How to Turn On & Off Facebook Profile Picture Guard

You don’t need to protect your Facebook profile picture anymore. Because FB introduced an extra layer of security called Picture Guard. Just enable the feature and you are good to go. You can disable it anytime.

Haters and spammers can steal your picture (DP) and misuse it anywhere they want. That is the main reason why Facebook has released the Profile Picture Guard for the protection of your photo. So that nobody can copy-paste, save, or download to their PC or Smartphone. Please find the update section below for the latest procedure.

Facebook Profile Picture Guard (Blue Shield)
Facebook Profile Picture Guard (Blue Shield)

I love this feature because at least nobody will abuse my profile picture with ease. However, you may have seen (or will see soon) the following notification “Help (Facebook) Protect Your Profile Picture”. My advice is to not ignore it and hit that “Turn On Profile Picture Guard” option.

How to Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard

For your information, not all of the users on Facebook get the above-mentioned notification on time. In that case, you must turn on (activate) the Profile Picture Guard manually. To do it, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit Facebook and log in to your account.
  2. Now click on your name at the top to go to your Profile.
  3. Click once on your Picture (DP).
  4. Click Options at the bottom right under your photo.
  5. One last step is to click Turn On Profile Picture Guard, you will see a preview of how the Picture Guard looks then click the Save button.
Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard
Click your name at the top
Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard
Click on your profile picture
Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard
Click Options then Turn on the profile picture guard
Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard
Preview and click Save

If you are worried about disabling this feature, then don’t. Because here I am going to show you how to easily disable the feature by repeating the same steps.

Update: Enable Profile Picture Guard on Facebook 2023

So, Facebook has updated its user interface. Thus they have added and removed several. In the latest Facebook design, if you are looking to enable your profile picture guard. Then let me tell you that they have removed the Picture Guard options. In short, there is no profile picture guard, you can’t enable and disable it. Here is the proof.

Turn on or off profile picture guard on Facebook new design
Turn on or off profile picture guard on the Facebook new design

How to Disable Facebook Profile Picture Guard

You are a human, you may change your mind and wanna turn off (deactivate) the Protection Guard at any time right? You can easily do it by following these steps:

  1. Visit your Profile on Facebook.
  2. Now click on your Profile Picture.
  3. Click Options at the bottom right of your Picture.
  4. Finally, click Turn off profile picture guard.
  5. You will see a new window to confirm the action, click Save.
Disable Facebook Profile Picture Guard
Click Option then Turn off profile picture guard

So that is exactly how you can enable and disable the PPG which is a new feature on Facebook. If you don’t see it, then you must wait for it because it is not yet available in your desired country or area (in my opinion).

How to Activate Facebook Profile Picture Guard 2023

There are two easy ways to activate the new Facebook picture profile guard on your photo. You can put security on your profile photo to protect it and stop someone from reusing it on the platform. You can activate using your Facebook app or Facebook on a PC or web browser. The choice is yours, however, follow these steps to do it.

Note: This picture guard option is no longer available. Instead, you can easily lock your profile for better privacy.

On the Facebook  app

All you have to do is open your Facebook app and then go to your profile. Tap your profile picture to go to your profile. Then tap and hold your profile photo, you will see all the options listed including the “Turn on Profile Picture Guard” tap on it. Then tap Next and finally tap Save. That is it, to confirm whether it is activated or not, go back to your profile and you will see the shield symbol on your profile photo after activation of the photo guard.

On Facebook web

Login to your Facebook account using any web browser on your PC. Then click on the profile picture. Now click the option and then Turn on Profile Picture Guard. Finally, confirm everything and click the Save option.

How to Remove Profile Picture Guard from Facebook

It is very easy to remove or deactivate the picture guard from your Facebook. In the Facebook app, tap and hold your profile picture then tap Turn Off Profile Picture Guard. You can use your PC to do this, log in to your account on your computer, then click your profile photo. Now click Option the Turn Off Profile Picture Guard. That is how easy it is. Alternativity, have a look at the following video guide for easy-to-follow steps if you don’t understand the above contents.

What is Shield on Facebook DP?

Once you get a notification for making your DP secure enable the PG (Picture Guard). You will start seeing the shield icon with blue lines and circles on the sides of your photo. The shield icon means your picture is secured and no one can save, download, or use it somewhere else on Facebook.

It is kind of an impression that your photo is being secured when Facebook adds that design overly over it. You are likely disabling the copying and tagging (for strangers only) so that nobody can reuse it on Facebook and other places.

What Does FB Profile Picture Guard Do?

This feature is an extra layer of security for the user’s profile photoprotection. It is protecting and keeping your pictures safe from misuse, abuse, etc. If the feature is enabled, it means that nobody can download or save it to their computers and smartphones. An extra benefit of the PPG is strangers won’t be able to tag but you and your friends only can.

Facebook has implemented this feature to get users’ satisfaction and gain more trust in their social platform. But I don’t think so. Do you think that you can turn on this feature and protect your DP from spammers?

Well, I am sorry but you are wrong. There are a couple of tricks people can do and download your DP with ease. Let me explain this below.

Can a Blocked Person See My Protected Picture?

Whenever you block a person on Facebook, they won’t be able to see any of your activity on FB. Yes, the person can somehow send your messages on Messenger, until you block that person too.

No matter if your profile is protected by the Picture Guard on Facebook or not, the blocked person cannot see it. But if you ignore someone on Messenger, they may see your profile photo.

Facebook Profile Picture Guard Not Working or Not Available

You don’t need to worry if the enabled picture guard is not working properly. This is because this feature is still in the beta version and they are working on it to fix the problems. I will suggest you report this problem to Facebook on the account. So that they can get more and speed up the process (in my opinion).

Moreover, if the Picture Guard is not available to you. It means that sooner or later you will see it but you must wait. The feature is not available (for now) in all countries and areas. Please don’t waste your time looking for a solution. The only thing you can do is wait.

How to Download Protected FB Profile Pictures

For your information, this feature is full of bugs (at least for now) and they are working on its fix ASAP. Whenever a user right-clicks on a photo or DP (the protected ones). They can still see a Save image as an option using Windows PC. Do you know why? As far as I know, this is a bug, and they should fix it. Don’t you trust me, why don’t you try it and let me know in the comment section below?

The other possible trick for saving or downloading these protected DPs is to take a screenshot. People can easily take a screenshot by hitting the Print Screen button on their keyboard, and your Profile Picture is not protected anymore, yes you heard me.

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