then go to Menu. Tap the Help and Support option then tap Report a Problem. Again tap the Report Problem button and select Watch as your problem. Then type your issues as you don’t have the Watch icon and it’s unavailable or missing in your Facebook account. Then Submit and sooner or later you will get it fixed.

Report to Get the Watch tab on Facebook
Report to Get the Watch tab on Facebook

Facebook Watch is Unavailable

The Watch is always there in your Menu, but if it’s not available in the shortcut bar or Shortcuts Bar Preferences in the Settings. There is nothing can do to get it back unless you wait and report the problem to Facebook. This only happens in the new Facebook accounts. You just need to wait until your Facebook account gets old enough, 1 to 3 months. Then you will see it in the shortcuts bar and also you can enable it from the Shortcuts Bar Preferences in Settings.

Facebook Watch is Unavailable
Facebook Watch is Unavailable

Update: The Facebook Watch is Back in Settings

In 2023: You can now enable and disable the Watch icon under Menu > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Under Preferences, tap Navigation Bar > Customize the Bar > then tap the dropdown button next to Watch (Video icon) and tap the PIN option. This will pin the Facebook Watch icon in the Shortcuts bar in your Facebook account. Have a look at the newest screenshots for your reference.

Facebook Watch Icon Settings Toggle is Back
Facebook Watch Icon Settings Toggle is Back

February 2022: OK, I updated my Facebook app yesterday and found that the watch video icon no longer is back (available) in the Shortcut Bar. So now, you can find the Facebook Watch in the Menu section only. Tap the three lines menu bar > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Shortcuts > Shortcut Bar > Enable the toggle next to the “Watch” option.

Important Note: As I am the beta tester for the Facebook app, I get updates earlier. So I will keep this post updated If I get something new or if they revert back these changes.

That is guys, this is how you can get the Watch tab in your Facebook shortcut bar. Have you fixed your problem using the above solutions, or any other way? Let me in the comment below, this way we will help others to get the Watch icon back on Facebook in the shortcut bar.

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  1. I have a old account few years. Follow all the steps. Even reported the issue an been few months. My watch short cut as never been added back. N still can find it/use/ or even get it.

  2. I’m also have this problem…..try all ways but no work please give another way and my accounts not new it’s already old

    • Hello! My watch icon disappeared 2 days ago and is nowhere to be found in the shortcuts menu either. And my account is like 15 years old lol. I’ve tried all the suggestions with no luck. All my coworkers seem to still have theirs (most are iPhone users, I am a Samsung user). I have reported this to fb and am awaiting their reply. I seriously use this function on fb the most. Serious fail if they are removing this permanently!

  3. Hello there,
    I have the problem that On the same Facebook app when I log in there is not video watch feed and if another person logs in with the same Facebook app but another account it’s there the video watch feed. How do I fix it? Because it seems it not in the update of the app but in the account the problem.
    Regards Elion

  4. I got my video tab after logging out of all other devices and clearing date and cache on my current device and then logging in again. Perhaps the issue is with people who use fb app on multiple phones.

  5. I’m having the same problem. Watch just disappeared one day and never came back. I’ve tried everything multiple times and I’ve had FB for years. What can I do now to get it back? I’ve reported to FB but no response.

  6. I do all these steps update FB shortcut bar install reinstall report a problem but still, I haven’t found the watch on video problem..have you another way to bring back the watch bar ??

    • Hey, The watch video icon is now available by default, just update your Facebook app, then clear your phone cache and Facebook app cache. Then check it, for sure it will be there.

  7. Hi. I have followed your step above to fix my watch icon missing. but still does not work. I don’t know why my Facebook account can not find the watch icon on all devices.
    Help me, please. Thanks

  8. I have the same problem, six months ago, I tried all the solution online , restart, clear history, cookies…Facebookhelp, nothing works.
    I compared it to my wife’s phone, same model, unbelievable tech, watch shortcut isn’t working for me either. I created a new Facebook account, I found the same issue.
    Maybe Facebook employees may register issues and fix it

  9. sir please help me
    facebook account video icon missnig
    ami update korci & storage clear korcci shortcutbar e video icon missing
    help center a janiyeci kinttu kno solution payni

  10. What about when you can see the watch app, enter it, and its black with no titles of the videos, show some video, then goes black again, searching and nothing comes on again? Also within this app there was a shortcut bar with vodeos to watch for you, games, etc..that bar is also missing. How can i fix that?


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