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Facebook Messenger is one of the leading instant messaging apps. There are plenty of unique features there. However, sometimes it can be full of unusual issues. For example, it’s not loading photos, videos, and other media something went wrong errors, messages sent but not delivered, etc. While Messenger not showing messages is one of the popular ones. Users do see such problems on their Android and iOS, iPhone devices. Moreover, it’s common on Android devices.

Anyways, today I will show you the various fixes to fix the issue with Facebook Messenger not displaying messages. These messages may be from non-Facebook friends, strangers, friends, from one person, and or FB Marketplace. All these fixes are for different users, thus you need to try the following fixes one by one. I don’t really which one will fix your Messenger not showing messages or its notifications. However, I do know that, at the end of this article, you will get your problem fixed. So, without further discussion, let’s get started…

Reasons for Messenger Not Showing Messages

There could be hundreds of reasons behind Messenger not showing messages on your device. However, these messages can be from non-facebook friends, one friend, your inbox messages, or all messages. Well, this guide is only for mobile users. Here are the known reasons why your Facebook Messenger not displaying messages:

  • You may have insufficient internet data to let Messenger show you messages.
  • It’s a bug on Facebook Messenger.
  • Your Facebook Messenger app is not up to date.
  • it’s the old cached data on your device.
  • If you don’t see marketplace messages, then it’s marketplace unavailability in your region.
  • Limited Messenger permissions.
  • It’s your internet or WiFi connection.
  • You may have accidentally ignored or archived a chat from one person on Messenger. That’s maybe the reason you don’t see a message from one person.
  • Can’t see messages from a stranger or non-friends, it’s due to the New Messager delivery options on Facebook Messenger.
  • Last but not least, your Messenger app version is outdated.
Reasons and fixes for Messenger Not Showing Messages
Reasons and Fixes for Messenger Not Showing Messages

Fix Messenger Not Showing Messages

Facebook Messenger won’t be able to show you various messages in your inbox, all of them, from one single person or non-facebook friends. However, it may be due to one of the above reasons. Thus, you know the reasons now, and you can fix such issues to resolve the problem. While if you are not a tech user, then follow the below various fixes one by one. I am sure one will resolve your issue of not displaying messages. Here is how to fix it:

Diagnose your data or WiFi connection

Sometimes you may don’t know that your data is insufficient to display your message on Facebook Messenger. Also, there could be some unknown issues with your WiFi connection. So, first of all, turn off and on your data or WiFi connection or recharge your line. Then open Messenger and definitely the problem will be resolved now.

Diagnose your internet connection on mobile
Diagnose your internet connection on mobile

If it’s still there, then diagnose your data connections. Here is how to do it, go to your Settings, then sim cards and mobile networks. Tap Advanced settings then Mobile Network Diagnostics. Then restart your device. You can also check to see your messages on messenger.com.

Get the latest Message update

If you don’t update the Messenger app on a regular basis. You may start seeing unusual errors. For example, it won’t show up various messages and chats, etc. Probably you need to update your Facebook Messenger application to the latest version available on Play Store and App Store. Then restart your device and open the Messenger app, for sure you will now see all your messages.

Get the latest Message update
Get the latest Message update

Don’t be the beta tester for the Messenger app

I do experience hundreds of issues in my Facebook Messenger application on my Android device. Because I am the best tester for the Messenger app in the Play Store. A beta tester gets unstable updates (as it gets improvements), thus an update can be full be bugs and various Messenger issues. However, not showing or displaying messages may be one of them. So, you need to download and install the latest update available to the public, you may need to quit the Messenger beta program or use another Gmail account to install a stable update. Check if the problem is resolved.

Leave the beta tester for the Messenger app
Leave the beta tester for the Messenger app

Erase the Messenger cached data

It is possible that for a long you may have not cleared or wiped your Messenger data or cached history. For your information, Messenger keeps some of the data from your account. Once you are connected to the internet and using Messenger, the app uses the data for a faster user experience. Thus it can be sometimes annoying. That is the reason you are having an issue with the Messenger app displaying messages. Let me explain it this way:

You have installed the latest version of Messenger and tried to not be a beta tester for the app. Also, you have fixed the issue with your WiFi connection and internet data sim cards. But the problem is still there, it’s because of that cached data, that Messenger still thinks and uses it as valid history. Once a week or month, wiping it out is a best practice to keep Messenger working. To clear data or cached Messenger data on your device, follow this method:

On your Android device, go to the Settings app, then tap Apps. Tap the Manage Apps option from the list. Now find and tap on Messenger. Tap the Clear data option and restart your device. Now open the Messenger app and check if the problem is fixed for messages not showing up.

Erase the Messenger cached data
Erase the Messenger cached data

You have archived or ignored a chat

The “Ignore” and “archive” are the best features of the Facebook Messenger application. Thus you may accidentally or for whatever reason archive or ignored a chat. After a while, you may experience that you are not getting messages showing up in your inbox from a person or some non-friends. In such a case, you need to undo that ignored conversation or go ahead and unarchive that chat. This way you will start to see those messages not showing up in your Messenger inbox from a person or strangers (non-Facebook friends).

Check Message Requests or Archived Chats
Check Message Requests or Archived Chats

Check Message Requests or Hidden Inbox

Facebook Messenger always filters messages from strangers. Thus those messages are not showing up in the main chat inbox. However, such messages are always there and await you to accept the request to be a regular nor normal conversation in the main inbox on Messenger. This is the reason why you don’t see some messages from users or non-Facebook friends.

Check Message Requests or Hidden Inbox
Check Message Requests or Hidden Inbox

So go to your Message Requests also known as the hidden inbox on Messenger and accept requests to start seeing messages in the inbox. To do so: Tap your profile icon, then tap Message Requests, you will two-section there, “YOU MAY KNOW” and “SPAM”. Check for messages or chat in any section. However, to make one visible in the main inbox, simply reply to any of the conversations and you are good to go. You should now see those messages not showing up earlier in the Messenger app.

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